Visit the College Football Hall of Fame

Updated on April 12, 2017
College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Experience
College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Experience | Source

Last spring our family made our first trip to visit the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA. This destination had been a long-made request by my pre-teen son who loves football. So with many options for family fun in Atlanta, we made our plans to visit. Happily the College Football Hall of fame did not disappoint! It was even a hit with our tween daughter who groans at all things related to football!

While not an extremely large museum, I would allow at least two to four hours so you have time to stop and enjoy all that it has to offer. You will want time to watch the movies, participate in the interactive exhibits, and just read about and relish in all the history of college football.

Entrance to College Football Hall of Fame
Entrance to College Football Hall of Fame | Source


When you first enter the Hall of Fame, you register and are given a lanyard and ticket that give you the feel of entering a true major sporting event. The ticket contains a chip that alerts the computerized interactive exhibits to your own college preferences. In this way, you are given a unique experience that is catered to your our own team allegiances.

You enter into a large vestibule with helmets from all the college teams lining the walls. As you walk in your own favorite college team's helmet lights up (as activate by the chip in you ticket).


As You Begin...

As you enter the next exhibit area with walls lined with computer screens, you are amazed to see the images change to photos and images related to you own preferred college. In this way, each tourist has their own unique experience geared toward their own fandom. And who doesn't want to be surrounded by images that remind how awesome your college team is?


Many Exhibits

There are many different exhibits in the Hall of Fame from more interactive activities to museum type displays. Several of the displays are even educational in nature incorporating lessons in science as it relates to the mechanics of football.

A fun computer screen is provided where you can do game day "face paint" by taking a "selfie" and then decorating it with the fan colors and decals that again are catered to your team of choice.

A set is provided as a replica of ESPN Gameday where you can video yourself as a co-host with the usual show hosts where again your own team is the featured subject. You get to practice reading a teleprompter about the big game of the day related to your team. It is especially fun when your team mascot head falls over your head virtually on the screen.

There are also many exhibits with facts, history and memorabilia related to college football over the years.

A fan even has the opportunity to pick from several famous plays, and be the sport announcer themselves reliving the moments.

Chick-Fil-A Experience

Before you exit you are given the opportunity to participate in the Chick-Fil-A fan experience. This is where you can practice kicking a field goal or making a running catch among other things. I definitely learned that those field goals that look so easy are definitely NOT!

There is also a window in this area that connects the museum to an actual Chick-fil-A restaurant so you can order a meal or snack and sit at provided tables without ever leaving the museum.


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Just the Highlight Reel...

I have attempted to give you a good general idea of what to expect from this sports-themed attraction. However, I did not cover all the exhibits. There are many more fun surprises that will await you at the College Football Hall of Fame. With all of the fun and interactive play while there, even my young daughter who yawns every time we are watching a football game on television loved this place. She even asked to go again!

Other Fun Facts:

  • There is a gift shop as you leave.
  • Many of your interactions with the exhibits, including your stint on Gameday are saved onto your free account created when you entered and registered. These videos and pictures can be viewed and saved later from home.
  • You get to keep your "ticket" and lanyard as a souvenir.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame is within walking distance of other great downtown attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola Museum, CNN, Centennial Olympic Park, etc.


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    • cpaldridge profile imageAUTHOR

      Christy Aldridge 

      3 years ago from MS

      I can understand your concerns. While I do love sports and think there are a lot of positives related to them, safety concerns are valid and important. Hopefully, the science behind the equipment and play will continue to make advances and increase safety!

    • profile image

      pete carillo 

      3 years ago

      Oh Yes! to most people really who idolize footfall, it certainly will be until they realize what it means to have brain and body problems because of the constant bangs players get in the playing field!


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