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Casinos in Tunica, Mississippi: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


My husband and I visited several casinos in Tunica. We would never go again, but if you choose to, please learn from our mistakes!

I wrote this right after my husband and I returned from our fall vacation. Our children are 22 and 17, so this was our first vacation together as "an old married couple" without the kids (we are both 43). We decided it would be fun to go to Tunica, Mississippi, over a long weekend. We had been there once before with some relatives when the kids were younger and thought it would be a fun place to experience "just the two of us".

I researched the hotels and casinos online, ordered a local travel guide that was chock full of coupons, made our hotel reservation, planned out our activities for the days we would be there, and anticipated all of the fun we were bound to have. Unfortunately, our vacation didn't turn out the way we hoped it would, and we were back home within 36 hours of leaving.

If you are planning a trip to Tunica, please read this article before going. It is an honest review about the places we visited and may actually save you time and money.

The Good: Our Room at the Gold Strike

As a teacher, I have been taught that when I conference with one of my student's parents it's best to start out with something positive to set the tone of the meeting so I am going to start this article out with a few of the positive things I found in Tunica.

We stayed at the Gold Strike Casino, and I have to say—the hotel was absolutely fabulous. The check-in procedure was speedy and everyone who worked at the front desk was courteous and helpful. The lobby was huge and although there were a lot of people there, it didn't seem the least bit crowded. We were given a king room on the 10th floor.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice our room was. It was decorated with very modern furniture, a big flat screen television, and bedding and accessories in shades of browns accented with mint green and ice blue. The atmosphere in the room was very calm and relaxing.

Our bed was spacious and comfortable and sported extra pillows, which was great because I always sleep with one between my knees. The immaculately clean bathroom was fully stocked with toiletries, a hair dryer, and a coffee maker. I can honestly say that this was one of the nicest hotels that my husband and I have ever stayed in.

The Bad at Gold Strike

Now for something not so positive. The casino at the Gold Strike is located on the first floor. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. After a quick once around the floor, my husband and I decided to settle in and play some slots. Minutes later, hubby asked me to go and get him a beer and I dutifully did after he agreed to watch the machine I was playing until I got back. I went to the bar to purchased his $5 bottle of ale and when I returned there was a man sitting at my machine!

My husband was trying to explain to him that I had been playing the machine and the $90 balance on it belonged to me, but the man refused to move until we gave him $10. We gave him the cash just to get rid of him. Later that evening I attempted to play another machine when the man next to it shoved his hand in front of me and blocked me from putting any money in. He wasn't playing the machine at the time, but I guess he figured that if he couldn't play it no one else could either.

Shortly after that incident, we were approached by a cocktail server who asked us if we wanted drinks. I inquired as to the cost of a bottled drink and she informed me that all beverages at the casino were free—including the beer I had just paid $5 for in the bar! I was shocked! You have to understand that we live in Oklahoma and at the casinos here you have to pay for your drinks, so I naturally assumed it would be the same in Mississippi. Boy, was I wrong. I guess when I asked the bartender how much I owed him he was referring to his tip—not the drink.


The Ugly at Gold Strike

None of the machines were paying out anything. My husband and I played for less than an hour and lost well over $1,000. We played all denominations of machines, but they were dialed up so tight NOTHING paid. We walked around the casino and our experience seemed to be exactly what was happening to everyone in the place. We got so discouraged we left and went next door to the Horseshoe. We stayed at the Horseshoe for a few hours because we actually WON something on their machines. The payouts weren't huge but at least we were able to play for a while.

I ended up retiring to the room at about midnight and my husband went back to the casino to attempt to recoup some of our losses. He returned 2 hours later after losing another large amount of money. We checked out of the Gold Strike the next morning and I can honestly say we will NEVER GO BACK.

Now for those of you who want to tell me that when you gamble you lose money—I realize that. I didn't expect to win huge amounts of money, but I did hope to at least be able to play for a while and not just hand my money directly to the casino. When I say the machines weren't hitting, I mean they weren't hitting ANYTHING not even the lowest winning combinations. It would have been more honest to have attendants stand next to the machines so you could simply hand them your money and not waste your time sitting down and pushing buttons.


The Ugly: The Hollywood Casino

We went to the Hollywood casino because they advertised a special 50 cent buffet lunch for people who signed up for their club card. When we signed up for the card we were told that we had to accumulate 10 points to qualify for the buffet special. We figured 10 points wouldn't be hard to get so we sat down and began playing slots.

The Hollywood casino was just like the Gold Strike, the machines weren't paying. We didn't hit anything, nor did we see anyone else hit anything. Even worse we realized that you had to spend over $60 just to get the 10 points you needed to get the buffet special. We would have been better off paying the $10 for the buffet and keeping the rest of our money in our pockets!

We eventually ate lunch and I asked several of the casino's employees if there was anyplace that had slot machines that actually let you win something. They told us to leave the Hollywood and go to either Sam's Town or The Resorts. We took their advice and left.


The Good: Sam's Town and the Resorts

We went to Sam's Town because we had a coupon for $20 in free slot play. When my husband and I signed up for our cards we were each given a bonus gift of an extra $5 of slot play. We played at Sam's Town for almost an hour simply on the free play money we were given. The slots weren't paying out huge amounts, but they were paying so we walked away feeling that at least we were given a chance to win something.

We had the same experience at The Resorts. While the machines weren't paying large amounts, they were paying and you could play without feeling that you were being cheated.

If we ever go back to Tunica—which I seriously doubt—we will stay at either Sam's Town or the Resorts and stay away from the more glitzy places.

Visit Tunica? Never Again!

All in all, I would have to say that this was the absolute worst trip my husband and I have ever taken. For the money we wasted, we could have taken a cruise or gone somewhere nice and really enjoyed ourselves. We chose to go to Tunica over Las Vegas because we thought that our money would buy more, but that was a huge mistake on our part.

Don't make the mistake that we did—steer clear of the casinos in Tunica, Mississippi. Don't waste your time. You can replicate the same feeling you get when you leave a casino in Tunica by simply going into your garage and hitting yourself in the foot with a hammer several times.

© 2010 mikicagle


Daniel on July 10, 2020:

The way drinks work is you get them free from a cocktail waitress while you are actually playing. If you walk up to a bartender.. you aren't playing.

Never paid for any drinks in Tunica. (I don't drink alcohol, but soda and coffee were also free)

Sams was my favorite casino and Hollywood's Diner was my favorite meal comp.

Ricky on July 10, 2020:

I have played off and on at casinos in Tunica for over 10 years.Sometimes i win sometimes i lose , but i always enjoy myself.looking foward to going back as soon as i can.

Concerned Citizen on March 08, 2020:

Why didn't you tell your husband to get his own beer.

The least he could have done was watch your machine more closely!

J.S. on December 28, 2019:

My Husband and I, have been, going to Sams Town in Tunica, for years. At least , every couple of months, we stay a night or two. We went one night, and my husband happened to be sitting in the "Hot Seat" and one $250.00 in Slot dollars. It was right at time to leave, so we planned to come back, and use them. We waited about a month to go back. When we did, he was told that, slot dollars expire after 14 days. Had he been told this, when they gave them to him, we would have come back sooner. Now he has decided that will be our last trip to Tunica. Which is sad, being we had plans, for 20 of us to go there for New Year's Eve. The way we have done for the last 20 years. Oh well, i guess we will have to dtart a new tradition, of going to Southland Casino.

RAJENDRABHAI PATEL on November 30, 2019:

I win all 2nd drawings in Tennessee lottery because it's crooked and they pay me off and my whole family. Check it out if you don't believe me.

R.B.T on September 22, 2019:

Did notice payouts were not good at all had to stay 3 nights but decided not to put anymore money in the machines probably won’t be back wait until I get home to Texas and drive to Oklahoma

Jimmy Crack Corn on August 04, 2019:

Clark Griswold showed up in Tunica. Derrrr......

Scott davis on June 13, 2019:

I play all over the state of Mississippi, and to me all the casinos are a hit or miss. Some night (even at goldstrike). I can go in and it seems like no matter what slot you play it hits and hits big, and some nights you can’t buy a bonus on a slot machine. I have a lot better luck during the weekdays. And as far as the drinks go, the drinks are free (as long as you are play). If you go to the bar and order a drink you have to pay for them. So a little tip just Incase you do give Mississippi 1 more try. Free drinks , if you go to the bar and order your drink , put a $1 or $2 in the video poker machine at the bar , play 25 cent hands , (you are now playing ) so the drinks would be “free” then.

Jason Nabors on April 19, 2019:

Yeah, those casinos never pay out. They've been going down for years. Their greed and poor attention to customer service coupled with the inception of the Tennessee lottery system ruined it as a gaming destination. Most of the casinos that were there when it started are gone. It won't be long until they are all closed up. You'll be seeing those casinos and empty hotels on the Abandoned America TV show in the near future.

April Figueroa on March 17, 2019:

I and my man personally enjoy 1st jackpot casino in Tunica Mississippi, its so laid back and easy going. Service on drinks could be kicked up a lot of notches but 1st time there 10 dollar freeplay and he alone not i was able to spin on kiosks machine im still very unclear about this considering we both signed up on the same not and spent the exact same amount but all was fair in this game of love and war we call life because we recently revisited 1st Jackpot Casino tunica Mississippi and huh i was the one that lucked out and somehow got picked to spin the wheel at the service desk and won 200 dollar freeplay now we happily left there with nothing more than what we came in with but at the end of the day we had an overly excellent day and was able to move and play freely. Thanks once again Tunica Mississippi 1st Jackpot Casino for the freeplay ya made the 3 hours that we were there able to relax and forget that the real reason our travels lead to you, was us having to live and be separated by 12 hours apart and not knowing what the future brought for us. No we rocked that night once more as lovers, friends, confidants, mates and all in all soul mates. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! AND CHUNK IF YOU READ THIS TAP TAP FOOT IS SAYING YOUR QUEEN IS STILL PATIENTLY WAITING! I LOVE YOU MDM

Tre on February 28, 2019:

So a couple of dumbass rubes don’t understand how casinos work and are upset when they lose money playing games with some of the worst odds. They purchase a beer from the bar and are upset once they realize they would have gotten a “free” beer if they ordered from a cocktail waitres while playing. All of this angst could have been alleviated If the machines they originally played at had given them a few meaningless “wins” so that they aren’t yet again reminded that they are losers. What a terrible article by a clueless dope.

Mississippi Grinder on February 25, 2019:

I'll tell one more experience story.

I was traveling in Eastern Europe and stopped over in Odessa, Ukraine. Anywhere in Eastern Europe there is a little casino on every corner just about.

They usually have a bar, slot machines, black jack tables and roulette.

To cut down on overhead, they use a robotic roulette table set up.

I decided to play it as it was a real roulette table and not a computer generated number program.

I would never play on of those as you quite possibly don't have a chance depending on the underhanded programming of the game.

So, being that it was a real roulette table that would spin every 3 minutes or so, and used a real spinning wheel and ball, I put in $1000 in the money slot and started watching for the color patterns.

There was a tv screen for betting and once I saw any three colors in a row, I would begin my 3 color betting strategy.

After about an hour I was up $1200.

I went to the cashier's cage to cash out as the machine did not pay you directly.

It was about 2 AM and the lady told me that I had to come back in the morning to get paid as she didn't have enough to pay me from the cash box.

I thought to myself that I would not see any money the next day but asked her how I was to come back and prove that I had won the money.

She gave me a hand written receipt and said not to worry.

So, it was about 1PM when I went back to the little casino.

I walked in and went to the cashier's cage and gave the person there (not the same lady as was there the night before) my hand written receipt.

She took it and to my surprise, said that she had been expecting me.

She paid me the $1200 plus my initial $1000.

I was happy to get all of my money and then left.

I thought to myself that I had been fortunate that I got paid and not cheated.

I was bored anyway when I went in there in the first place and it was kind of a challenge to see if I could beat the machine.

So, all I'm saying here is that if you "gamble" outside the USA, be careful.

Mississippi Grinder on February 24, 2019:

That was me below but I forgot to add the reason for betting only the 6 & 8 when using the "five count" strategy.

Except for the seven, the 6 and the 8 have the most combinations on the dice and that's 5 each for a total of 10 out of 36 total dice combinations.

I have been on tables that you could not pray for a 6 or 8 to show up and then I've seen back to back to back 6's and 8's.

You really have to do a lot of waiting before betting.

You don't want to lose and then lose again in a row.

If you have followed your five count strategy and then right after betting the 6 & 8 you seven out, then it happens again, the stop betting but keep counting.

The dice will change sequence eventually.

I don't like losing twice on a table and then leaving with that loss and no profit so I just wait out the rolls till I see a better pattern.

Then I begin betting again and gain my loss and then a profit.

And this is the main reason for taking lots of breaks in-between sessions.

It is a "grind" most of the time so don't expect this to be fun.

If you have a regular job, think of how long it takes you to make what your table minimum is using this strategy and with much shorter hours and a tax free payday at the end of the session.

I've been on tables where a so called "hot shooter" has just rolled 48 times with no seven in sight and all the "gamblers" have loaded up till that last loss.

They don't think of what is in the rack that they won but the money lost on the last roll.

So, they just assume the dice will favor the next shooter to be hot as well and bet like there is no tomorrow.

Of course they seven out almost immediately as they just don't realize that the dice pattern has changed and all that time with no sevens is now mimetically going to catch up.

In 50,000 rolls of any dice, half of those rolls will be with the pass line and the other half on the don't side but within those rolls, there will be wavers of patterns where there are "hot rolls" and then, changing to a span of seven outs back to back to back.

If you were to stand and watch the entire 50,000 rolls and bet the same each time, you would come out even.

But if you watch for those patterns of the dice favoring your strategies then you will be a winner with more wins than losses.

I know that it's boring to just stand there and automatically play one type of strategy with no wavering.

I know that people do have "dumb luck" in just putting money out there on the table with no algorithmic perception of what the dice are really telling you and they win but not for long and they ALWAYS think that it will sustain. But it doesn't.

I was on a table once and got my repeaters and was happy with my profit. The dice kept rolling and rolling and I was tempted to load up the place bets as everything was hitting but the 4.

I just stood and watched while all the "gamblers" kept taking profit and pressing their bets.

Yes, they made a lot of money but I also assumed that they had probably lost most of that money they won on all the may other times that they bet and kept losing.

When the seven out finally came, most of the players had pressed their bets way up and so they lost quite a bit of profit from a roll that if they had just kept their bets at the beginning would have made much more money.

I had my session win of $1000 and was happy.

I spent the next 3 hours playing other casinos and tables accumulating my take for the day at $9780.

That was my 4th day and then I left with a total of $37,000 for the month of those 4 days.

You might find me in Vegas, Tunica, Atlantic City or traveling the Gulf Coast casinos doing my 4 day a month session strategy.

I have plenty of money but I like the action.

As long as I don't do anything stupid and lose my focus, perception and patience, I will keep making money and seeing the world.


Algorithmic-preceptor on February 24, 2019:

I understand your wanting to go to a casino and have a good time.

In that realm of fun, you should have a budget in mind to spend and NO MORE.

But, if you really want to use a casino to make money, then listen.

I'm not selling anything here but just want to spread the word on how to use a casino's games to make money.

The BEST and NO#1 game in any casino is craps.

It looks complicated, I know but if you take the time to learn how the basic game is played, then you can adapt a strategy and then prepare to follow thru and win money.

Also, while you are there, you can earn a free buffet for two easily.

If the hostesses come around, DON"T DRINK as this is serious money making and not for 'fun'. The fun comes later when you cash in.

1. Play the pass and don't pass with the minimum bet with a $1 12 but only if you are throwing the dice.

It's better if you are the only one on the table as the dice will move much faster and you can make more bets.

If you are not the shooter then no need to bet the pass/don't pass lines.

2. You need lots of patience and conscientiousness.

You are going to watch the dice and look for patterns in the place bet numbers. 4,5,6,8,9,10

Repeating numbers and the number of 7's that roll.

3. When you see that a certain place bet number is rolling at least twice, bet it with the minimum bet.

If you lose before hitting it, then wait for the next repeater and double your bet.

Play as a "session" and make a certain amount of money your goal in that session. Once you hit that goal then stop and take a break and find another table or come back to the same table.

4. Dice will develop a pattern either of repeating numbers or hitting the numbers that are next to the point number.

If the point is 6 then bet the 5 and the 8 till one hits.

If you don't get a hit and the point is made then take your bets down and wait for another point and then set up your side by side bets.

If the point is 4 or 10 the just bet the 5 or 9.

When you lose, don't double the next bet but just keep betting the same base bet that you want to use.

Your base bet is the amount you will determine that you want to use like $5 or $40 or $100 each time.

Just depends on what you can afford.

You should always buy in for at least $3000 to $5000 as scared money is hard to play with.

5. Another strategy is to use the "5 count".

Wait for a seven out (losing seven) and then on the next roll you being your five count.

You will only count the place numbers in the five count and not the crap numbers like 2,3 or 12 but you will count the 11.

Seven is counted only if it comes in the come out roll as the seven is a good seven.


Roll 1..........6 count one

Roll 2..........11 count two

Roll 3..........9 count three

Roll 4..........2 does not count

Roll 5..........6 count four

Roll 6..........7 count five (Even though it is a 7 it came on the come out roll as the first 6 in Roll 1 was the point number and was made on the fifth roll)

Now you bet your base bet on the 6 & 8.

You will try for a hit on either number and then take your bets down or have the dealer turn them off.

You now wait for another 7 to appear and then begin the count over.


Roll 1......12 no count

Roll 2.......5 count one

Roll 3.......7 begin the count over as the 7 was a seven out roll

Roll 4.......7 count one

Roll 5.......2 no count

Roll 6.......8 count two

Roll 7.......6 count three

Roll 8.......6 count four

Roll 9.......9 count five Begin betting the 6 & 8 with your base bet.

Roll 10.....6 Take the money and turn off your bets

Since two 7's rolled earlier in your five count you could assume that you might get one more 6 or 8 or hit as the law of the dice triangle shows that theoretically, seven will roll twice in 12 rolls of the dice..

You could leave your 6 and 8 still up for one more hit if you dare.

This is not guessing but based on mathematical algorithmic perception and the statistical probability of the 5 count strategy.

IF there are going to be short rolls before the 7 out comes then the five count will weed out the short rolls for the most part and give you a better chance of taking money from the table.

And that is the main idea, to keep taking money and not giving much of it back.

Know that you will lose at times but you will win more.

If you are the shooter, know that it does not matter how you throw the dice but be consistent in the throwing of the dice so that you can hopefully keep the dice pattern as regular as possible.


Your ability to see the dice patterns as they come and to use them to your advantage is the only way to consistently win.

There are other dice strategies I like to use but too long to mention here. This one is the best for beginners and the easiest to use.

I'd say "good luck" to you but it won't help.

Only your conscientiousness to keep focused, persistent and to not fall into the casino trap will make you a winner.

mikicagle (author) from Oklahoma on January 27, 2019:

But you read it didn't you?

Snapfade on January 15, 2019:

This is the dumbest thing I've read in a while. Shocking you didn't win at the slot machines. It doesn't matter what casino you are at, they hit so very rarely anywhere. The drinks are free while you are actively gambling, if you go to the bar you pay for your drink. It's not his tip. It's like this in Biloxi and Vegas. Have you ever been to a casino before?

James. on January 09, 2019:

When you play slots you are basically asking to lose money. If you want a fair chance at winning money play video poker Jack's or better, blackjack, craps, and mini baccarat. If you learn the games. Make the right bets. You should do just fine.

Alan on February 19, 2018:

You have to play the right games. I win on the craps table at every casino. It may be $50 or it may be $2,000. Slot machines are for the “casual gambler”, yet it takes longer to understand one machine than it does to win money on the craps table. Lol. And craps is a truly random game. It gives the gambler the best odds in the casino if the gambler knows what they are doing.

mikicagle (author) from Oklahoma on January 01, 2018:

You are absolutely right Jaye! I agree with you 100%.

Jaye on December 26, 2017:

It is amazing how people get angry when they lose money to the casinos. I lived in Las Vegas and worked in the Accounting department at one of the largest casinos in Vegas. Casino owners are interested in you making money. The slot machines are programmed to TAKE your money.

Keep in mind the thousands dollars you waste in the machine is like throwing it in the streets for someone to pick up. You already have the JACKPOT in your pocket, so why put it in the machine? Remember the casinos are not glamorous and gigantic because they gave you money. Your money help build them.

Dissapony on November 23, 2017:

I was at Tunica this past Sunday and I have to say, I am beyond disappointed. I was there in 2003 and it was a hopping place. Now, it's run down. The machines are mostly old reel ones that don't pay. Nothing paid! Anywhere! I hit a bonus at The roadhouse on a dollar bet, and my big bonus payout was just one friggin measly dollar!!!! Talk about tight! Horseshoe, Resort and Hollywood were all this way. I will never go back. The casinos at home are far superior to Tunica. SAD!

Slot Lover on October 17, 2017:

I live in Arkansas and most people are now playing at Southland Greyhound Park in West Memphis, AR because of the very reason you talked about. Everyone we talk to while we are at Southland said they used to travel to Tunica but they never won anything there so they decided to give Southland a try. We only received a few comps from Casinos in Tunica when we were going. Since March of this year we have been comped 27 free buffets, 3 Park passes, over $700 in free play and I hit my first ever handpay jackpot at Southland in August. I have hit several thousand dollar jackpots and lots of 500-800 dollar jackpots. We will never go back to Tunica. Come on up to the Memphis area and go across the bridge to West Memphis and try Southland. You'll definitely enjoy the experience.

Jeremy on October 10, 2017:

As far as I know you have to buy your drinks from the bar and they are free while you are playing tables or slot. I have been staying st the Goldstike for the last 14 years and hit enough to enjoy a couple days there but have have hardly ever left ahead. We go there with s set amount to lose(and we expect to ).We like the atmosphere there and the room comps and food comps Justify it enough to go just to get us out of the house for a couple days.

Cadei on October 03, 2017:

Will not post my name but Hollywood is the best one of all of them I have been doing very well gold strike sucks,

kb on September 07, 2017:

Thank you for your honesty - I was going to go to Tunica because Cherokee is similar to Gold Strike and Hollywood - we had stopped going there this past year for the same reason - I guess we will have to wait till the winter when we have more time off to go to Vegas - kb

Connie whitlow on August 09, 2017:

They have the complete opposite from what they should do when business is down. The machine are so tight you are miserable and you can't play because the bets are so high and you are down so quick you have a horrible time. You have to have the machine where they will let u play get up several hundred. Odds are u give it back but let the people that drive 5 hours have fun and don't have to turn around and go home same day. I use to go 5 or 6 times a year. I have been twice in the last 3 years. Nut fun anymore. They took out all the great machine that people like to

Play the Spin and Win circle was great. I loved those machine one dollar bet 3 Max.

They paid and u could play. I hate all the video machine. I'm going to Boluxi

Todd on July 21, 2017:

I'm going tonight. I'm going and stay in the free room for three night. I'm gonna nag to eat the free buffet tonight it crab legs

Then I'll play 50$. And have some free drinks. Go to bed get Saturday morning go have the free breakfast buffet. Then take my cooler out by the pool hang out and then go play 100$. Back to room and back to another free buffet. Later play another 100$

Then back to room.

Me and my wife get the free rooms and buffet every month Sam town. We get the free nights and three free buffets every three months so losing 500$ doesn't feel so bad.

You got to take advantage of the free rooms and food.

It not all bad

Rh on July 09, 2017:

I can say this I Ben going to tunica for bout 22 years and it has got really bad on the pay outs on both table games and slots have all but stopped paying anything at all

Courtney Pierson on April 04, 2017:

I live in Memphis which is like an hour and a half away from Tunica. I have been going there many years trying to win and not have never won I mean ever. I've been trying for so many years sometimes it makes me want to question God why can't I win I mean just one jackpot. Now I am convinced that it is a complete scam. None of the casinos down and Tunica actually pay off I've tried them all. Hell I just got home like an hour ago and I just lost over $250 it may not seem like a lot to you but I don't have a job and I needed that money and I don't know what made me go down then give it away could that's what I feel like I just done. The night before I was losing like 80 here 60 there you know little stuff like that. I felt like a complete fool leaving that place feeling like I wanted to cry because I just gave away money that I knew I could have used in a better manner. I can't say it enough I am not going back to Tunica no time soon. I haven't seen anyone from Memphis win big so big to the point were they were a limo back to Memphis right now I am so sad I could just keep going and going about my frustrations with the casinos in Tunica. On top of that my friend went with me last night and he won over $300 and did not give me any gas money not a $20 bill nothing. Reading the comments on this wall has made me feel a little better but I am still hurt because my pockets are empty right now and I just want to say fuck you Goldstrike. My grandmother told me some King shit years ago she told me Courtney how do you think they keep the lights on to entice you to go they have to pay their light bill basically you are paying their light bill and paying their employees and making the owners rich. To make this long story short I would never ever take a chance driving my car down there put miles on my car losing my hard-earned money I am so frustrated with myself right now. They won't ever get me again like this I've learnt my lesson I'm done. So to the people who are reading this please take my advice and use your money on something better and less expensive then those Crooks down there in Tunica. I'm so sad. If you're reading this and you're rich please give me a helping hand. If you want to get in touch with me for further details my Gmail account is thebhzp@gmail.com. my head is hurting I have to go to sleep now because I am completely broke. So take my advice if you care about your money please don't take it to Tunica Mississippi they are a scam and a ripoff. Thank you for read this.

Courtney Dewayne Pierson

Mona Scott on April 03, 2017:

That is the most stupid story I have ever read. You blame Tunica because you don't have enough sense to quit when you have lost a $1000 dollars. Then you go on to say your husband went back to try to recoup some of your losses. You just dig a bigger stupid hole...Do you honestly think that ANY casino is in the business of giving money away? No it is the rare occasion when someone does get the big win...thus the allure. You two should NEVER go to any Casino.

Marcy on March 25, 2017:

My husband and I had the exact same experience in Tunica! They have made it where it is not fun or worth the time to play due to a no return on ANY of the games!! We were there well over 8 hours and played many different games. NOONE was winning at any of the slots and tables were left with just dealers and employees, due to every table only letting the House win! Crap tables were seven out every other role. Black Jack dealers were getting 21 on every other hand. It was ridiculous!!!! It's not about winning Big, we just wanted to be able to at least play and win enough to continue to play and have a good night!!! The night became a ATM draw written to the casino!!! HUGE HUGE JOKE....DO NOT GO TO GOLD STRIKE or HORSESHOE!!!! Complete SCAMMERS!!!!!!

Martin on March 11, 2017:

Totally agree...that place is tighter than a pigeons _ss! I travel by there on business but don't stop any more. The last time I was there it was light a ghost town but I ate and didn't spend any time in the casino. Years ago, it was decent. Anyone who says the slots can't be set is absolutely delusional. Louisiana is the same way. When I do go to Okla...I don't win every time but I at least get to play with my money and I would have to say every other time I do walk out ahead.

Maggie on February 19, 2017:

My husband and I recently went to Tunica and had the same experience as the previous post. There were no payouts, not even the lowest cherry. The Horseshoe paid nothing at all and the Gold Strike and Road House also took my money with nothing in return. My husband did manage to find the only machine at the Gold Strike that gave him small winnings. He was able to play it for several hours before giving all the money back to the casino.

After eating dinner at the expensive buffet, my husband wanted to return to the machine he had been playing only to find that it no longer paid anything. It had probably been re-set to pay nothing like the other machines.

I had to spend more time in the room, which was lovely, than I had intended while my husband played the one machine which at least let him play a while before taking his money.

We will not be returning to Tunica as this was neither fun nor a good experience. The casinos usually get the money back, so why not let people play for a while. This was just plain greed on the part of the casinos and they are losing business. We should have saved our money and booked a cruise, which we will do next time.

MECHELE on January 17, 2017:


JAG15 on December 31, 2016:

It is absolutely a waste of time and money to go to any Casino in Tunica. Yes people will say, I have won in Tunica before, but I guarantee they didn't win again, and if they say they did then they are either working for the casino, or have something to do with them in some way. With over 25 years in the military, I have been to casinos all over the world and in the U.S. and I can say with the utmost certainty that tunica has and will always have the worse payout statistics anywhere. I just went last night (Friday), and was there last Saturday, the 2 nights of the week that you can expect someone somewhere to hit even a small jackpot. I had spent last Saturday night at the horseshoe. I arrived at 8:30 pm, and stayed until 2:20 am, I did not play, I just observed. I was completely shocked that there was not even one small or large jackpot won. No loud bells or whistles, no screams or shouts, nothing but a lot of frustrated people. Then last night I went to Fitzgerald's, and the place was like a morgue, and it was the same thing. I stayed for 3 hours then decided to check out Ballys, and it was the same there. If you do not agree with me thats your right, but there is evidence right in front of your eyes if you pay attention. Hurrah's one of the originals and also one of the iconic casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City, empty out of business, then right across the street from Harrah's is a large towering hotel, empty as well. If a change is not made and the casino's are forced to start paying, they are all going to be out of business, the people are starting to take their money elsewhere, or keeping it in their pockets, I will never go again, and the sad thing is that the hard working people that depend on the casinos for employment will be back to the way it was back 30 years ago when there was noting there. If you want to keep going and wasting your time and money be my guest, but you are just feeding a monster that doesn't care about anything except taking as much money as they can and then pull up anchor and go back to Vegas.

P B on December 17, 2016:

I am in total agreement with how terrible the tunica casinos are. Horseshoe& Gold Stike use to be the absolute best casinos. Now the payout there is worst than a 3rd tier casino in a small market. None of the casinos in tunica are hardly worth playing now. I do better when I drive to Eldorada in Bossier City Louisiana. All of these penny machines, and even less dollar machines in tunica rarely pays, and is absolutely ridiculous. Please adhere to the warnings !! Stay away from tunica until you hear of them paying better. !!!!!!! I would think that with 7 casinos in the tunica area, at least one of them would allow good payout, that way there would be NO COMPETITION, because, everyone who gamble would be there, and their word of mouth would eliminate the need for advertising, and the free play GIMMACKk!!!!

G on December 12, 2016:

I needed a good laugh and I found it - thank you all for the entertainment

sundance settles on September 07, 2016:

can i use a paper license while waiting 30 days on my hard license to come in?

Traveler on August 30, 2016:

First, don’t expect a full vacation out of Tunica, MS. Maybe weekends visit if you included visiting nearby Memphis. There is absolutely nothing there beside a few casinos. You should have chosen Las Vegas instead. Next, I’ve been to casinos all around the US and overseas and the basic rooms at Gold Strike (I’ve stayed at their standard, suite and VIP Suite) can compare to similar level rooms at top casinos. Now to when your husband was watching your machine, shouldn't he be sitting in that chair? I don't see how that happened and you sound like you were just swindled. If that person told me they wouldn't get up unless I gave them money, I would have just called security. It’s that simple. Your mistake. The drinks you buy at the bar DOES cost money or comp points. The drinks the bartenders bring to players are free (most people just give a tip). This is a standard at most major casinos (and yes I’ve been to ones in Oklahoma). You can’t blame them because you didn't know. Once again your mistake. If you lost over $1000 at GS I’m sure they would have comped you a couple of buffets instead of going for the 50 cents buffet. Lastly, and possibly the most important thing I’ll say, if you're going to gamble, stay away from the machines. You're a teacher so you have to know at least basic math. Everything you play there is already a house edge so why consistently play something where there up to a 29% house edge vs playing something like blackjack where there can be less than a 1% house edge. That's F for failure waiting to happen. So all in all, you can’t completely blame the casinos in Tunica for your worst vacation ever due to the many mistakes you made. It’s been times I went to Vegas and won a lot and there have been times where I’ve lost a whole lot more but I don't tell people to steer clear of Vegas. To the other readers, go to Tunica if you just expect a little gaming action. Go to Vegas if you expect that and whole lot more.

Linda on August 18, 2016:

Even though I have won at different times at the Horseshoe Tunica, I can certainly tell the slots are super tight. You will have a machine that will give a little to play on or even a small jackpot. Then this machine becomes dead. Nothing! You may find and I mean find a looser machine but it's rare. I have many questions on how these machines are set and how often they are the checked by Gaming Commission???? No enjoyment playing at the Horseshoe!!

Cheryl on July 30, 2016:

My husband and I were very lucky 3 years ago when we visited Tunica. We won well on table games at Gold Strike and got free buffets. I won a jackpot at Horseshoe casino the last night we were there. $2400. When I am not winning at slots, I go to the table games. There is no way I would continue to play slots and loose that much money in one place.

sherry on May 27, 2013:

I live 1.5 hrs from Tunica and used to go frequently. However the last 5 years have been horrible!!! I play slots. Before, you could win jackpots and you'd see jackpots being hit by others. Now the slots just suck your money, rarely even giving you playing money. When Tunica's slots were looser, it would be bumper-to-bumper going down there. Now it looks deserted compared to years ago. I used to go a couple of times a month, but quit because I didn't feel like I had a chance. Now I go only twice a year and swear I won't go back every time I leave. The comments from others there is the same, "haven't won anything". It's not fun at all, just stressful, because you're playing on your money only, rarely theres. Even the high limit slots pay out like dollar machines. Meaning, if you're lucky to win a jackpot on a $5 or $10 machine, it will only be a jackpot under $2,000. A couple of years ago I had a great night at the Resorts and won multiple jackpots on their $5 slots. Went back a couple of weeks later and the machines were gone. Proved to me...they don't want you to have a chance to win.

Web World Watcher on May 26, 2013:

I've been pretty lucky with some of the casinos you mentioned...


mikicagle (author) from Oklahoma on August 06, 2012:

I completely agree with you. My husband and I drove for hours to get there expecting to have a fun, relaxing weekend only to be sorely disappointed. We drove back to Oklahoma-went to an indian casino-and actually played a while and won a little. I don't understand how the casinos in Tunica stay in business or why anyone would want to visit them. I sent a letter to the GM at the Gold Strike and his response was too bad so sad. The casino is in the business to make money and that is exactly what they do. I encourage you to get your friends to read this hub and leave feedback-

eddie on August 05, 2012:



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