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A Visit to the Campuestohan Highland Resort in Bacolod, Phillipines

Renz may not be a travel junkie, but he is eager to share the places he's visited all for the love of traveling!

Discover the Campuestohan Highland Resort in Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Discover the Campuestohan Highland Resort in Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Discovering the Campuestohan Highland Resort

When I first traveled to Negros Occidental back in 2012, the only nearby water resort was the 7 Waterfalls of the Mambukal Resort in Bacolod. When I visited this province for a second time in 2015, I expected to hear the same suggestion; to my surprise, I heard an unfamiliar name: "Campuestohan."

My family and I were very eager to find out more about the place, so we decided to add this to our itinerary.

Breathe the Cold and Refreshing Mountain Air

You will need to pay a minimal fee of P150 to enter, but that's the only thing you will spend unless you're staying for lunch or dinner.

Once we reached the highland, I noticed the thick fog surrounding the place, making it look a bit gloomy and cold. The morning temperature was probably at around 18°C. I appreciated the cool air because it helped relieve my stress, but I advise you to bring a sweater with you. It will definitely come in handy. It's great to feel the crisp, fresh air embrace you, and it's an excellent place to unwind.

Aside from the beautiful surroundings, there are also interesting structures, sculptures, and characters all around. All of these make the place lighthearted, fun, and wacky. The resort is perfect for families! There are lots of spots that are perfect for your selfies and group photos. The huge King Kong statue is a superstar, and a lot of people were taking photos with him. The statue also makes crazy roaring sounds.

Take a Dip in the Wave Pool

There are multiple swimming pools in Campuestohan, including a much-awaited wave pool. There is no additional fee for using the pool, which we were thankful for—we didn't have much money left at that point!

I am not sure if the pools are very popular because there weren't many people in them at the time. That's why we were able to enjoy our time in the water.

The pools aren't very crowded, so you'll have a nice, relaxing time.

The pools aren't very crowded, so you'll have a nice, relaxing time.

Rent a Hut for Your Group

There are huts available to rent for you day-trippers out there. If you are coming in a big group, it is great to have a cottage to store your stuff and hang out in. Renting a hut allows you to have a better bonding experience with your friends or family, and this is what my family usually does at other resorts.

Unfortunately, we were on a budget, so we opted not to rent a hut. There were only three of us and we didn't have many items to carry, so we just brought our stuff with us wherever we went.

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Sky Bicycle in Campuestohan, Talisay

Sky Bicycle in Campuestohan, Talisay

Fly Across the Sky on a Bicycle

Although the surrounding nature and sights are good enough to attract visitors, a lot of people come here because of the fun activities. Many companies or agencies hold team-building events in Campuestohan so that they can take part in these activities.

The Zipline and Sky Bicycle

The most famous activities are the zip line and the sky bicycle, which are pretty high up.

The Hanging Bridge

If you are on a low budget, you can cross the hanging bridge. I believe that this activity is free of charge.

Cross the hanging bridge in Campuestohan!

Cross the hanging bridge in Campuestohan!

Outdoor Adventure Ride Prices

These rates are current as of May 2022.


Grand Carousel


Mini Train


Sky Bicycle




Ropes Course


Staying Overnight in Campuestohan

Due to the beauty of the place, many families are tempted to spend the night. The rooms are adorable. For example, one hut looks like something from a Disney fairy tale. Just imagine waking up with that view; it would surely be breathtaking and relaxing. We didn't plan on staying in the resort overnight, but upon seeing the place, we were very tempted to do so. However, we needed to stick to our itinerary, so we just stuck to a day trip.

The sights in Campuestohan make you feel like you are in a Disney movie.

The sights in Campuestohan make you feel like you are in a Disney movie.

Take a Shuttle to Get There

Campuestohan has a 30-seat, air-conditioned Sarao shuttle service that operates every weekend. It costs P100.00 per person, and you need to be at the stop 15 minutes before the designated time:

  • Loading Zone: Villa Angela Arcade Parking Lot (in front of Lopue's East Center)
  • Departure Time from Bacolod: 9:00 AM
  • Departure Time from Campuestohan: 4:00 PM

You Can Also Take a Taxi

If you miss the shuttle, you can take a taxi to Campuestohan. The price is usually fixed at P500.

Overall Review

I'm giving this place a 4 out of 5-star rating because of its affordability. The entrance fee itself is worth the price just for the sightseeing. Staff inside the resort were kind and welcoming, and they helped me find my friends when I didn't have my phone with me—the place is enormous!

This air-conditioned shuttle can take you to the resort.

This air-conditioned shuttle can take you to the resort.

© 2015 Renz Kristofer Cheng

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