Seeing the Book of Kells in Ireland

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Visit Trinity College in Ireland

Few can think of Ireland and not include Trinity College. This has to be one of the most important historic places to visit in Europe! Established in 1592 it has been globally agreed to be one of the foremost learning centers on the planet and boasts of course the famous library which receives over 100,000 new books every year. It has played host to some of the greatest minds on the planet but her most important 'resident' has to be the Book of Kells. This can also claim to be one of Ireland's biggest tourist attractions.

What Is the Book of Kells?

Having had the privilege many years ago to view the Book of Kells, I can say, with certainty, that it is a 'must see' on any itinerary. Containing the four gospels and some of the most intricate, elaborate Gaelic and Medieval artwork, the Book of Kells challenges the Bayeux Tapestry and is a true example of faith and survival through time; it stands forever as a testimony that man does possess the ability to ensure that some things are worth preserving and fighting for.

A Brief History

It is thought to date back to the early 8th century and is believed to have been created by monks in Iona, Scotland on calfskin! Following a Viking raid it 'found' its way to Kells in Ireland and having survived centuries eventually in 1980 a new digital age enabled the entire book to be transferred onto CD ROM and in recent years is accessible to view online! However, there is nothing like viewing the original book which has been viewed by kings, queens and presidents for centuries.


Where to Stay?

  • The Westin Dublin is near Trinity College and the 19th-century architecture is outstanding. Whilst it is a 5-star hotel it does have some great deals rates are from only 146.00 Euros per night.
  • The Trinity Capital Hotel is a 4-star hotel and offers a great classic combined contemporary style. Modern and traditional combined. There are loads of special offers.
  • The O'Callaghan Mont Clare is classed as a 3-star but it is extremely comfortable, modern and great value for money only 79.00 Euros per night. If you book online you get free Wifi which is unique in UK and Ireland hotels!
The Brian Boru Harp

The Brian Boru Harp

Karin's Tips

Trinity College was founded in 1592 and has nurtured some of the most creative and excellent minds in history from Oscar Wilde to Chris de Burgh. Still a hub for educational excellence, Trinity College has become a magnet for visitors worldwide. Here are some guidelines and tips:

  1. Book all accommodation online.
  2. Arrive at Trinity College early unless you like to queue!
  3. A good combination trip would be to travel down by train from Northern Ireland's Central Station—Belfast. There is a special Dublin Enterprise Express that will have you in Dublin in around 1 hour 30 mins. See Translink for trip details.
  4. Remember, you will need to convert your money into Euros.

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