Visiting Block Island, Rhode Island

Updated on February 12, 2018
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Traveling has always been one of my passions. It exposes us to new cultures, experiences, and makes the world a better, more tolerant place.

Block Island Ferry
Block Island Ferry

Whether you live here in southern New England or are just visiting the area, a trip out to Block Island makes for a fun and adventurous day. I have lived in New England pretty much all of my life, but it wasn't until the summer of 2011 that I finally made the trip to Block Island. I guess it’s one of those things that when you live here you assume you can go at anytime, and then you just never get around to doing it. Now that I've been, I can't wait to go back.

Ride your bike out to the North Lighthouse
Ride your bike out to the North Lighthouse | Source

A Few Facts

For those of you not familiar with Block Island, it’s a small island, about ten square miles, located approximately thirteen miles off the coast of Rhode Island. There are only about 1,000 year round residents, however, the population triples during the summer months when visitors flock to the island.

There is a small airport on the island, but most visitors come via the ferry system from either Point Judith, RI, New London, CT or Montauk, NY. The island is also popular with boaters in the area, and during the summer months the marinas and harbor are dotted with private boats of all shapes and sizes.

Boat Marina in New Harbor
Boat Marina in New Harbor | Source
Ferry leaving Point Judith
Ferry leaving Point Judith

Getting There

If you are traveling here from the coast of Rhode Island, then Point Judith will be your point of departure. The Block Island Ferry from Point Judith is the only location that offers year round service and is also the only location that has Ferry’s capable of transporting vehicles. If you want to take your car please note that a reservation is required. For passengers only, a reservation is not needed.

A popular pastime on Block Island is bike riding so many people opt to take their bikes on the ferry. This basically solves the problem of how to get around the island once you get there. If you don’t bring your car or bicycle you can rent a bike or moped on the island or opt to walk the area around the ferry landing.

North Lighthouse
North Lighthouse | Source
Mohegan Bluffs
Mohegan Bluffs

What to See

Once on the island, there are a multitude of things to do depending on your interests. The island is famous for its seventeen miles of beautiful beaches and its spectacular bluffs. Crescent beach is the most popular of the islands beaches and it's within walking distance of the ferry landing.

To explore some of the outer beaches will require a bicycle or moped. The island has two historic Lighthouses that date back to the 1800s; the North Lighthouse Station and the Southeast Lighthouse Station. Both are open to the public and have tours available.

Block Island is also famous for its bluffs and the most famous of these is the Mohegan bluffs. The Mohegan bluffs provide one of Block Islands most spectacular vistas and should be a must see on any visit. A 25 minute walk or 10-15 minute bike ride up Spring Street from town takes you to this sweeping view on the south end of the island that is spectacular. Just before you get to the bluffs you'll see the Southeast Lighthouse so stop in for a visit.

Southeast Lighthouse
Southeast Lighthouse
Steps at the Mohegan Bluffs
Steps at the Mohegan Bluffs

What to Do

Besides touring the island, there are a variety of other things that you can do while here. Boating is a popular past time on the island and many sailors and boaters make their way here during the summer.

For a really adventurous afternoon stop by Block Island Para-sail and have them give you a bird’s eye view of the island. For a more grounded activity you can head out on a rented bicycle or moped to do some bird watching or rent a kayak and paddle around the harbor area.

For art lovers there are numerous art galleries on the island and if the movies are your thing stop by the Empire Theatre for a show. And if all you want to do is kick back and hit the beach then head to any of the seventeen miles of beautiful beaches that surround the island.

Pretty much any outdoor activity can be had on Block Island except golf as there are no courses. You can sunbathe, kayak, bike, hike, walk, run, explore, play tennis and of course eat to your hearts content.

Biking the Island
Biking the Island | Source

When it’s time to shop, rest assured that Block Island has a vast array of specialty shops to satisfy even the most seasoned shopper. You can find everything here including clothing, jewelry, artwork, books and assorted unique gifts to bring home with you.

And when it’s time to eat, check out any of the islands numerous restaurants where you’ll find anything from a great burger to fresh locally caught seafood. We dined at The Oar Restaurant which is located on the inner harbor and has great views of the water and marina.

The area around the ferry landing has an abundance of shops, restaurants and Inns should you decide to just relax in New Shoreham. To spend the night on Block Island, check out any of the quaint inns or hotels on the island. For a review of hotels, B&B's and Inns check out TripAdvisor for honest feedback from travelers.

Plenty of Shopping
Plenty of Shopping | Source

For a Special Treat

If you’ve never heard of Del’s Lemonade then make sure you stop by their stand located near the Ferry landing. Unless you are from Rhode Island you probably aren't familiar with this great tasting soft frozen lemonade that we native Rhode Islanders grew up with. Give it a try.

Enjoy your visit to beautiful Block Island. It has something for everyone and makes for a great day-trip from southern New England.

Del's Lemonade
Del's Lemonade | Source

Nothing Beats a Beautiful Block Island Sunset.

Sunset over Block Island
Sunset over Block Island | Source
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