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Attractions Around Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Travel inspires the soul to create and refresh. Cape Cod and its diverse landscapes accomplish this, and I enjoy sharing my experiences.

 Cape Whale Watch

Cape Whale Watch

Cape Cod Whale Watching

The Cape is the seasonal home to many different species of whale, including Minke, Finback, and Humpback. It is home to some species of dolphins as well. The best way to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat is via a whale watch. Located in Barnstable, Hyannis Whale Watch cruises can get you there. Setting sail from Barnstable Harbor, their state-of-the-art, amenity-packed vessel will bring you to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary which is an 842-square-mile federally protected marine sanctuary, located at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, between Cape Cod and Cape Ann.

It is well known for its supreme whale watch activity, with breathtaking up-close interactions with these massive animals. These and other whale watching opportunities should be on the list of any Cape visit as these watches can provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marconi Beach

Located in Wellfleet, Marconi beach is the home of the first transatlantic wireless communication between the United States and England in 1903. The beach is named in honor of the inventor, Guglielmo Marconi. The beach has many attractions, including an observation platform, offering excellent scenery views, both of the ocean and bayside.

Great walking or hiking opportunity exists as well—the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail boasts natural forest terrain with red maple and cedar trees. The beach itself is ideal for swimming, fishing, or surfing, with nice unspoiled sand, and the 40-foot-plus sand cliff in the background, providing the utmost relaxation.

John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

Located in the town of Hyannis, the John F. Kennedy museum is designed to create an intimate and unique experience, celebrating Kennedy's strong connections to Cape Cod. The museum was officially opened on October 20, 1979, with a ceremony attended by then-president Jimmy Carter. A statue of Kennedy welcomes and greets the visitors, as it portrays the former president barefoot on the beach in khaki pants, giving the patron a sense of Kennedy's admiration of Cape Cod and all its treasures.

The Kennedy compound was located on Nantucket Sound in Hyannis Port and was a quiet retreat for Kennedy, as he was known for his long beach walks and hours of solitude while boating. The museum is rich in photos, archival film, and other artifacts, further reinforcing Kennedy to Cape Cod's rich history. New attractions and exhibits are added all the time, and the museum is ever-evolving to further tell the story of one of the nation's more engaging figures, John F. Kennedy.

The museum is open year-round, seven days a week, but is closed on most major holidays. On your Cape Cod visit, I highly suggest you visit the John F. Kennedy museum, as it offers another viewpoint and perspective of one of our most celebrated ex-presidents.

John F. Kennedy Museum

John F. Kennedy Museum

Cape Cod Rail Trail

For biking, rollerblading or horseback riding, check out the Cape Cod Rail Trail, previously known as the Old Colony Railroad. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts agree that the trail is one of the best ways to capture the Cape's raw beauty. Some of the best tucked-away beaches and ponds are on this trail in the town of Wellfleet.

Pilgrim Monument and Museum

The Pilgrim Monument, located in Provincetown, was built between 1907 and 1910, celebrating and commemorating the arrival of the Mayflower ship on November 21, 1620. At 350 feet above sea level and 252 feet high, this is the tallest all-granite structure in the United States. The monument offers stunning, panoramic 360-degree views around Cape Cod.

The walk to the top, with its 116 steps, takes anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes to ascend to the top at a leisurely pace. During the climb, you will also see the many interior stones that were donated from various cities, towns, and organizations across the United States. On the premises, there is a gift shop and museum, which displays artifacts and describes Pilgrim lifestyles through its many exhibits.

Cape Cod Vacation

With sprawling, towering sand dunes, panoramic views, and pristine natural beaches, Cape Cod and its various islands are considered one of the nation's, and for that matter the world's, top summer holiday vacation getaways. Cape Cod's vast shoreline offers exciting adventure opportunities such as boating, kayaking, wind sailing, or simply relaxing on one of its pristine sand beaches with a cold beverage of choice in hand.

Other attractions can also include whale watches, dune tours, hiking, and museums. The choices are up to you, with Cape Cod more than able to satisfy all of your vacation needs.

Don't Miss Out

Cape Cod remains one of the top vacation getaways in the country or world for that matter. From whale watching, top museums, or outdoor activities, it's hard to beat the Cape.

Out on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean and deep in the sand dunes, artists would spend an entire summer creating, inside one of the many shacks to get away from civilization and seek solitude. And it's easy to see why. The Cape offers some of the best natural scenery you will ever find.

Cape Cod Whale Watch

Cape Cod Whale Watch

John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

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