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The Art Car Museum in Houston, Texas: A Must-See Folk Art Attraction

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

For those who appreciate the wild and wacky—or at least the unusual—be sure to visit the Art Car Museum if you are in Houston. It is a folk art happening that is sure to delight the senses!

  • It is located at 140 Heights Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77007.
  • The museum is open from 11 am to 6 pm Wednesday to Sunday, and admission is free.
  • To accommodate large groups, please call 713-861-5526 before visiting the museum.

The museum was first opened in 1998. It showcases a few art cars at a time (due to space limitations) and is also a venue for artists who create modern art. The shows are changed frequently, and it is always a surprise to visit and see what is being showcased.

Subjects both serious and bizarre are addressed. Some of the artists are not yet well recognized, so being able to display their works in this museum may help launch their art careers.

Three-dimensional works of art are sometimes whimsical and surprising. All types of wall art are on display. Videos can also be viewed in a gallery at the back of the museum. A somewhat macabre video that was once on view inside of the museum showed a body being cremated. It took us a few moments to even realize what we were viewing.

There is nothing serious about these cars with the exception of the time and inspiration put forth from the artists who created these icons to the independence of personal expression.

Some of the art cars are simply painted, mirrored, or plastered with every kind of object from beads to boxes, bunnies to coffeepots and so on. Others are transformed into other shapes entirely, such as a ladies' red high-heeled shoe, an outhouse, or a roach. You name it and eventually, someone’s imagination will have made it a reality.

Houston Art Car Parade

The largest Art Car Parade in the country is held each year in Houston. People drive these wacky cars from all over the nation and convene in our city for a festival and parade consisting of the unusual and fun.

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Cars are not the only thing featured. Anything motorized has come to be included.

If you like cars of all types and descriptions and you appreciate what can be done to change their appearance, then this type of parade and festival just might be right up your alley!

A Fun Houston Venue

In a city of this size (the fourth largest in the United States) we have many entertaining venues to choose from. Often when we have had out-of-town visitors, we have included the Houston Art Car Museum on our list of places to take them. No one has ever walked away from the experience without being amused.

If you find yourself in Houston, Texas and have extra time on your hands, you just might wish to check out this wild and wacky entertaining place dedicated to portraying cars in a manner that is different from the norm. Who knows? It might give you some ideas about how to embellish yours!

People in our city like their art cars. We often spot them in various places around town as well as in the museum. So keep your eyes peeled if driving the streets of our city. You may just spot some unusual ones for yourself!

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Location of our Houston Art Car Museum


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