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8 Rooms to See in Manila's Dessert Museum

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The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila unleashes the kid within

The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila unleashes the kid within

Creating "Sweet" Memories

In this digital age where we want everything to be picture-perfect (or should I rather say, "instagrammable"), it's no longer a surprise to have something unusual like a "Dessert Museum" show up.

What Is the Dessert Museum?

Located in the Philippines, The Dessert Museum is a place with eight rooms. Each one is conceptualized and designed according to the specific dessert assigned for that room. Desserts are also given in some of the rooms to further build on the idea, and of course, delight our sweet tooth.

Also, just like a traditional museum, each room has facts and history about the desserts. Now, it is up to you whether to read through them or not, but this might eat up most of your time for snapping photos.

Eight Themed Rooms

The eight rooms found in the museum each have something unique in them, and you can come up with fantastic photos depending on your creativity. However, you will need to be quick because you only have approximately 15 minutes for each room. To aid you in conceptualizing your "dream shots," let me share with you an overview of all the rooms here in The Dessert Museum.

The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila, Philippines

The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila, Philippines

1. Donuts

The first room will remind you of The Simpsons. This is because of two words: donut and yellow.

In this room, you will find a wide slide which you may use to enter. Upon entrance, you will immediately see a handful of donuts (fake ones, of course) dangling in the air. There is also a wall of donuts where you can take your selfies or group photos.

2. Marshmallows

Just like the previous room, there are a handful of marshmallows dangling in the air. It is as if it's raining marshmallow inside the room. At the end of the room, you will find a fondue for you to dip a marshmallow in and indulge your sweet tooth.

3. Candies

Candies! All the popular forms of candy can be found in this room, such as the candy cane, gumballs and more! There is also interactive equipment in this room such as a swing set, seesaw and "jumping station".

This is also the room with the most number of sections, so make sure to move fast to capture all moments.

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4. Ice Cream

This room is probably the most difficult in terms of building on the concept. I found the interior not exactly in line with "ice cream", but I certainly loved the overall kid-inspired look of this one. The entire room is filled with balls, so it's basically a huge ball pit. Then there is this Up-inspired corner to fulfill one of your Disney dreams.

5. Bubble Gum

I'll keep this room a little bit of a surprise, but this is certainly an interactive fun room which may fulfill one of your inner kid's desire. There are two activities you can enjoy here. One of which is being inside a balloon-like inflatable.

6. Gummy Bears

This room is perhaps the most interesting of all, especially with the presence of three bathtubs. Now, since this is all about sweets, all the tubs are filled with gummy bears (although just plastic replicas of them)! If you love gummy bears so much, why not bathe in them?

7. Cotton Candy

Live the dream of seeing cotton candy everywhere in this room! Best of all, you will be given a single serving of a cotton candy which makes all of it feel even more real. Also, if pink is your favorite color, you'll really drool here.

8. Chocopop

In this final room, you can fulfill your Miley Cyrus dream and do a wrecking ball photo. All the hanging chocopops can support the average weight of a person. This allows us to stand or sit on top of them. Again, imagination and creativity will be the limit, so you can create a story however you wish. Of course, don't forget to always be careful.

In a Nutshell

The entire tour of the museum took us about 1.5 hours. Although all we did was to take photos, it was pretty tiresome. It's a good thing that there are restaurants nearby.

The ticket for this can be pricey, but it was worth it as we were able to channel our inner klutz and childishness. Needless to say, we were able to create "sweet" memories. Oh yes, both literally and figuratively.

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