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7 Ways to Spend the Day in Seville

I like to share travel experiences and enjoy exploring new places for food and drink, hotels and sights.

A Day in Seville

Wondering how to spend your day in Seville? Here are 7 ideas.

Cortados and Bolle de Leche at La Campana in Seville

Cortados and Bolle de Leche at La Campana in Seville

1. Try Good Coffee and a Sweet Treat at La Campana

Our hotel front desk recommended this wonderful historic place when I asked for a nearby coffee shop. Only about a 5-minute walk from our lovely boutique hotel (H10 Corregidor), I was happy when we stumbled across this eye-catching building that houses the landmark confiteria (or patisserie) La Campana, which has been around since 1885.

Once inside, the pastries on view were delicious looking and colorful. Noticing some locals getting their coffee to sip at the counter, we went in and did the same. Enjoying a cortado and sweet bread (bolle de leche) was a memorable experience and gave us the energy we needed for a busy day in Seville!

2. Shop and Stroll on Calle Sierpes

Nearby to La Campana is a cool and unique shopping area on Calle Sierpes. I found the stores to have wonderful displays and products, many unique to the Andalusian culture.

I was intrigued by a shop that sold these individually designed fans of all shapes, sizes and colours. I settled on a moderately sized fan with a red polka-dot design, handpainted in Seville—a unique souvenir from a fascinating city.

There was so much more shopping we could have done, but we had to be on our way to the next stop.

3. Take in the Beauty and Attractions of Seville

Walking around on the first day, we were heading towards the Real Alcázar, and on the way spotted the gorgeous orange trees I had been longing to see. They can be seen throughout the historic center.

Also impressive was how the areas are pedestrianized, making it much more pleasant to explore on foot. In the historic center, you can find the incredibly grand Seville Cathedral very close by to the Alcázar and within walking distance of the grand square Plaza De Espana (a must-see we checked out the next day).

If a horse-drawn carriage ride appeals to you, it can be found in the city as well. There is a romantic aura in this Andalusian city that makes it so appealing, even with the slight chill of winter days.

The Real Alcázar

The Real Alcázar

4. Explore the Amazing Royal Alcázar Palace

The Real Alcázar is a must-see in Seville. This incredible palace was founded in the middle ages and is striking, with its dazzling architecture, fabulous fountains, and courtyards. It is an awe-inspiring place, so be sure to linger, stroll and take your time drinking in all the grandeur and views; this is not the place to go if you only have an hour to spend! The fact that several episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed here gives it just that extra bit of intrigue.

Of course, there was an advantage to being here on a chilly but sunny January afternoon, with a very short line and fewer crowds to deal with. I would recommend booking online and reserving an entry time, as this will save valuable time so you can enjoy it without a long wait.

Cocktails at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seville

Cocktails at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seville

5. Relax Over a Coffee or Cocktail in a Cool Space

Enjoying an espresso at the gorgeous courtyard of the historic and luxurious Hotel Alfonso XIII (part of the Marriott chain) was a nice break and gave us a bolt of energy to head into the evening.

A quick walk across the street led us to the Hard Rock Cafe, where it was happy hour. I like to check out Hard Rock in each city I visit (if convenient). They all have unique memorabilia and design and are generally centrally located to the sights.

We had a nice stop and tasty cocktail at this beautifully designed location in a gorgeous building built in 1761 originally owned by the Royal Tobacco Factory. Friendly service here too!

Getting Ready to Enjoy Some Tapas at Bar Estrella

Getting Ready to Enjoy Some Tapas at Bar Estrella

6. Take the Time to Enjoy Tapas

Enjoying a variety of tapas is an essential experience in Seville. There is an incredible variety of tapas restaurants to choose from, with unique and classic Spanish specialties to savor.

We enjoyed numerous stops. The most atmospheric included El Rinconcillo, the oldest tapas bar in the city (open since 1670!) as well as Bar Estrella (around since 1938), located near the Flamenco Museum. Be sure to try the spinach and garbanzo beans and some high-quality Spanish ham and cheese selections. Amazing.



7. Experience a Flamenco Show

This was definitely on my must-do list for my short time in Seville. For convenience, we went with the hotel recommendation. The hotel booked the experience for us as well, thankfully. Our well-priced (22 euro) one-hour show was at the Flamenco Museum, which I wish I would have had the chance to visit as well.

It was an incredible performance by three dancers, two vocalists, and two guitarists. The backdrop is basic; the music and dancing are the focus, as well as the dramatic costumes. A fantastic experience to see this in Seville.

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