Four Cultural Treasures in India You Can't Miss

Updated on September 5, 2017

A recent survey stated that the number of foreign tourists who visited India from May 2014 to October 2015 was 11.23 million. India has so many diverse landscapes and cultural groups that even the most seasoned traveller can miss the essence of this magical land. Hence, a little extra information on the places in India will help you when you travel around this historic nation.

Here are four of my favourite places, each is unique, and each is very special.

4 Incredible Places in India

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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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Munnar, Kerala 685612, India
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1. Munnar: The Land of Tea Plantations

Munnar is one of the most sought after hill stations in India. It is located in the south of India, in the state of Kerala. The state of Kerala is an extremely diverse and beautiful place that holds a unique culture, a breathtaking landscape, hills, rivers and more.

Munnar is a hill station that is adorned with tea estates, hill ranges and a cold climate that you can enjoy. The one place in Munnar that you cannot miss visiting is the Tea museum that is at KDHP’s Nullatanni estate. This museum showcases the astonishing tea plantations in the Munnar region.

Cochin International airport, which is 110 kms from Munnar, is the closest airport by road.

A Tea Estate at Munnar. These estates have a way of getting into our hearts..
A Tea Estate at Munnar. These estates have a way of getting into our hearts.. | Source

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2. Chennai: A Blend of Ancient and Modern

The city of Chennai was once called Madras. It is situated in the south of India. It's one of the most spectacular places since it was an important city during the British Empire. There are many beaches you will spot in this city where you can go and relax on a tired evening. Tamil, the language spoken in Chennai, is one of oldest languages spoken in the world.

Unlike other metropolitan cities, Chennai has embraced its rich culture despite the massive western influence. You will notice how a definite Indian culture goes really well with a strong western influence. If you are lucky, you might even meet a well educated Tamil woman dressed up in her Kanchipuram silk sari and speaking of Shakespeare and Lord Byron.

Here you will find the wafting aroma of filter coffee mesmerising you, and a sip of filter coffee on the streets of Chennai is a must-do in this place.

The Chennai International airport is what you must be looking for to get to this traditional city.

Chennai Nights
Chennai Nights | Source

3. Varanasi: The Land of The Aghoris

Varanasi is that place in India which will definitely leave you amazed. In Varanasi, you can go on a boat ride on the holy river Ganga.

You might even spot an Aghori here. Wondering who an Aghori is? Aghoris are people who engage in post-mortem rituals. They are mostly seen with dread locks and are found meditating by the river Ganga. This group of people are known for their extreme practices like living on cremation sites and feeding on human dead bodies.

If you happen to be in Varanasi, just stroll on the streets of this place and you will encounter some truly startling people, a very exotic culture and you will definitely get to discover a little more of the mysterious eastern religion Hinduism.

Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport or Varanasi International Airport is situated 26 km northwest of Varanasi. From Delhi, it is less than two hours by flight.

Aghori in India
Aghori in India | Source

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4. Jaipur: A City of Colours

Jaipur is an exotic city, and its architecture goes back to the Rajput empires. Jaipur’s vibrancy, its cuisine and its shopping spaces will overwhelm any curious soul. The city of Jaipur is also called the pink city and is the first planned city of India. It is called the pink city because of the colour of the stone that was used for the construction of all the structures, which gives the city the colour pink.The best time to visit Jaipur is during the winter since the summer heat might be unbearable. The people of Jaipur celebrate a vibrant and colourful culture. In fact, even the clothes have patterns of bright colours.

One thing to look forward to in Jaipur is the largest literature festival which happens every January. It is a time when many well-renowned writers, thinkers, students come together and celebrate literature.

The Jaipur international airport will take you to this capital city. By road, Jaipur is around five hours from Delhi.

Snake Charmers
Snake Charmers | Source

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