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7 Best Waterfalls in Vermont (And How to Visit Them All in a Day)

I've spent many a day exploring Vermont's 200+ waterfalls. These are my all-time favorites.

Chasing Waterfalls in Vermont

I've done the research and visited many waterfalls in Vermont. I believe I have found the seven best, must-see waterfalls to visit.

  1. Bartlett Falls (Bristol, VT)
  2. Bingham Falls (Stowe, VT)
  3. Bristol Memorial Park Falls (Bristol, VT)
  4. Moss Glenn Falls (Stowe, VT)
  5. Moss Glenn Falls (Granville, VT)
  6. Texas Falls (Hancock, VT)
  7. Warren Falls (Warren, VT)

All seven can be seen on a one-day tour! I developed a tour that takes about eight hours starting in Chittenden County, and ending with a trip through Smugglers Notch. If you prefer, you can visit two at a time. There are three sets of two waterfalls within a few miles of each other.

The waterfalls are beautiful and the sounds they make so soothing, but the drive would be worth it even without them. The beautiful views along the way make the trip even better.

There is some hiking as well as walking involved in visiting these waterfalls. Most of the paths are easy trails with footbridge; some are hiking trails. The views are well worth the effort.

Below you will find detailed descriptions and directions for visiting each waterfall on my list. I also make suggestions on places to eat and other points of interest near the falls. If you are planning a trip to Vermont I hope you will take the time to visit the waterfalls.

Roadside Bartlett Falls in Bristol, VT

Roadside Bartlett Falls in Bristol, VT

1. Bartlett Falls in Bristol, VT

This is a plunge type waterfall that I like to think of as a mini Niagara Falls. There is a walking path alongside the river for access. Located just outside the village of Bristol on Lincoln Rd it is a popular swimming hole with locals. You can swim under and behind the falls, but there is also a shallow section for young children. I have taken my grandchildren here for a swim. The rock ledges on either side of the river allow you to jump or dive into the water.

Parking is limited. There are small turn offs or you may have to park on the side of the road. There are also no facilities here, but the village of Bristol is not far. Be sure and check out the Bristol Cliffs just down river from the falls. Bristol Memorial Park Falls is not far if you want to check out another great waterfall.

Where is Bartlett Falls?

Bingham Falls, VT

Bingham Falls, VT

2. Bingham Falls in Stowe, VT

This is a five-tiered waterfall with a 25-foot drop into a beautiful pool at the bottom. This is another great place to swim surrounded by the beauty of the forest and the falls. Located on the Mountain Rd or State Route 108 it is well marked with plenty of parking on both sides of the road.

A short hike down a wide path brings you to the bottom of the falls. The last leg of the path is a narrow stone trail be sure to wear shoes suitable for hiking. This is not a good place for young children to swim.

There are no facilities here but there are many restaurants and gas stations on the mountain road. After visiting this waterfall it is a short drive on route 108 to Smugglers Notch State Park. Moss Glenn Falls (Stowe) is not far if you want more waterfall chasing.

Where is Bingham Falls?

Bristol Memorial Park Falls, VT

Bristol Memorial Park Falls, VT

3. Bristol Memorial Park Falls in Bristol, VT

This is a three-tiered waterfall with a 25-foot drop. The trails, stairs and footbridge allow you to really explore this waterfall. You can virtually walk all around the falls. There are picnic tables if you want to take a lunch. I've seen local people swimming downstream from the falls, but I have never gone swimming here.

There is a small parking lot and because this is one of Vermont's hidden treasures there are not usually a lot of people. The park is marked by a sign that can be hard to see and the waterfall is not visible from the road.

There are no facilities here and it is a few miles from the village. There is a beautiful overlook farther up State route 17, but make sure your car can handle the steep winding road to the top of the mountain. Bartlett Falls is not far if you want more waterfall chasing.

Where is Bristol Memorial Park Falls?

Moss Glenn Falls (Granville)—the most photographed waterfall in the state.

Moss Glenn Falls (Granville)—the most photographed waterfall in the state.

4. Moss Glenn Falls in Granville, VT

This is a beautiful fan-type waterfall located on the side of the road of Vermont's scenic route 100. The drive there is lovely going through the Granville Reservation State Park. The most photographed waterfall in the State. An added bonus is a horsetail waterfall just north of Moss Glenn. There is a boardwalk for viewing both falls.

A fair amount of parking, but a very popular waterfall, there are almost always people there in summer especially on the weekends. There are no facilities and nothing very close, but a short 20 minute stop to take pictures and take in the beauty is all you need. Texas Falls is not far if you want more waterfall chasing or if you are headed north Warren Falls is just up the road.

Where is Moss Glenn Falls Granville?

Moss Glen Falls (Stowe)

Moss Glen Falls (Stowe)

5. Moss Glenn Falls in Stowe, VT

This is a 125-foot, 4-tiered waterfall nestled in the forest. Located north of Stowe village off a side road it is not hard to find and well marked. There is a flat trail alongside the river leading to the falls. Access to the bottom from the river bank makes this another great swimming hole. Follow the path uphill to a plateau where you can view the full waterfall. This is a short, but steep path, be sure to wear shoes suitable for hiking.

There are almost always people there in summer and parking is limited, but I have always been able to find a spot and you can park on the side of the road if needed. There are no facilities here, but it is only a few miles to Stowe Village. Bingham Falls is not far if you want more waterfall chasing.

Where is Moss Glenn Falls Stowe?

Texas Falls, VT

Texas Falls, VT

6. Texas Falls in Hancock, VT

This is a 35-foot, 4-tiered waterfall with a 10-foot drop. Located just off scenic State route 125 in Texas Falls Recreation Area it is well marked. The state park has facilities, camping and picnicking.

This is a wonderful park with paths and a footbridge allowing full access to both sides of the falls. There is plenty of parking across the road from the falls. As far as other people I've been surprised at how many times I have had the place to myself, occasionally local people do flock there for celebrations.

If you are taking a drive be sure and follow route 125 over the mountain into Robert Frost country and visit the Robert Frost Trails. Moss Glenn Falls (Granville) is not far if you want more waterfall chasing.

Where is Texas Falls?

Warren Falls

Warren Falls

7. Warren Falls in Warren VT

This is a plunge-type waterfall with a 20-foot total drop. Located on Route 100 South just after entering Warren traveling north. Open year-round, but no facilities and parking can be challenging in summer as this is a local favorite. Any inconvenience is well worth it when you jump off one of the low cliffs into a cool refreshing pool.

Explore the trails in the woods and you will find many different viewpoints. Easy access along a path from the parking lot and shallow pools for little ones make this is a great family spot. Moss Glenn Falls Granville is not far on Route 100 south if you up for more chasing waterfalls.

Where is Warren Falls?

Tips for Chasing Waterfalls in Vermont

Light rain is fine in fact it can make the trip more beautiful. In spring if there has been flooding be sure to check for road closings.

Things to bringWhen to goCheck the weather

Insect repellent

Spring is best for water flow

Spring rain/flooding

Hiking shoes

Summer is best for swimming

Summer rain

Swimming clothes

Fall is best for site seeing

Fall rain/snow

How to See All 7 Waterfalls in One Day

If you are going with a group I recommend meeting at the Richmond Park and Ride. From Richmond head to hinesburg and route 116 south to Bristol or start in Bristol. Visit Bristol Memorial Park Falls first taking route 17 from route 116. The waterfall is not far up the road. When finished follow route 17 back to route 116 south and proceed to Lincoln road and Bartlett Falls. When done go back onto route 116 south through Bristol Village to East Middlebury. Turn left onto route 125 toward Ripton and Hancock.

There is a wonderful roadside spring located in Ripton if you would like to collect some fresh Vermont spring water turn left in Ripton Village and follow Lincoln road to the Lucky Seven Spring on the left well past the school.

Return to route 125 and continue into Hancock traveling over the mountain. The road to Texas Falls is on the other side of the mountain and is not far outside Hancock Village on the left. After Texas Falls if you are looking for a place to have lunch I recommend the Vermont Home Bakery located in the Old Hancock Hotel. The food is good, prices reasonable and they even have a gift shop. Located at the corner of scenic state routes 125 and 100 in Hancock it is on the way to the next falls.

After lunch follow route 100 north from Hancock into Granville. Moss Glenn Falls Granville is past the village into the state forest on the left. When you are done head back up route 100 north and look out for Warren Falls on the left after entering Warren. If it's a hot day this is a great place to swim. After you will follow route 100 north through the towns of Warren, Waitsfield, Waterbury and into Stowe. Keep following route 100 north past Stowe village. A few miles from the village Randolph road is on the right. Turn and follow Randolph road until you reach Moss Glenn Falls Road on the right. Follow Moss Glenn Falls Road to the waterfall parking area. After you are done head back down route 100 south looking for a sign for route 108/Mountain Road. Take a right where indicated and follow to route 108. Turn right onto route 108 and follow to Bingham Falls on the right. When done here follow route 108 through Smuggler's Notch into Jeffersonville. Turn left onto route 15 West to head back to Richmond. Follow route 15 west to through Cambridge into Underhill and turn left onto Browns Trace road. Follow Browns Trace road to route 2 west in Richmond. Turn right onto route 2 west and follow to the Richmond Park and Ride just after the Interstate 89 south entrance on the right.

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Lillian Hughes (author) from Barre, VT on November 29, 2015:

I must apologize for a mistake I made when I originally published this page. I was mistaken as to the location of Warren Falls and I did not include Warren Falls because the waterfall I had mistook for Warren Falls was not very impressive. My apologies to Warren Falls and the Town of Warren VT as well as all the visitors to my page. I have corrected my mistake and encourage all to check out Warren Falls as one of the 7 best waterfalls in Vermont.

LizZ on October 13, 2015:

This pictures and the hub itself are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Unfortunately I live too far away to go and see those falls, but I found a video on youtube, showing beautiful waterfalls filmed in Switzerland.

If you´re interested, here´s a link :)


dappledesigns from In Limbo between New England and the Midwest on July 02, 2014:

Great article! Texas Falls was always a favorite of mine :)

Jay Connors from New England, United States on May 11, 2014:

Awesome hub. I am so mad now. I was recently in Stowe and had no idea about the waterfalls. I am definitely checking these out next time I am in Vermont.

Lillian Hughes (author) from Barre, VT on May 09, 2014:

Thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging comments!

Imonikhe Ahimie from Lagos, Nigeria on May 09, 2014:

I've never been to Vermont, but the falls certainly puts that state on my itinerary when I'm in the States. Great article.

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on May 09, 2014:

Congratulations on HOTD! This was a beautiful well-done Hub. I'm a sucker for waterfalls, and I'm just sad that I have no budget for travel, especially cross-country, so I won't get to see these beautiful falls in person. You photos are lovely, though, so at least I can armchair travel.

Your directions were very clear, and I expect easily followed even for anyone from out of the area. (Except my late mother--she could get lost in a teacup!) ;-)

Voted up +++

Bernadyn from Jacksonville, Florida on May 09, 2014:

I still have yet to see a waterfall in person but would love to one day! These all look beautiful, I'll have to add to my future travel plans. Congrats on HOTD. :)

awezome-writer on May 09, 2014:

Amazing! It's great that you featured this hub Lillian because I like nature trips a lot. Voted up. :)

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 09, 2014:

What a fantastic travelogue you presented with regard to visiting those waterfalls in Vermont as well as tips of other things to do and see along the way. I have never visited that state but will create a board on Pinterest titled Vermont where I can pin this hub and have easy access to it in the future should our travels ever take us up that way. Up votes and sharing. This reminded me of the many waterfalls we saw along the Columbia River Gorge in one day while on vacation on the other side of our country many years ago.

Artois52 from England on May 09, 2014:

Beautiful Hub. I look forward to reading more.

Mike on April 23, 2014:

Vermont is awesome for hiking and definitely has some of the best waterfalls. I have only been to a handful of these but plan on checking out Texas Falls for sure.

Lillian Hughes (author) from Barre, VT on April 19, 2014:

Wow, thank you Rap for the great comment. I lovermont and waterfalls. I was born in RI, but I have a Vermonter's Soul.

Ruth Perkins from New England on April 19, 2014:

Beautiful hub! Great and mapped out for convenience to your readers. I especially appreciate this hub because although I "exist" in Eastern MA my heart and soul are always in my native Vermont. I grew up with Emerson Falls which had a great smooth rock slide that we used to slide down and end up gliding into the ice cold water below. The rocks were warm to lie on in the sun. Across the street...sort of was All Right Springs where we'd fill our jugs with spring water before heading home.

My daughter's middle name originates from Emerson Falls. Thank-you so much for this hub.

Lillian Hughes (author) from Barre, VT on April 18, 2014:

Thank you AudreyHowitt.

Lillian Hughes (author) from Barre, VT on April 18, 2014:

Thank you bdegiulio, I hope you do. I get such a natural high from waterfall chasing!

Audrey Howitt from California on April 18, 2014:

Welcome to the Hub! Nice hub and your pictures are beautiful!

Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on April 18, 2014:

Great hub Lillian. Not only do I love waterfalls but I live in western Massachusetts so we are fairly close by. Perhaps this summer we'll try to see some of these. Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend.

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