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10 Reasons to Stay at Disney's Beach Club Resort

Julie DeNeen is a freelance writer who writes articles on where to spend the night during your travels.

When visiting the Mouse, comfort is pretty important.

When visiting the Mouse, comfort is pretty important.

Disney: Where Fun (Should) Meet Comfort

All the Disney resorts offer fabulous amenities, theming, transportation to the parks, and the classic Disney hospitality people have come to know and love.

I've stayed at five resorts on Disney property and have experienced some from each category (value, moderate, and deluxe).

The particular hotels I have visited:

  • the All Stars Movie Resort,
  • Caribbean Beach Resort,
  • Polynesian Resort, The Boardwalk, and
  • the Beach Club.

Without a doubt, the Beach Club is my favorite place to stay when we visit the World. Here are my top ten reasons you should book your next trip at this outstanding hotel.

The courtyard at dusk.

The courtyard at dusk.

10. The Standard Hotel Room Sleeps Five People

It's unfair really that many places discriminate against the ever-popular family of five. Most of the resorts on Disney property have a firm four-people-only rule, unless you are willing to get two rooms or a villa. The only exceptions are the Port Orleans Riverside Resort and the Beach Club. Both offer a standard room that accommodates five people (there are other non-standard room options for larger families that include a cabin at Fort Wilderness, villas at various resorts, plus the new suites at the Art of Animation Resort).

9. The Back Door Entrance to Epcot Is a Five Minute Walk Away!

Epcot is one of our favorite parks because of the nightly fireworks, various food options around the World Showcase, and the fact that it draws less crowds (not to mention it is huge). If you stay at the Beach Club, request a room more towards the left side of the hotel (if you are facing the front entrance, to your left). You can exit out a side door and be at the entrance to Epcot in less than five minutes. There are rarely crowds there in the morning and you can easily hop on the monorail if you want to get to the Magic Kingdom. The Beach Club is the only resort that allows you to use other transportation for three out of the four theme parks (walk to Epcot, boat to Hollywood Studios, Monorail to Magic Kingdom through Epcot, bus to Animal Kingdom).

8. Cape May Cafe Offers a Character Breakfast That Isn't as Crowded and Busy as Others

Expect to see the classic characters like Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto at this all you can eat breakfast buffet. Since it isn't as well known as other character meals, the availability is better. Plus, you get to see Mickey and the gang dressed and ready for the beach!

Cape May Character Breakfast.

Cape May Character Breakfast.

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7. A Sand Bottom Pool With a Wading Area for Children

The pool at the Beach Club is stunning. In one area, the bottom of the pool has sand to mimic a beach atmosphere. Kids can wade in the shallow water and even build a sandcastle on the zero-entry side of the pool. It is a relaxing place for families with small children to hang out.

6. A Gorgeous View of Epcot's Illuminations Fireworks Each Night

Whether you are out on your balcony, in the pool, or on the sandy beach, the Beach Club offers a great view of Epcot's nightly fireworks. For parents with young children, you can easily put them to bed as soon as they finish, avoiding the congestion of massive crowds exiting a park at once.

Renting a bicycle contraption at the Boardwalk across the lake.

Renting a bicycle contraption at the Boardwalk across the lake.

5. A Leisurely Boat Ride Gets You Around!

Since the Beach Club is on a body of water, a shuttle boat can take you to The Boardwalk Hotel or Hollywood Studios. If you want a change of pace from the busy parks, a quick trip across the lake lands you at the famous Boardwalk Hotel- fit with jugglers, rented bikes, restaurants, shops, and a dancing hall! Then of course you can take the boat right to the popular Hollywood Studios or even the Swan and Dolphin Hotels for dinner.

4. Outdoor S'Mores and Movies on the Beach Each Night

Staff at the Beach Club host an outdoor movie and bonfire every night. You will see a sign posted with the listings of movies, ranging from Finding Nemo, to The Lion King, to Tangled. Roast a s'more, cuddle on a blanket, and watch a movie outside on the big screen.

3. Beaches 'n Cream Ice Cream Shop and the Outrageous Kitchen Sink!

This throwback shop is reminiscent of 1950s soda shops and boasts some seriously good ice cream. They are famous for the kitchen sink, a giant bowl of 8 scoops of ice cream, every topping in the house, and an entire can of whipped cream! It is a sight to behold!

Check out that ice cream!

Check out that ice cream!

2. The Beach Club Shares All Its Amenities With the Yacht Club so You Can Experience Both!

Guests at the Yacht Club are right next door to the Beach Club. The advantage is that you can check out the other pools, gift shops, and restaurants at the Yacht Club without having to take public transportation to get there. Without a doubt, the Beach Club is one of the most centrally located hotels on all of Disney property.

1. The Shipwrecked Water Slide Is Almost as Good as a Waterpark!

If you stay at the Beach Club, you will not even have to experience the Disney water parks. Forget paying hundreds of dollars for a couple hours at Blizzard Beach; the Beach Club pool is an attraction in and of itself. The slide is amazing, plus there is a whirlpool area, lazy river, the sand-bottom area, and then a kiddie water slide as well. One day, we could not even get the kids to leave the hotel because of the pool!

The water slide from a distance. It's called Stormalong Bay!

The water slide from a distance. It's called Stormalong Bay!

The Bottom Line

The resort is beautiful! The rooms are spacious, the food is good, and the convenience is priceless. After staying at a monorail resort and this resort, the Beach Club gets my vote. It is the only resort that only requires a bus for one park. Even the Grand Floridian (the premier resort) cannot boast such a feat. The Beach Club is at the hub of all the great restaurants (between its own restaurant, the Yacht Club, Boardwalk, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios), you will not be disappointed.

Plus, a sand bottom pool? How cool is that!

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