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10 Awesome Disney World Bathrooms

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My top 10 bathrooms in the Disney World parks, plus a few that weren't so great.

My top 10 bathrooms in the Disney World parks, plus a few that weren't so great.

I'm guessing that there will be a few snickers when people read the title of this article, but let's face it—bathrooms are pretty important.

Whether you have young children that want to check out every bathroom they see or, like me, you are over 50 and need to hit the facilities more frequently than you used to, it's important to know where they are. It's also helpful to know which ones are nicer than others.

One of the nice things about Disney is that there are many bathrooms to choose from. They are awesome when it comes to having enough of them. That being said, some are better than others.

On our last trip to Disney World, I kept some notes about the nicest ones. I even asked my family if any stood out more than others and came up with a list of 10 favorites.

Note: We went in August 2018, during the height of the tourist season and during the hottest time of the year in Florida. This list is based on my opinions of the bathrooms I visited during the trip, and I did not visit all of them.


Magic Kingdom Bathrooms

The Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the four parks, but that doesn't mean the restrooms aren't nice.

1. Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

You wouldn't think that the restroom in a busy restaurant would make the list, but this is a nice one.

We ate here for lunch, in August, at one of the busiest times of the year. The restaurant was busy but, surprisingly, the bathroom, which is down a long hall, was quite nice.

Granted, it was a bit dated, but the multi-colored, light-up wall you see upon entering was fun to look at. The facilities were empty and clean, even during the busy lunch rush. It was also nice to be able to leave my backpack with my family so I wasn't juggling a big bag in the stall.

2. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Located between Pecos Bill and the Golden Oak Outpost, this bathroom is tucked away and kind of forgotten unless you are eating at the cafe.

It was clean, tidy and delightfully empty. I think most people hit the bathrooms around the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or Splash Mountain and then skip this one.

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Epcot Bathrooms

The second park to be created, Epcot highlights a bit of the futuristic, along with many countries around the world. For me, it also had the best bathrooms of all four parks.

3. Behind the Mouse Gear Store

There is a covered hall between the Mouse Gear shop and the Electric Umbrella. Head down it, past the store on your right, and you'll come to the facilities. Not sure why, but people walk right by them. Clean and empty, these restrooms were a hidden gem.

Skip the ones around the front of the park and Spaceship Earth and go to this one instead.

4. Norway

To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this bathroom. It's right next to the popular Frozen ride, where hordes of young kids eagerly await it in long lines.

It would only stand to reason that this restroom would be packed. It wasn't. Not even close to it. It was delightfully clean, there was only one other person in it, and there were loads of roomy stalls. Best of all, it was cold, icy cold on a dreadfully hot day. I took a lot of time washing my hands just to savor that air conditioning before continuing my trip around the park.

Hands down, this was my favorite bathroom of all the parks.

5. International Gateway

This bathroom gets my shoutout for best hidden gem. I don't think many people know about this one; at least they didn't while we were there.

The International Gateway is between France and England and is the landing point for boats to and from some of the resorts and Hollywood Studios. Since the boats don't run constantly, if you time it right, there is practically no traffic here. People are busy shopping in the store closer to the main walkway.


Hollywood Studios Bathrooms

We were here in August 2018 and there was construction everywhere, so I'm fairly certain that some of the facilities were closed.

That being said, there were a couple of nice choices.

6. Muppet Vision 3D and PizzeRizzo

Across from the Muppet 3D and next to the PizzeRizzo restaurant is a bathroom. It was surprisingly empty, clean, and cool, given that it was next to a busy food location at lunchtime.

I think most people go to the one across from the Backlot Express restaurant. It's a more visible choice on a busy path. Skip that one, and head to this one instead.

7. Toy Story Land

This bathroom doesn't get the award for the emptiest or cleanest, but it is definitely the most colorful. The tile work is vibrant and fun to look at. It's like an explosion of colors.

Maybe it's because Toy Story Land is so new, or maybe it's because I was waiting for my husband and daughter to finish riding, but I was kind of fascinated by this bathroom.

Even if you don't have to go, it's worth it just to look inside.

8. Sunset Boulevard Across From the Sunshine Day Cafe

If you aren't looking, you might miss this facility, but it's there, set back off of Sunset Boulevard. If you are heading toward the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, it will be on your right.

It was dated and smaller, but it was clean and empty, which wasn't expected because there were loads of people getting ready to line up for the Fantasmic show.


Animal Kingdom Bathrooms

Animal Kingdom has a surprising number of bathrooms scattered all around the park. That was a good thing for us since it was the hottest day that we were on vacation, and we were drinking more water than we normally do.

9. Festival of the Lion King and Walkway to Pandora

If you don't mind walking a little bit, there is a nice restroom beyond the Festival of the Lion King show. Of course, if you get there right after a show finishes, it may be busy, but when I went, it was completely empty.

It's a little bit beyond the show entrance and down a pathway that doesn't really have much else on it, but heads towards Pandora.

It's definitely a hidden gem bathroom at this park.

10. Creature Comforts (Starbucks)

Around the corner, on the side of the Starbucks, there is a bathroom. I was stunned at how empty it was because the Starbucks was busy, and we were packed into the park like sardines that day.

I think it is overlooked because it is set back a bit, and there is a bathroom further down the path, near the Pizzafari, that is more visible.

Whatever the reason, it was a quiet respite during a hot and crazy day.

The purple wall in the Magic Kingdom.  I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently lots of people take their pictures at this spot.

The purple wall in the Magic Kingdom. I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently lots of people take their pictures at this spot.

Disney World Bathrooms to Skip

Bathrooms to SkipWhy

Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom

Busy and cramped.

Bathrooms at the entrances to all of the parks

Crowded because everyone wants to go before they hit the park for the day, and they want to use it before they leave.

Yak & Yeti in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom

On a narrow and busy portion of the park, this bathroom was dark and overcrowded.

Morocco Pavilion in Epcot

I'm not sure if it had air conditioning or not, but this bathroom was hot and cramped.

Fantasmic/Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Right on the corner at a busy intersection in the park, there was a line every time we walked by.

Favorite Hidden Bathrooms in Disney World

These aren't really hidden, but they are off the beaten path, so it means they are emptier and generally cleaner.

  • Imagination Pavilion in Epcot
  • Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios
  • The Odyssey in Epcot
  • Festival of the Lion King in Animal Kingdom
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friend in Epcot
  • Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom
  • Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios

And My Bathroom Awards Go to . . .


Favorite Bathroom

Norway pavilion in Epcot

Cool, clean, and empty

Least Favorite Bathroom

Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom

Hot, messy, and crowded

Prettiest Bathroom

Tangled in the Magic Kingdom

Pretty to look at, especially at night when the lanterns are lit.

Funnest Bathroom

Toy Story in Hollywood Studios

The tile work is awesome and makes you feel like a kid again.

© 2018 Claudia Porter

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