Review of White Sand Beach Resorts in Laiya San Juan Batangas

A Part of the Long Laiya Beach
A Part of the Long Laiya Beach
Sitting on the White but not so White Sand
Sitting on the White but not so White Sand

White Sand but not As White as Boracay Sand

If you are looking for a white beach resort somewhere in Luzon, you might want to try Laiya in San Juan Batangas Philippines. It is a long stretch of white sand beach where you can find various private resorts to choose from. The sand is not as white and powdery as the well-known Boracay but this is so far the best alternative if you prefer white beach somewhere in Luzon.

A late afternoon photo of Laiya sea
A late afternoon photo of Laiya sea

Clear Sea Water but Not Much During Peak Season

Laiya has clear sea water when you go there during low season. But during peak season some parts look polluted especially in public areas where it is very crowded. And also there are parts where I find the water quite itchy. But the waves are not big so it looks really safe for adults to swim around while the kids should never be left without supervision

If you have the budget I suggest you stay in one of the private resorts in this place. Let me just remind you though that during summer especially during Holy Week almost all of the private beach resorts here are already fully-booked even few months before summer comes particularly during the Holy Week.

Fair and Honest Review of Private Beach Resorts in Laiya

Let me just give you a short review of the private resorts I’ve personally experienced to give you an idea of what to expect if you prefer staying in any of them. This is a fair and honest review and purely based on my own experience and not in any way influenced by any person or entity.

Aquatico Beach Resort Short Review

A Stairway from Aquatico's Restaurant leading to the Infinity  Pool
A Stairway from Aquatico's Restaurant leading to the Infinity Pool

Aquatico is the most expensive resort in this place. It is always fully booked inspite of being so pricey. They have a well-manicured surroundings. The rooms are classy compared to that of other resorts here but not that big and to tell you the truth, they are much better-looking in photos.

Room rates do not include food. They serve good food in their restaurant though. The place especially the pool area is so small and so condensed in my honest assessment. I paid big amount so I expect something big of course. But sadly, it is larger in photo than in real life and certainly more awesome in the pictures than in my own naked eyes. So if you are so amazed with the glamorous looks of their infinity pool in the photos you will be most likely disappointed once you see it in reality.

Also their shoreline looks very ordinary and just like all the other resort here, the shore is not guarded at all. This maybe because the sea can't be owned by anyone. It looks like they are more concentrated with their infinity pool which is the center of the resort's attraction. But honestly, it was to me not as impressive as its photos in the net. was more fascinated when I looked over the photos in the internet than when I was already there and having a real taste of this resort.

La Luz Beach Resort Short Review

A portion of rock formation at La Luz
A portion of rock formation at La Luz
A Portion of the Shallow Part With Rock Formation at La Luz
A Portion of the Shallow Part With Rock Formation at La Luz

La Luz Beach Resort has a nice well-guarded shoreline. They even set some bamboo fences to prevent intruders. The place feels relaxing and you can really feel privacy although not really that amazing in terms of looks unless you look at the sea. They have wide cabanas with white curtains where you can sit and relax while viewing the beauty of the sea. The beach at the right portion has some nice rock formations and where there is part of the water that is comparatively shallow even during high tide so kids can stay here with parent’s supervision.

Food is not allowed. You have to pay for their buffet meals. Their buffet meals have a number of choices but let me just tell you that as far as I am concerned they don’t taste as great as the food cooked in my own kitchen. They sometimes serve dinner near the shoreline which gives the diners a very good view of the sea while enjoying their food.

This beach has no pool so kids will not really enjoy this place much. They have a small playground for the kids but not really that nice and well taken cared of. The accommodation rooms are okay but not as classy as that of Aquatico. They have very kind and helpful staff though.

Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach Resort Infinity Pool
Palm Beach Resort Infinity Pool
Jacuzzi at Palm Beach
Jacuzzi at Palm Beach

Palm Beach is just right side of La Luz. In terms of privacy and serenity this place is the best. You can own this place. The cabanas are just as great as that of La Luz. There are not much people loitering around so you can really feel the privacy of this place. But the downside is in their shoreline which is not so inviting. It is not even cared for so very few guests dare to try swimming in the sea. They have infinity pool which is not that big but not bad at all. They also have a jacuzzi near the infinity pool. Lately they have built another pool for the guests to enjoy. Their fee is inclusive of buffet meals. The food choices are however not as much as those served at La Luz but the taste is just the same as that of La Luz….not so tasty in the palate of one who knows good cooking.

You will also have to pass through a very steep road before you can go down this beach. The parking place is some distance away from the resort but there is service car that will fetch you down the resort.

The Cabanas at Palm Beach Resort
The Cabanas at Palm Beach Resort

Acuaverde Beach Resort

The Native Dining Hall and Few Cottages At Acuaverde
The Native Dining Hall and Few Cottages At Acuaverde
The Acauverde cook that cooks omelet during Breakfast Buffet
The Acauverde cook that cooks omelet during Breakfast Buffet

Acuaverde Beach Resort is just so overpriced.

The overall view of the resort is nothing spectacular. It is just big trees around, native cottages, some plants and nothing more. What you see in their website is what you can get. There is nothing really amazing here. Their shoreline however looks neat and the cleanliness of the sand looks well-maintained. They have small cabanas some are cushioned which are lined near the shore so you can always sit when the sun is not that hot to have a good view of the sea.

This resort does not have a pool but they have an area where you can play some board games and even table tennis. The rooms look very classy in the picture but very small in reality. I would say the rate they charge is just too much.

The fee is also inclusive of buffet meals. Their breakfast buffet is the best meal for me. It has lots of choices that will truly satisfy you. I enjoyed their egg omelet which their cook will readily and happily cook in front of you in accordance with your choice. Lunch and dinner buffets are not that good though. There are several choices but the taste is so so and not worth the high price.

Their parking area is in the entrance of the resort under the trees so get ready to expose your care under the sun if you did not find a shaded area for your car.

By the Shoreline of Acuaverde
By the Shoreline of Acuaverde

Blue Coral Beach, Sabangan and Taramindu Short Reviews

Blue Coral Beach is a fairly sized beach, not so big and no so small but has a well-manicured entrance and nice landscape. The bathrooms are however in need of some repairs. The room where we stayed has leaking faucet and the bathtub is old and looked not fit for using. Even the pool is not clean during the time we visited the place. (But when I visited Laiya in 2013 I saw some renovations going on here.)

The meals are also inclusive of the fee but just as the others, though they have several choices, they taste is just a little better than being called bland.

Sabangan Beach Resort is a very boring place. Just as you enter the place, it is like an old big backyard with nipa huts. The entire place looks old and dull. It is quiet yes but feels dry and no exciting ambiance that will make you feel you are on vacation. Don’t be deceived by the photos in their website and in their flyers. We did not dare book in this place after we made an ocular inspection. It is too overpriced for a resort that looks too antiquated.

Taramindu Beach Garden Inn is perhaps the smallest beach resort here. It is also overpriced and you should not be deceived by the photos in the net. It has so little to offer to customers. It has no pool but just a big improvised pool for kids but the whole place is so small that it feels not worth a place for vacation and at the rate almost the same as those of bigger resorts around.

There are other resorts in the area like the overpopulated Kabayan, also One-place Laiya, Les Caraibes, Virgin Beach, White Cove, Laiya Coco Grove, Sigayan and more but I haven’t tried them yet.

The rates of these resorts are changing so you have to just check out their websites for the exact rate. As far as I am concerned, as a whole they are all over-priced but I have no choice but just bite their offers whenever I have not much money for Boracay. But if you have time and money just go to Boracay and go island hopping there. That is the best experience ever.

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Bk42author profile image

Bk42author 2 years ago from New York

Laiya sounds absolutely beautiful! My husband and I are always looking for someplace exotic to go to during the summer and we love the beach! Thank you for posting!

Casa Aquamarine 2 years ago

Love your posts! These are great. Very efficiently written story.

Johne875 2 years ago

Aw, this was a very nice post. In thought I want to put in writing like this moreover taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article but what can I say I procrastinate a lot and not at all seem to get something done. gkkebbefceka

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 2 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you John3d75 for reading and liking my review.

rizel 19 months ago

i'm so glad to read your post before i could actually go make a reservations to those resorts.thanks!

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 19 months ago from Philippines Author

Thank you rizel for reading my reading my review! I hope my review has been helpful to you.

Gee 13 months ago

Very helpful

djdomingo 12 months ago

with those prices... darn... just go to boracay... with the piso fare, we have now. its more practical... you can also check bicol. :)

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 12 months ago from Philippines Author

I've been to Bicol and it is a nice place also the roads are good however it is too far.

Boracay has the best powdery white sand, and it is really nice place but the water has "lumot" in some areas, unless you will check in in first class resort where you can really enjoy but that is costly. I don't enjoy the night life there. It is not my kind of thrill.

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