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Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah: Forces of Nature

Cedar Breaks is a national monument dedicated to the forces of erosion in southern Utah. See photos and videos of this stunning high-altitude setting. Also, learn about the work of the CCC during the Great Depression.


10 Reasons to Love Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country, and every traveler—whether a nature lover, architecture lover, culture and tradition lover, or food lover—should definitely plan a trip to Singapore. Here are my top 10 reasons for loving Singapore.


Celebrating Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand

Held yearly in November, Loy Krathong is one of the most important festivals in Thailand. After noting its history and origin, this article explains the meaning of Loy Krathong and how the festival is celebrated in Thailand.


Visiting Iloilo in the Philippines

Iloilo is known as the "City of Love." Find out why and everything you need to know when planning a visit to this beautiful city in the Philippines.


2 Must-See State Parks in Utah

Two of the most beautiful—and least visited—State Parks in Utah are Kodachrome Basin and Coral Pink Sand Dunes. A visit to either can offer visitors a less crowded, yet equally impressive alternative to Utah's national parks.


Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost

Out of the "999 Happy Haunts" of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, there is one who has become particularly infamous. Discover the history of the Hatbox Ghost!


A Photo Tour of The Elms: Our Favorite Newport Mansion

The Elms may not get the notoriety that The Breakers gets, but it’s just as stunning and with its beautifully landscaped backyard has become our favorite Newport mansion to visit.


My Summertime Destination: Ruby Beach Along the Olympic Peninsula Loop

I will be sharing my personal experience and recollections of my summertime camping trip and visit to Ruby Beach in Washington State.


My Summertime Destination: Rialto Beach at the Olympic Peninsula

This is a shared experience and recollections of my Summertime camping trip and visit to Rialto Beach at the Olympic Peninsula.


6 Iconic Places to Visit in Cornwall

Cornwall is a magical land of endless adventures. From ancient ruins and beautiful beaches to bustling towns—you'll never grow tired of exploring this amazing countryside!


Pella, Iowa: Dutch Heritage, Tulip Time, and More!

From wooden shoes to windmills—including the tallest working windmill in the U.S.—there is plenty to see in the lovely Dutch town of Pella, Iowa. Enjoy specialty food and thousands of tulips each springtime.


"The Hill" Neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri

A look into the background and some highlights of "The Hill," a popular and historically Italian American neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri.


Top 10 Places to Visit in and Near Torremolinos, Spain

Explore highlights of Torremolinos and the surrounding area on Spain's Costa del Sol. Take the train to discover Malaga, the coastal region's main city, and the towns of Benalmadena and Fuengirola further down the line. Use this article to plan your visit. Enjoy a virtual tour of local attractions.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Japan

Without a question, Japan is one of the most beautiful places on the globe. Nature and culture abound—from subtropical beaches to frigid mountains and futuristic skylines to ancient temples.


5 Must-See Places to Visit in Turkey

Officially the Republic of Turkey, Turkey is a landlocked country located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. It is a fantastic travel destination, both historically and in terms of natural beauty.


6 Places to Visit in Pakistan That Will Make You Fall in Love

Pakistan is a vast country with a diversified population, culture, architecture, and people. So it was hard to choose, but these are the top six places that are my favorites. Don't miss even a single one of them if you want to get to the true heart of this beautiful, underrated country.


The Dead Sea Scrolls: Visit the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem

The Dead Sea Scrolls have to go down as one of the most incredible and exciting discoveries in the last 2000 years! Israel is home to an amazing museum in which to experience history first hand.


Seeing the Book of Kells in Ireland

The Book of Kells, containing the four Gospels, has become one of the world's most important Christian artifacts.


Stockholm Day Trips: Gårdsjö Moose Park, Uppsala, Sweden

When you visit Sweden, I recommend you visit Gårdsjö Moose Park. You can see moose close enough to touch them. It's near Stockholm and is an ideal day-trip for all the family.


6 Most Underrated Tourist Attractions of Dubai

Dubai, the city known for its modern architecture, opulent shopping malls, colorful nightlife, and sunny beaches has more to it than what meets the eye. While Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Desert Safari sure are must-visit places for every traveler visiting Dubai.


Hemer Provincial Park and Roberts Memorial Provincial Park Near Nanaimo

In this article, I compare and contrast two provincial parks on Vancouver Island that are very close to one another, Hemer and Roberts Memorial.


Royal Naval College in Greenwich UK

Built between 1696 and 1712 the buildings at Greenwich were originally constructed to serve as the Royal Hospital for Seamen. From 1873 to 1998 it became the training establishment for the Royal Navy and is seeped in British history. Visit this historical site.


The Breakers Mansion: A Glimpse at Newport’s Gilded Age

The Breakers Mansion is a stunning example of the Gilded Age summer cottages that were built by some of America's wealthiest families and is a must see on any visit to Newport, Rhode Island.


Belfast's Lagan Meadows

Lagan Meadows in south Belfast is a wonderful rural oasis situated well within the city's limits. Only ten minutes drive from the city centre it is well worth a visit and links up with the much longer Lagan Tow Path. Dogs are permitted on leashes, as are bicycles


Chatsworth: The Ultimate Historic House

As she continues to play host to royalty, nobility, film makers and visitors, Chatsworth House continues to work her magic on us all!


UFO Museum: Get Your Tinfoil Hat Ready!

The Roswell UFO Museum in New Mexico is perhaps the most famous 'landing' site for aliens in the world. In 1947 some sort of airborne craft crash-landed in the desert near Roswell Air Force Base, hence the name.


8 Beautiful and Fun Places to Visit in Kenya

Wildlife safaris have played a crucial role in tourist attractions for decades in Kenya. But away from the wildlife safaris, other beautiful things to look forward to includes cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes, fantastic hiking, and world-class beaches.


Tonquin Beach and Third Beach Near Tofino BC

In this article, I recall many trips that I have taken out to the Tonquin Beach area and the small trail network you find there on the outskirts of Tofino, British Columbia.


8 Free Things to Do When Visiting Newport, RI

Despite its reputation as a playground for the wealthy, there are plenty of free things to do in Newport to make your visit an amazing experience without busting your budget.


The Mystical World of Hampi in Karnataka, India

If you are a wanderer, you are certainly going to love Hampi in Karnataka, India. Safe for the solo traveller, experience people from many places and cultures in this captivating place.


5 Offbeat Temples to Visit in India

India is a mythical land abounding in temples with fascinating architecture and numerous deities. however, there are some strange and mysterious temples of India that stand out. So, if you are an intrepid traveler wanting to go off the beaten track, here are some places worth visiting.


Quigley's Castle: Fun and Historic Attraction in Eureka Springs, AR

Visitors to Quigley's Castle will walk away in wonder. Folk art rises to an entirely new level here! Plantings inside and outside of this unique residence merge with vast collections on display in unique ways.


5 Wonderful Lakes on Vancouver Island

The author recounts his favorite freshwater swimming spots on Vancouver Island.


Visiting Newport’s International Tennis Hall of Fame

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is located on the beautiful grounds of the Newport Casino and offers visitors a look back at the history of the game and its most celebrated players.


The Fascinating Female Divers of Jeju Island

The story of Haenyeo, the incredible women divers of Jeju island in South Korea.


Newport’s Breathtaking Cliff Walk: Scenic Views and Stately Mansions

A must for any visitor to Newport, the Cliff Walk offers panoramic coastal views and a glimpse of Newport's most famous mansions.


8 Ways to Have the Best Girls' Weekend in Cape May, NJ

From staying in the right neighborhood to planning a fun photoshoot, here's a list of ways to have a relaxing and low-key weekend with your girlfriends.


Nights in Singapore: A Photo Tour of the Lion City

What is the Lion City? This photo essay of nights in Singapore reveals the beauty of this melting pot of past and present, East and West.


The Redevelopment of Birmingham City Centre

A look at some of the recent changes to the built environment in Birmingham, a city that is trying to shake off its tag of being an ugly concrete city with wide roads, dull architecture and a lack of attractive spaces for walking and cycling.


The 6 Most Romantic Things to Do in Italy for Couples

From swimming through Roman ruins on Ventotene to skiing in Cervinia, here are six little-known romantic travel destinations in Italy.


The Real Pros and Cons of Living in Rome as an Expat

A no-nonsense breakdown of what it means to live and work as an ex-pat in Rome, Italy.


7 Underrated Things to Do at Night in Rome

From eating pizza at the morgue to an unforgettable starlit path, experience these seven underrated things to do at night in Rome.


7 Stunning and Little-Known Places to Visit in Rome

From the "alley of the lovers" to a medieval fish market, you won't find these six little-known Roman sights in your travel guide. Make the most of your stay in the capital!


31 Best Zoos to Visit in the United States

These 31 zoos are often considered the best zoos in the United States. They feature unique exhibits, exemplary conservation efforts, and put animal welfare and education at the forefront of their activities.


Secret and Unusual Things to Do at Universal Orlando's Resort

When you first go to any resort, you just try to do the basics. But what are some of the fun, unusual, and weird things to do at Universal, Orlando when you go again and again. This article will explore some insider knowledge.


10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mexico City

Mexico City—vibrant, colorful, and sometimes a little chaotic—is a culturally rich destination. This article lists and looks at 10 reasons to visit.


How to Spend a Day in Washington D.C.

From the musts to the mehs, here are a few ideas for how to spend a day in the nation's capital.


Silver Dollar City: A Family Destination in the Missouri Ozarks

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, Silver Dollar City has it all. Visit the "Park from the Past" and learn about pioneer life while you enjoy craftsmen, talented performers, and great food. Solo visitors and groups of any age will enjoy their time in this time. Discover the "Yocum Silver Dollar".


10 Fun Things to Do in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a large and surprisingly varied city in northeast Florida and a great place to visit. The city has an interesting history, beaches nearby, and plenty of restaurants and theatres. This article looks at 10 fun things to do in Jacksonville.


The History of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is an iconic landmark of Scotland, and its storied history is very interesting.