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Will the New Schengen Zone Travel Rules Affect You?

Since 1985, traveling in and out of the Schengen Zone required nothing but showing up with a passport; that's all about to change! Read on to discover how this will affect your travel to most European countries in 2023.


EPCOT's Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

An honest review of one of the newest and most thrilling roller coasters at Walt Disney World.


10 Things to Know Before You Vacation to the Florida Keys

A real look into the things you need to know about the Florida Keys. This isn't your typical article convincing you to come here.


Seeing the Bosphorus Strait via Istanbul's Public Ferry

The Bosphorus strait runs through Turkey and divides Asia and Europe. It's one of the world's busiest waterways, and the Bosphorus view has become a major tourist attraction.


The Wildlife of Yellowstone

If you love the outdoors, fascinating geographical phenomena, and lots of wildlife, you must visit Yellowstone. The variety of animals you'll see in their native habitat is likely unmatched anywhere else.


5 Reasons You Should Travel to Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a tiny country in Central Asia that has a lot to offer visitors. From beautiful nature to unique culture and traditions, you can visit at an affordable price with just some simple research and planning.


Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Bethel, Maine

Bethel is a quaint, rural community located in beautiful west-central Maine. It offers unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors as well as some interesting museums that highlight the history and geology of the region.


The Sleeping Buddha of the Himalayas

Sleeping Buddha is a spectacular and natural image created by the peaks of the Kanchenjungha mountain range in the Himalayas. From a particular angle, it looks like a man reclining in a supine position.


How to Fix the Hinge on a Case When Travelling or "An Adventure in Greece"

The story of how I made an emergency repair to my case when travelling in Greece (With some sightseeing along the way!)


Exploring the North Shore of Minnesota in Autumn

It is great to visit the North Shore any time of year, and each season offers something unique, but without a doubt there is something magical about Autumn in the far north.


Life as an American Expat in India

India is sensory overload—an assault on the senses if you will. Not in a negative way necessarily, but simply that here every sense is routinely taken to its absolute limit. It’s exhilarating—and simultaneously exhausting.


Visiting the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum: An Out of This World Experience

Located in Bethel, the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum has a world class collection of gems, minerals, and meteorites. This place is literally out of this world.


3 Ways to Save on Entertainment in Myrtle Beach

It's no surprise that vacationing in Myrtle Beach can be expensive. However, with a few handy tips, you can save some money and still have lots of fun.


Philippine's Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme and amusement park in the Philippines with over 30 rides, recreational spaces, and attractions. I had a great time at the park; here's what you should expect.


20 Things to Know About Hawker Centres in Singapore

Visiting Singapore and keen to experience the city state’s celebrated hawker culture? Here’s an essential guide to visiting hawker centres in Singapore.


Exploring Italy: A Guide to Milan's Business Districts

Milan is a two-sided city; it has a historical area famous among tourists and other districts made of skyscrapers and offices. This is a guide through the less touristy side of Milan that still offers plenty to do.


Mount Washington Auto Road History at The Red Barn Museum

The Red Barn Museum showcases over 150 years of history of the Mount Washington Auto Road. Since its creation in the mid-19th century, visitors have had a fascination with going to the summit of the northeast’s highest peak.


What to Expect at Walt Disney World During a Hurricane

A detailed look at what happens during hurricanes at the various resorts at Walt Disney World.


5 Offbeat Churches in India You Must Visit Once

From magical temples to bone-chilling experiences of the unknown, there is no shortage of splendorous structures across India with fascinating stories. However, the most unexplored are the churches across India.


My Experience Visiting Temple Church in London, England

This Church is located near central London, and this article will detail my experience touring this great site and some of the history it has.


Living in Albania, a Balkan Treasure

I lived in Albania and was able to explore the country's diverse and stunning geography, the metropolitan areas, and, of course, shop! Here are my recommendations for your trip to Albania.


A Vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

My husband and I made two spectacular trips to national parks around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We went in May and then again in January to see everything covered in snow.


Visiting the Imperial War Museum in London, England

The Imperial War Museum explores the various military conflicts and wars Britain was involved in during the 20th century. This article details my experience and thoughts on visiting this great museum.


Amlan Is a Coastal Town in the Philippines Worth Visiting

Amlan is a relatively unknown coastal town in the province of Negros Oriental. It has a decent beach, a hidden river frequented by local tourists, and an underappreciated mountainous region.


San Francisco: The City of the Golden Gate, Fog, and Love!

San Francisco is another one of those destinations that have special meaning to me. The Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street are just a few of the places I'll recount from my travels to the city.


Running With the Night in NYC, Pro Travel Tips, and More

In love with the man of my dreams, we decided to take a trip together. NYC was our destination with a piggyback journey to DC. We eventually married and made yearly trips to the Big Apple.


5 Reasons to Visit the Unique Beach Town Kincardine, Ontario

I recently revisited Kincardine, Ontario, a beach town on the shores of Lake Huron. The weather, sounds of the pipers, and gorgeous sunset by the lighthouse have made it one of my favorite local getaways.


The Best Beach in America: Ocean City, New Jersey

Founded over 100 years ago as a Methodist seaside resort, Ocean City, New Jersey, is still considered America's Greatest Family Resort. White sandy beaches and plenty of entertainment beckon travelers from all over the world.


Florence, Italy, Is Like a Outdoor Museum; Walk With Me!

The first time I was in Times Square, I couldn't see everything fast enough! The lights and signage put me on total sensory overload! Fast forward to Florence, Italy. Sans the lights and signage, it was the same child-like wonderment.


Visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum contains the largest collection of original Norman Rockwell art in the world, and is a must visit on any trip to the beautiful Berkshires of western Massachusetts.


Exploring Hunan, China, From the Big City to Rural Areas

Hunan is a region in China known for its spicy food and the Dongting Lake. In this article, I will describe the main attractions in this province.


Meteor Crater in Northern Arizona: Outer Space Phenomena, NASA, and Aliens

In northern Arizona, there is a massive crater left by a meteor about 50,000 years ago. It is a must see place if you are traveling through northern Arizona.


Visiting Sun Temple, Modhera—an Architectural Marvel and Historical Monument in North Gujarat

The Sun Temple in Modhera, North Gujarat, is an architectural masterpiece. Despite thousands of years of wear and severe damages from Muslim invasions, it stands in majestic grandeur.


The Stunning Waters of Albania (And Insider Tips for Visiting)

Recently, Albania has emerged on the tourism radar with its old-world charm. The topography is diverse, giving way to mountains, lakes, rivers, pristine beaches, and cities.


Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in South Deerfield, Massachusetts

At Magic Wings, there are butterflies everywhere, as well as some insects, amphibians, tortoises, adorable button quail, reptiles, and animals.


Sailing Into Venice With a Bellini in Hand Is Heavenly!

Sailing into Venice whilst listening to Puccini's La Boheme with a Bellini in hand is like Heaven on Earth! Venice is so cliche—but a must-see for travelers!


Visiting the Free Libano Waterfall in Costa Rica (Near Lake Arenal)

A free waterfall in Costa Rica? Yes, please! This gorgeous hidden waterfall is not far from Lake Arenal, near a small country town called Libano.


Five Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in Winter

Looking for a fun, winter vacation? Check out Myrtle Beach in winter. You won't be disappointed.


Observing Simplicity, Politeness, and Equality in Copenhagen's Culture

I spent time in Copenhagen as part of a pre-cruise excursion. The Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid, and taking a canal cruise were great. I also spent time in cafes chatting with locals and getting a feel for their beautiful city and lifestyles.


A Travel Guide to Senegal's Casamance Region

Here are my favorite cities and things to do in the Casamance region of southern Senegal.


Planning For EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

Anticipating the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival can be overwhelming. But with a little planning, you'll be able to navigate the festival like a pro.


Navigating the Most Popular Neighborhoods of Merida, Mexico

Merida, Mexico, located in the Yucatan Penisula is considered the safest and cleanest city in Mexico it has earned the nickname "White City." It's known for its cenotes, colorful Mayan culture, and beautiful neighborhoods.


Exploring La Crosse, Wisconsin—A Hidden Gem in the Midwest

If you want to get off the beaten path and discover some hidden gems in Wisconsin, then you must visit La Crosse at some point. The relaxed vibe, historic charm, and access to nature and wildlife make this a great place to visit or live.


Merida, Mexico: The Honest Truth of Life as an Expat!

I've read articles stating that Merida, Mexico, is considered to be in the top 10 international destinations. Having lived there for a while, I thought I would bring this cultural city on Yucatan Peninsula to life for you.


Visiting the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte

Paris' Musée de I'Armée is final resting place of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. This is my experience visiting the tomb and some details on what else you'll see inside it.


Finding Tranquility on the Island of Corfu, Greece

Corfu (Kerkyra), Greece, is across the bay from Saranda, Albania, my home for a couple of years. Depending on the weather, it looks as if you can throw a baseball and reach the island with little effort.


Top Places to Visit in the Golden City of Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca has many exciting landmarks and abounds with stories of its glowing sandstone buildings and its engaging scholars and writers. It has been a vibrant university town since the 1200s.


Rose Island, an Amusement Park Lost in Memory

Within a Charlestown Indiana State Park, there is a skeleton of the past. The amusement park known as Rose Island.


The Hidden Travel Gems of Northeast Iowa

If you've never been, it's easy to believe stereotypes of Iowa being flat and full of cornfields. While that might true of the western part, the northeast has a ton to offer travelers and outdoor lovers. This is about some truly hidden gems in northeast Iowa.


What You Need to Know Before Visiting Japantown in San Francisco

Japantown in San Francisco is a famous destination and is close to many popular tourist attractions like Golden Gate Park and Fisherman's Wharf. Here are things to consider when venturing to the City by the Bay.