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5 Great Luggage Tags

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For safety, identification, and theft protection, luggage tags are essential.

For safety, identification, and theft protection, luggage tags are essential.

Don't Leave Home Without Luggage Tags!

Luggage tags are one of those basic travel needs that you never really think about until suddenly they matter—like when your bags get lifted off the luggage carousel by someone who isn't you.

Luggage tags are an affordable and surprisingly important part of travel preparation. Even the best-made tags are inexpensive, and there are really no moving parts to break or malfunction. For safety, identification, and theft protection, luggage tags are essential. This guide presents some of your best choices for this important travel accessory.


1. Aluminum Luggage Tag Holders by CPACC

These aluminum luggage tags are the tags I use and are my number one travel purchase of the year. They are virtually indestructible, affordable, and look cool—check out the array of colors they come in. I chose the black ones for the clean, classic look, but a brighter color like red would make your bag even more identifiable at baggage claim. After years of scrambling at the check-in counter to scribble my name and address on the flimsy little paper tags they give you for free, I'm looking forward to stepping up to tough, permanent luggage tags that set my bags apart from the rest. I have always believed that appearances count at the airport and these sleek luggage tags are not only highly functional but cool-looking, too.


  • Perfectly sized for luggage -- not too big or too small
  • Tough, scratch-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Bright colors make identifying your luggage easy
  • Not easy to scratch and bend, bright colors help you to pick out your luggage
  • Keeps information protected
  • Used for suitcases, handbags, kids' cars, luggage, travel bags, and so on

One of the main things I like about stand-out luggage tags like these is the way it makes picking your luggage up a lot easier. My bags don't get lost in the big jumble of conveyor-belt luggage when I can see the tags from 50 feet away!

Travel is made easier by little things, and there's no better example than luggage tags.


2. Yueton 6-Piece Wavy Stripe Pattern Rubber ID Tags

It's hard to beat the value of this set of six bright luggage tags, since one of the main benefits of tags on your bags is the way they help you pick out your bags as they rumble by on the luggage-go-round. You'll know it's your bag the minute you see it. Even better, someone looking to lift your bag will think twice to avoid being seen walking out with a bag that's so easy to identify and hard to miss.

The construction and materials on these tags is of good quality, but as some users have pointed out in their reviews, they're not as top-notch as some of the more expensive options in this guide. But for six tags under $10, you can outfit everyone in your travel party for less money than you'll spend on a fast-food meal. Not a bad deal!


  • Colorful wavy stripe pattern
  • Six bright colors, including pink, blue, purple, and light blue
  • High-quality rubber construction
  • Great gift for people who like traveling
  • Pack of six

A reviewer summed these tags up well: "Neat luggage tags with a rubber body and different colorful wavy stripes that make your luggage easy to spot on the luggage carousel. Saw these 1st in a local luggage store... but, for the price of 2 in the store, I got 6 on Amazon. Great deal!"

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

— Henry Miller


3. King & Pig 4-Piece World Map Luggage Tags

These are pretty much the coolest luggage tags out there, and will not only protect your bags from being lost or stolen, but they will also make a bit of a statement. If you like to travel in style, and if you believe that your luggage should look as cool as you do strolling through the airport, then these are the tags for you. These cool world map luggage tags are high on my gift list. Quality materials, smart design, and just about impossible to miss.


  • Each set contains four designs
  • World map print in Indigo, vintage, multi-color, and mint
  • Quality construction
  • Personal information hides behind the tag, protecting your privacy
  • Belt buckle strap for a secure hold
  • Easy to spot on the luggage carousel and everywhere else

4. Cooper Polar Bears Playing Snowball Luggage Tag

These tags are basically irresistible, and they're also high-quality tags that will give you all the benefits of the best options in this guide. I'm actually partial to penguins, but polar bears will do in a pinch. These polar bear tags give you all the benefits of the other quality tags here—identification, increased visibility on the carousel, theft deterrent—and they will also appeal to the younger travelers in your party. Adults may also like them, because, you know, polar bears.


  • Full size tags—Size: 12.5 cm x 7 cm
  • Premium PU leather construction
  • Double-sided
  • Perfect for airlines, cruise ships, and all modes of travel
  • Great visibility and easy identification
  • Makes a cool gift

Even though these are cute, they're still good sized tags—about five inches in length—and made of top-quality materials, including PU leather.

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— Saint Augustine


5. Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover w/ Steel Loops - Set of 2

These are among the top-rated tags available, and with almost 1500 positive reviews on Amazon, they must be onto something. These tags are bigger than some others, measuring a solid 4.5 inches in length, so they will be hard to miss on your luggage. If you choose one of the bright available colors, you will have a reliable identifier that you will be able to use when you're waiting for your bags at the luggage carousel.

There's another good reason to have a big, bright luggage tag—it's a theft deterrent. Thieves often linger around a luggage carousel, looking for a non-descript piece of baggage that they can sneak away with. It goes without saying that a brightly colored tag, especially one as big as these, is not something that a thief will want to be seen walking away with.


  • Big, bold luggage tags for identification and theft deterrents
  • Two tags in one set
  • High-quality rubber and steel construction
  • Flexible material
  • Break-resistant
  • Privacy Back Cover—hides owner’s information

From Shacke's website:

Using a luggage tag to help identify your luggage does not mean it has to be boring. Instead, Shacke has developed a new line of long rubber luggage tags that are fun, easy to spot, and helps put a little personality to your own travel experience. Simply write your information directly onto the card using a ball point pen. Our full back privacy cover will completely hide your information from prying eyes. Simply put the metal loop through the luggage tag and it will keep the cover closed.

When you factor in the surprisingly low cost of these quality tags, it's clear that this is a great choice.

Airports With the Most Luggage Thefts

Airports With the Most Luggage Thefts

Tips to Protect Your Luggage

  1. Do not put your more valuable possessions, like cameras and computers, in your checked luggage. If it's at all possible, keep them with you in your carry-on bags.
  2. When you're done packing but before you leave, take a minute to write up a list of everything that's in your luggage. Don't trust your memory! When you reach your destination, refer to the list to make sure nothing is missing.
  3. If you do notice that something is missing from your luggage, contact the airline IMMEDIATELY. If you wait you will have more trouble dealing with the airline, and in the meantime, the thief could claim more victims.
  4. Never let your bags out of your sight when you are on a shuttle bus or checking in to your hotel. This is not only smart, but letting your bags out of your sight is a safety issue and is actually illegal in most airports.
  5. Brightly colored luggage and luggage tags deter thieves -- they don't want to be seen wheeling away your bag with the big, bright-red tag on it. Thieves prefer dark bags that look like everyone else's.
  6. Go straight to the baggage claim when you land. If you leave your bag circling on the carousel, you give thieves more time to get to it.
Be Careful Out There!

Be Careful Out There!

Avoid Theft With a TSA-Approved Luggage Lock

Theft from your checked bags is a constant threat when you travel. Fortunately, there's a way to deter thieves: a luggage lock that is approved by the Transportation Security Authority. These cool locks keep the zipper or latch on your luggage from being opened by anyone but you or a TSA agent. Agents have a universal master key to these locks that they can use to open, check, and re-lock your bag. Millions of travelers, including me, have been using these locks for years. Have a look at this article about TSA-approved luggage locks.


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