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Rail Travel


10 Disadvantages of Travelling by Train

Traveling by train has many advantages over driving and flying, but this article looks at 10 downsides associated with rail journeys.


10 Advantages of Travelling by Train

Train travel is a reliable, speedy, and comfortable way to get around. It is often a better choice than journeying by plane, bus, or car. This article looks at 10 benefits.


5 Life Lessons I Learned From a Train Journey

Every aspect of traveling is a great learning source if we keep our eyes wide open and observe our surroundings. This article mentions the five life lessons we can learn from train journeys.


All Aboard the Skunk Train! (History and Ticket Info)

The Skunk Train is an iconic excursion railroad located in the northern California redwoods. Learn more about its history and how to catch a ride!


10 Tips for Your First Amtrak Train Trip

Everything you need to know before you take your first Amtrak train trip.


How to Use Italian Trains

This article details how to use Italian trains when travelling and exploring Italy.


4 Tips on How to Survive a Long Trip on the Train

Here are some tips on surviving long trips. From getting the best seat to keeping yourself occupied, I've got you covered.

World's first solar-oowered train at Byron Bay station.

My Ride on the World's First Solar-Powered Train

Here's an illustrated guide showing my experience when I traveled on the world's first solar-powered train in Byron Bay, Australia. Includes facts about the history of the solar train, photos plus information about timetable, fares, souvenirs and the location of stations in Byron Bay.


Guide to Using the Guangzhou–Kowloon Intercity Through Train

A guide to visiting the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou from Hong Kong using the Guangzhou–Kowloon Intercity Through Train service.


A Northern Arizona Grand Canyon Railways Vacation Trip: What's in Store

Carved by the Colorado river, the Grand Canyon is the most popular tourist site in Arizona. In 2013, there were 130,191 northbound boardings. By train, view the inspiring scenery and "the canyon."


Why Seoul Metro and Taipei MRT Are Two of the Top Subway Systems in Asia

Subways or Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Systems in Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, and Hong Kong are known to be efficient, reliable, safe, and clean. See how Seoul Metro and Taipei MRT fared.


How to Use Mexico City's Underground System (a.k.a. "El Metro")

Depending on your physical condition and your personality, using Mexico City's subway can be either the fastest and cheapest way to move around the city or a total hassle. Read on to find out if it is for you!


Crossing Canada by Train - VIA Rail and The Canadian

Tips, suggestions and a review—including photos of the inside of a cabin—based on my experiences travelling by train between Toronto and Vancouver, Canada on VIA Rail's Canadian.


How to Avoid Boarding Chaos on Amtrak at Chicago Union Station

If you’re planning to take Amtrak from Chicago Union Station, read the following tips to make the boarding process less confusing, less stressful, and much more manageable.


Riding the Amtrak Cascades Train to Vancouver, BC From Portland, OR

Vancouver, BC, is a beautiful city worth a visit for those living in or visiting Portland, OR. One economical and relaxing way to travel to Vancouver is by taking the Amtrak Cascades train.


Have a Shinkansen Bento!

The speed and safety of the Shinkansen is unmatched when traveling throughout Japan. And there's no better way to compliment this experience than with a Shinkansen bento.


Types of Amtrak Trains

Amtrak provides passenger service to all of the continental United States, except for Wyoming and South Dakota. They offer many different route options.


Amtrak Journey Suggestions — Long-Distance Rail Trips You Could Take Across the USA

Long distance rail passenger trips on Amtrak are increasing in popularity. A train provides a unique perspective of American scenery as you roll through it. These tips may help you select an Amtrak route that will work for you.


Planning a Trip on Amtrak? Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Amtrak is a unique travel experience, but some travelers come away from their trip dissatisfied because they start out expecting way more than Amtrak can possibly deliver. For an Amtrak trip, especially an overnight trip, it's important to embark with the right frame of mind, ready for an adventure and expecting the unexpected.


Riding an Amtrak Train Overnight: Tips for First-Time Rail Travelers

Traveling overnight on an Amtrak train can be an unusual, enjoyable, and even exciting adventure. Hopefully, some of the tips in this article will be helpful if and when you decide to try this unique travel experience.


IRCTC Waiting Lists and Chances of Ticket Confirmation

Read details about the different types of waiting lists in IRCTC railway ticket booking. Also, find out about the chances of ticket confirmation for different waiting lists.