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How to Get to Tokyo From Narita International Airport


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The two main airports near Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, are Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport. Although Narita International Airport is technically in Chiba Prefecture, it is the main gateway to the city of Tokyo due to its large size and connections with cities all over the world. Chances are that you will be flying into this large airport when visiting this wonderful country.

So how can you reach Tokyo from Narita? Here are ways to reach some of Tokyo's main central areas from the airport.


By Train

The quickest and most comfortable way to get to Shinjuku is by express. There are several ways to do this.

1. The Narita Express

Named for obvious reasons, the Narita Express is a handy train to get from Shinjuku because it doesn't require you to transfer. This is especially useful if you have a lot of luggage.

Price and Time
A single ticket from Narita Airport Terminals 2 and 3 to Shinjuku Station costs 2,990 yen and takes one hour and twenty-four minutes. There are generally a few trains an hour that leave from there.

Other Stops
The Narita Express also stops at Tokyo (2,820 yen), Shinagawa (2,990 yen), Shibuya (2,990 yen), Musashi-Kosugi (3,160 yen), and Yokohama (4,090 yen).


2. The Skyliner

Another quick train is the Skyliner, which goes straight from the airport to Nippori. After that, you can change to the Yamanote line, a train line that loops around Tokyo's main areas. It's convenient and fast, especially for those staying in East Tokyo.

Price and Time
The Skyliner takes 36 minutes on a non-stop route to Nippori and costs 2,470 yen. For those heading to Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku, or Shinagawa, take the Yamanote line from Nippori. You will have to change and buy another ticket.

A ticket to Tokyo (which can also be reached on the Keihin-Tohoku line) is 160 yen for both lines. Shibuya, Shinagawa, and Shinjuku Stations are all 200 yen from Nippori.

3. The Local Trains

A cheaper but slower way to get to Tokyo from Narita International Airport is by local train, not special trains like the ones mentioned above. This choice is better for those on a small budget who aren't in a huge rush to get into town.

Price and Time
If you are heading to Shinjuku, you can get the Keisei line from Narita International Airport to Keisei-Funabashi Station. You can then change to the Chuo-Sobu Line to Shinjuku. This will cost a much lower price of 1,209 yen but requires you to change trains once. The whole trip takes about one hour and thirty-nine minutes.

Train TypeProsCons

The Narita Express

A direct train to all major Tokyo stations

The most expensive train

The Skyliner

Direct to Nippori and cheaper than the Narita Express

Have to change in Nippori for other locations

Local trains

The more affordable option

Have to change trains. Local trains can be confusing.

By Bus

4. The Airport Limousine

The limousine bus is a good option for those nervous about travelling in Tokyo and who don't want to be carrying their luggage around unfamiliar train stations. It is also ideal for those staying in the Keio Plaza Hotel or the Hyatt Regency Tokyo as the bus goes here.

The airport limousine bus leaves from all of Narita International Airport's terminals and takes passengers directly to Shinjuku Station and to the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal.

Price and Time
A single ticket is 3,100 yen for an adult and 1,550 for a child. If you leave from Terminal 3, it takes 60 minutes to get to Shinjuku Station. If you leave from Terminal 2 it takes 55 minutes, and 50 minutes from Terminal 1 North Wing.

5. The Tokyo Shuttle

The Tokyo Shuttle is considerably cheaper than the limousine bus and will take you directly to Tokyo Station.

Price and Time
A seat on this bus is 1,000 yen without a reservation or 900 yen with a reservation. Bear in mind it will cost more if you get a very early or late bus. You can book your seat on their English website. It takes about one hour and twenty minutes from Terminal 3 to Tokyo Station.

This is a good option for those going to Tokyo Station rather than Shinjuku. The Tokyo Shuttle leaves every 20 minutes from Narita International Airport.

By Taxi

6. A Shared Minibus

A lower-cost taxi option is ideal if you have to get from the airport in the middle of the night and you are staying at one of the larger hotels.

Price and Time
On Get Your Guide, you can book a shared minibus from 6,200 yen. Times can vary, so be sure to check for further information on the site.

7. Regular Taxi

If you have an enormous budget and money doesn't matter to you, the most comfortable and easy way to reach anywhere in Tokyo from the airport is by taxi! Taxis are quick and convenient, and the drivers in Japan are well-mannered, well-dressed, and hardworking. It is also very pricey to travel by taxi in this country.

Price and Time
A single journey from Narita International Airport to Shinjuku by taxi will typically cost you over 20,000 yen. The drive will take around two hours, though this of course depends on traffic conditions.


As my grandfather used to say, your vacation starts as soon as you leave your home! Getting to your hotel from the airport doesn't have to be stressful and confusing. With this handy guide, you will hopefully make it into town from the airport without too much trouble.

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