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How to Sleep Better on a Plane

Sleeping on a plane is a pain, but there are ways to make it easier and more comfortable.


Why Do Airlines Overbook Flights? (And What Can You Do About It?)

Overbooking happens all the time. What is it really about and what should you do when it happens to you?


Quick Guide to Free Upgrades at the Airport

A free upgrade to business class is definitely the perfect start to a holiday. But how do you actually get one? And how does airline staff pick who's upgraded on a flight? Learn a few industry secrets.


Top 10 Travel Essentials for Flying During COVID-19

If you're anything like me, you're very cautious about traveling during the pandemic. However, I have booked a flight and decided on 10 essential items that I must have on board to help keep me safer.


10 Advantages of Travelling by Plane

There are many challenges and issues associated with traveling as a plane passenger, but this article lists and looks at 10 benefits.


10 Disadvantages of Travelling by Plane

As an experienced plane passenger, I know that there are many positives associated with flying, but this article lists and looks at 10 negatives of air travel.


Why You Should Walk From McCarran Airport to the Strip

Almost anytime I visit Las Vegas, I walk from the airport to the Strip. I highly recommend it (unless it's over 100 degrees). It's an important reminder of the Las Vegas reality.


7 Tips for Traveling on an Airplane With a Baby

Traveling is stressful, to begin with. Traveling with a baby is even worse. Luckily, you can relieve some of the stress by being prepared. Here are tips for packing and in-flight strategies to avoid a crying or sick baby.


Is AirHelp Legit? Get Your Money for a Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Don't get ripped off by an airline by missing out on compensation from a cancelled or delayed flight. AirHelp is a service that will file a claim against airlines for you, but first find out if it's legit and some important things to be aware of before signing up.


Jewel Changi Airport: 7 Attractions to Enjoy

What is there to enjoy at Jewel Changi Airport Singapore? A stunning waterfall, a man-made forest valley, an indoor adventure paradise, to name but three.


Home Remedies and Techniques for Jet Lag

Jet lag is a condition that affects people who fly through different time zones. Whether you are flying for business or fun, it can make your flying experience and stay less enjoyable if you allow it to take over your life. Learn ways to avoid getting jet lag.


JetBlue Review: Is A320 Economy Class Relaxing or Frustrating?

Is flying by JetBlue's A320 worth the price? Does it live up to the hype? I decided to find out for myself and book a flight. This is my review of my experience, including the plane's features, boarding process, interior styling, and entertainment options.


Tips for Flying Into Venice

Arriving in Venice can be both magical and overwhelming. If flying into Marco Polo Airport, there are various options for reaching Venice, including by train or—more romantically—by water.


Traveling Through Narita International Airport

Whether you're making a domestic connection or just trying to get into Tokyo, Narita Airport can be surprisingly easy if you know what to expect. Read about customs, layovers, terminals, and other aspects of this airport.


Take a City Tour During Your Layover at Taipei Airport!

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) in Taipei, Taiwan, is known by travelers for long layovers. Fortunately, the Taiwan Tourist Bureau offers free tours of Taipei and its surroundings. When that isn't an option, the most popular tourist sites are easy to navigate using mass transit.


5 Great Luggage Tags

Protect your bag from thieves, and make it easier to pick out on the carousel with these five excellent and unique luggage tag options.


How to Rise Above Jet Lag on Your Next Long Haul Flight

Don't let your next vacation get spoiled by annoying jet lag symptoms. Learn about simple steps you can take to reduce traveling fatigue when you fly through multiple time zones.


The Ordeal of Airplane Travel

Flight delays and cancellations leave passengers fuming and lost baggage adds to the woes. But, there are plenty of other irritants that make airplane travel a miserable experience.


Airline Pilot's Secrets for Surviving Holiday Air Travel

There are several ways to make your travel less harried and more successful. Here are tips from a former commercial pilot for air travelers.


Brace! Brace! Brace! Emergency Landing Positions

Brace for emergency landing! Learn about what it is REALLY like to be in an emergency landing situation where the pilot instructs you to BRACE! BRACE! BRACE! This story could very well save your life


How to Fly Comfortably in Economy Class on Long-Distance International Flights

You can fly long distance coach or economy class and still be comfortable. Practical tips for surviving long-haul international flight like a pro.


Using KLIA2—Airlines, Train Services, Parking, and Facilities

This article contains information about the KLIA2 terminal in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Includes information on how to get there and find airlines, buses, taxis, trains, and other facilities.


AirAsia In-Flight Meals: Photos and Review

Buy food on AirAsia in advance for better discounts and choices. AirAsia meal varieties are many and can be confusing, so pick the right in-flight meal here.


How to Recover Lost Luggage From an Airport

Losing your bag at the airport is never any fun. Here are tips on how to recover lost luggage, and how to do your best to prevent it from getting lost in the first place.


Tips for Flying in the U.S. With a Service Dog

This article covers everything you need to know to prepare for a stress-free trip with your service dog.


Tips to Get Through Airport Security Hassle-Free

One of the most notorious places for panic, disaster, and embarrassment is at the front of an airport security line. Discover what you can do to prevent yourself from looking ridiculous the next time you decide to travel by plane.


Tips for Flying When Overweight

Many overweight people are nervous about flying, but as an obese woman, I can tell you that you don't have to be. Here are tips for flying if you're an overweight passenger.


Keeping Your Children Entertained Whilst Queuing at the Airport

If you travel with children, you know the misery of having bored and restless kids creating havoc. Here are some ideas to amuse your children and save your sanity,


How to Get From Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Arriving at Rome's Fiumicino Airport for the first time can be a stressful experience. Learn what options are available for getting from the airport to Rome and you'll be making this journey with ease and saving some money to boot.


Airline Drama: Passengers Kicked off Flights

Trying to figure out which airline to use? Consider these things passengers were removed for doing before you book your next flight.


Airports and Aircasts: Tips for Flying When Injured

Airport security is challenging for a traveler with a temporary injury. Find recommendations about wheelchair use, crutches, pat-downs, scanners, and how to tip airport special services.


The Best Ways to Stay Entertained on Long-Haul Flights

From magnetic board games to pre-downloaded audio, here is my list of the best ways to stay entertained on your next long-haul flight!


The World's Most Dangerous Airports

Jet blasts at the beach, steep mountainsides or landing on ice... would you fly to these destinations? From Gibraltar to Madeira, Portugal, check out this list of the 13 most dangerous airports in the world!


Flying Tips for International Flights

If you're flying over the big blue sea, here are some great ideas to help make your long journey a piece of cake.


5 Tips for Talking to Strangers on a Plane or Bus

This article contains advice for striking up a conversation with people that you travel with, on buses or airplanes.