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I'm Always Unlucky on Carnival Cruises

Almost every Carnival Cruise that I've been on, I've had something go wrong and needed to make a complaint to the guest services about it. The first time my AC and shower weren't working, the second time my bathroom was leaking, and the most recent cruise my AC wasn't working again.


Why I Prefer Traveling by Cruise Over Traveling by Plane

I prefer traveling by cruise because the amount of activities takes my mind off my anxiety, it's much more comfortable than seats on the plane and the price of a cruise is all-inclusive.


MSC Seaview Review (From Balconies to Buffets)

This is my honest MSC Seaview review after travelling on it as a family of three with a baby under one year old.


Never Overpack for a Cruise Again

Packing for your holidays can be the worst part of the entire planning process. The only thing worse than getting on a ship and realising you have forgotten something is realising that you overpacked. These are my tips to cut down your luggage.


10 Downsides of Cruise Vacations

While there are many positives associated with cruise vacations, this article lists and looks at 10 of the negatives.


10 Advantages of Cruise Vacations

From unpacking just once to having access to a variety of dining options, this article lists and looks at 10 of the main plus points.


17 Tips for Staying Safe and Well on a Cruise Ship

Cruising can be a little intimidating, especially the first time around. These tips can help you feel safer and more secure whilst on a cruise so that you can get down to the business of having fun.


How to Pack for a Cruise Vacation: A Beginner's Guide

Packing for your cruise vacation can be a real pain! Here are some tips to consider before you head off on your next world cruise so you can save room in your luggage for duty-free items instead.


30+ Useful Things to Pack for Your Cruise

Towel clips, Ziploc bags and a magnetic night light are just a few of the items you should never cruise without. Be sure to use this handy checklist to give you some ideas of what you might need on your next cruise.


Top 10 Tips for Cruising Solo (and Having a Blast!)

Travelling with friends or family can be fun, but if the need to travel hits and no one can come with you, embrace the opportunity to travel by yourself and forge your own path. Here are 10 tips for your next solo cruise.


7 Easy Tips for Cruising on a Budget

Believe it or not, it's possible to go on a cruise without spending too much. Here are my top tips for planning a fantastic cruise vacation without breaking the bank. You may even be able to save some money.


A Guide to Taking Cruises With a Disability or Illness

Traveling with a disability can be a tiring and somewhat painful ordeal. Having a chronic or invisible illness means that we are always wondering if an accessible option is going to be available. Are you prepared to travel?


What to Do at the Cruise Port in Freeport, Bahamas

Photos and useful information about visiting the city of Freeport, Bahamas.


How to Stop Getting Sick on Your Cruise

Avoiding getting sick can be hard, especially when you're in a confined area like a cruise ship. These tips will help keep you as safe as possible whilst cruising.


The Best Place to Get a Cup of Coffee or Tea on a Cruise Vacation

Craving caffeine on your cruise, but not sure where to get it? These tips will help you navigate your way to a good cuppa.


Cruising With Children: Helpful Cruise Tips for Your Sanity

Having a cruise holiday can be great fun, but can you have just as much fun when you take a baby on board the ship with you? Yes, you can; just make sure you plan ahead of time.


How to Avoid Getting Seasick on a Cruise (12 Tips and Tricks)

Seasickness on your cruise holiday can really be the worst. Keep reading to find out the 12 tips and tricks for avoiding motion sickness on our cruises over the years.


5 Overrated Cruise Activities That Will Just Take Your Money

Cruise vacations are my holiday of choice every time. However, there are a few cruise activities that are a bit overrated and are wastes of money generally.


5 More Hidden Costs to Cruising

For a truly amazing floating vacation, beware of these five hidden costs to cruising!


5 Hidden Costs of Cruising (From Parking to Premium Dining)

New to cruising? This article is for you. I share some tips that I've learned over the past 18 years of cruising to help you have the best cruise experience.


How to Pick the Right Stateroom: Which Cabins to Avoid on Your Cruise

After a couple of cruises, you learn which rooms are best. From factoring in motion sickness to being aware of late-night hot spots, here are my tips on how to pick the best cabin on your next cruise. And find out more about cabins on ships like Allure of the Seas.


7 Places You'll Love in Miami Before Your Cruise

Love cruising? If you're cruising from the Port of Miami and need something to do the day before, this little itinerary will entice you with a quaint area, great beaches, and amazing food suggestions.


Traveling the Seas With Speedy the Stowaway

Our first cruise was so much fun that we signed up for a second journey right away. Here are photos and highlights of a trip to the Mexican Riviera with a secret stowaway named Speedy.


Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Cruise

Going on your first cruise? Trying to make sure you don't forget anything? I will explain some things that I wish I knew before my first cruise that may be helpful. I will also explain some pros and cons of this type of a vacation.


Cruise Packing Hack: How to Easily Organize Your Small Stuff

Are you tired of fumbling around for all the small items on your cruise vacation (or any trip, really), you will love this hack for pulling and keeping it all together and organized both at home and onboard. This is a grab-and-go fix that will make packing a breeze.


Are Cruise Ships Good for Holidays?

Cruising is an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday or vacation. There are cruise lines covering all the world's best exotic, romantic and exciting destinations. Cruise ships enable tourists to see and enjoy the most interesting sights in a number of different countries all in one trip.


Cruise Ship Tipping and Prepaid Gratuities: Should I Tip More?

Should you still tip the staff on a cruise when you've already been charged a prepaid gratuity? This is a dilemma and a topic of extreme controversy in many cruise groups and forums where I'm a member. Let's explore all the options for gratuities onboard a cruise ship.


Bars and Pubs in the Royal Promenade of the Mariner of the Seas

Do you often take cruises, and wonder about which boats are best? Mariner of the Seas has a new look, which includes some interesting bars and pubs on the Royal Promenade. We just cruised on the Mariner, and I have lots of info and photos to share.


What to Expect on the First Day of Your Cruise Aboard the Mariner of the Seas

Our review of the Mariner of the Seas, after it went through a month-long drydock and was revamped with new features and entertainment. We chose to see the ship with a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas.


Cruise Tips: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Traveling can be a challenge wherever you go, but when you board a cruise ship, knowing these few things can make the trip easier.


26 Cruise Packing Hacks to Accentuate Your Small Space

Packing for a cruise vacation can be exciting but also a bit confusing for first-time travelers. These cruise essentials make packing a breeze and help you get the most out of the storage space in your cabin. Read on for 26 great cruise packing tips!


How to Pick the Best Cruise Line for You

Picking the right cruise can be hard, and deciding which cruise line is best suited to your needs can be harder still. In this article, I will share my Top 5 cruise companies and some hints as to which one is right for you.


How to Get Free Things on Your Next Cruise Ship Vacation

Cruising can cost you, and finding value can be hard. But you can have your cake and eat it too, so read on to learn a few techniques that will help you get the most out of your holiday. You might score free drinks, massages, and even a chance at a free cruise!


Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas 12-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise Review

I always intend to write a review at the end of each cruise and fail to follow through. But this cruise warranted a post as it was our best one yet! Read on to discover what you'll find onboard this ship and what to expect during your 12-day cruise to the Southern Caribbean.


How to Take the Stress out of Embarkation Day on Your Cruise Holiday

Ahoy there, my fellow cruisers! Embarkation day can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be. In this article, I'll tell you what to expect and share some tips to help make the first day of your cruise holiday a breeze. So sit back and enjoy!


7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Cruise Vacation

Your first time on a cruise ship can be overwhelming. Whether you want to know more about drink packages or securing a spot by the pool, here are seven tips to help you get the most out of your vacation.


Alaska Cruise Ports of Call

Here is a detailed account (with lots of photos) of the stops on our Alaskan Cruise.


My First Alaskan Glacier Cruise

Our first cruise was an eye-opener. This article is about the pros and cons of going on a cruise.


Five Tips for Your Cruise to Grand Cayman

Learn what five things you should not miss on your cruise to Grand Cayman Island. These tips will help you have a memorable trip, save you money, and find the best gifts to bring back!


Recommended Excursions on an Alaskan Cruise

My first trip to Alaska was full of wonder and amazement at its rugged beauty. Here are my favorite excursions from our cruise's land and sea package.


Tips for Your First Baltic Cruise

Want to make the best of your Baltic cruise? These tips will help you plan your cruise to make the best of every port and your pre- and post-cruise time


How to Plan Your First Cruise

Learn how to plan your first cruise vacation, choose a cruise line, pick the perfect cabin, decide on a destination, time of year and more!


Norwegian Breakaway vs. Gem Cruise Ship Review

Here’s my review of the Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) Breakaway and how it compares to the NCL Gem, one of my favorite ships.


Is Cruise Ship Art Valuable?

Almost all major cruise lines have champagne art auctions, especially on days at sea. But is the work valuable? Is it real? What are the different types? How do I buy good pieces?


Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship: A Photo Essay

This article includes many photos of Norwegian Epic, a unique cruise ship. This ship cruises the Eastern Caribbean and Europe. Here's my experience with my room, the pool area, entertainment, dining, and more


Norwegian Cruise Vs. Carnival Cruise

Here are a few tips to think about before you book your next vacation.


Five Tips for Your Cruise to Cozumel

Many people in the U.S. take their first cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. If you are planning a cruise to Cozumel, use these five tips to make your trip perfect! Here's what you should know about shopping at the port vs. in town, worthy stops, returning to the ship, and more.


Disney Cruise Tips: Lessons for Novice Cruisers

Based on our novice mistakes, we came up with 17 tips that will make your next Disney cruise a better experience for you.


Autistic Children on a Cruise Line: Not a Bad Idea for a Vacation

Contrary to many parents' beliefs, even autistic children can enjoy a cruise! All parents need is to plan and prepare them!