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Why I Prefer Traveling by Cruise Over Traveling by Plane

Sarah has been on six cruises in less than six months and has cruised with Carnival, MSC, and Royal Caribbean.

Cruise ships docked in the Bahamas.

Cruise ships docked in the Bahamas.

3 Reasons Cruising Is Better Than Flying

Many people are scared to travel by water or get on a boat. I completely understand that fear because I don’t know how to swim. However, I’ve been on six cruises in less than six months.

I thought I would feel scared to be on a boat but I wasn’t. I am scared, however, of being on a plane because I’m scared of heights and I have an irrational fear of the plane dropping and completely falling out of the sky.

Some people argue that they don't like cruise travel because it takes a long time to get to your destination and it can be very boring. However, in this article, I’ll tell you why I prefer to travel by cruise rather than by plane.

Theater show on Carnival cruise ship.

Theater show on Carnival cruise ship.

1. There Are So Many Activities!

As I said earlier, I have an irrational fear of planes falling out of the sky. On a boat, I should also have a very rational fear of drowning if something goes wrong right? However, I don’t have this fear at all. It’s in the back of my mind when we’re at sea all day, but I don’t feel scared.

Having Things to Do Helps My Travel Anxiety

I think that’s because there are always activities going on during a cruise. Even if I don’t like the activities, there are still things to do. For example, there are live bands playing music on the ship, mini-golf courses, theater shows, movies to watch, bingo, a whole casino for gambling, and many other things. Seeing all these things will keep you very busy on a cruise ship.

On a plane, there's really not much you can do except for watching movies, listening to music, or reading a book. I know that some people are creative and bring their laptops and do work—I've seen people with coloring books—but I don't find any of those things distracting enough. Without much to do, I can't distract myself from the feeling that I'm high up in the sky, and my irrational fear starts to take over.

The cabins on cruise ships can be very cozy.

The cabins on cruise ships can be very cozy.

2. Cruises Are Way More Comfortable

Another big reason that I prefer traveling by cruise is the comfort. Unless you pay a lot of money to travel first class on the plane, you don't get very comfortable spaces to sleep. You can lean your chair back so you're not sitting up straight the entire time, but you can't exactly lie down all the way.

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Even if you get lucky enough to get the whole row to yourself and you can lie down, the chairs aren't made for this so it's still uncomfortable. The material of the seats isn't very thick and usually doesn't contain much cushion inside so it's not easy to sleep on them. Since it can be hard to sleep well on a plane, I usually feel very tired when I get to my destination especially if it was an overnight flight or the flight was very early in the morning.

Sleeping Well Is Easy on a Cruise

However, when traveling by cruise ship, you get a whole room to yourself. It's not as large as a normal hotel room because the ship only has a certain amount of space, but it's still pretty big. Also, on a cruise ship, you get a real bed and privacy so you can sleep well. You also get your own private bathroom so you can take a shower and feel relaxed. It's usually not loud during the late-night hours either, unlike on a plane where you have no control over the noise level around you.

On a plane, even if you have earplugs and you are tired, it can be really hard to sleep when other passengers are being noisy. People are often getting up to use the bathroom, turning on lights, and talking loudly. Sometimes there are crying babies on the flight and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it without looking like a rude person. Therefore, you just don't sleep well and feel so tired that it can be very difficult to enjoy your destination.

3. Cruises Are All-Inclusive

Cruises can seem expensive depending on which cruise company you choose and the length of your trip, but if you think about everything you are getting for that price, the cost of the cruise is actually very cheap.

The price of the cruise includes:

  • your stateroom (aka your hotel room) for the entirety of your cruise
  • food for all your meals
  • entertainment, and
  • transportation to and from each destination.

Extras like internet, specialty dining, drinks, and shore excursions cost an additional price, but you're still getting a lot included in the cruise price.

Having Room and Board Paid for Is a Big Deal

The cost of a flight might cost a lot less than the price of a cruise but then you still need to find your own accommodations at every destination. Hotels can be very expensive and this can add up very quickly. Also, you need to pay for food, and when in a new place, it can be difficult to find good places to eat that aren't overly expensive and won't give you food poisoning.

While on a cruise, since all the food is provided for you, there's no need to worry about finding your own food unless you want to while at one of your destinations.

You Get to See More Places for the Same Price

Also, a flight only brings you to one destination so you don't get to go to multiple places for that price. For example, if I buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles but I want to go to San Francisco too, I need to find my own way to San Francisco. I can buy another plane ticket or rent a car but that requires more money.

Cruises usually take you to multiple destinations for one price. For example, I paid about $400 total for my last cruise and the ship took me to multiple islands in the Bahamas and the Grand Turks islands. If I were to do this same trip with a plane, I would have to pay everything separately and it would've cost me a lot more than $400 to do a similar trip.

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