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RVing on the Wild Side Makes Travel More Interesting

Updated on October 23, 2017
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I have traveled extensively throughout the US for many years and enjoy helping people to enjoy their own vacations.

If you want to spice up your RV vacations to that you can make traveling more interesting, you need to learn how to move out of your comfort zone and into the wild side in order to perk up your road trips and create great memories for yourself and your family.

People who have truly enjoyable and memorable RV vacations know that it is the interactions they have with others along the way and the unique places and things that travelers see that provide the greatest level of interest.

Those who only want to be entertained and don't interact with other people while RVing actually isolate themselves and eventually become disillusioned to the point that they simply stop having these types of vacations.

I knew a couple that traveled cross country every year in a camper. After each vacation they returned complaining that their trip was boring. After awhile, they saw no point in spending the money, time and effort to take trips they simply were not enjoying, so they gave up RVing altogether.

The problem for them was that they spent so much time driving and rushing from one place to another to see every little thing along the way that they left no time to relax, find unique things to see and do or get to know people along the way.

Theirs is a common story, but it does not have to be yours!

If you want to have great RV vacations, you have to learn how to leave your comfort zone!
If you want to have great RV vacations, you have to learn how to leave your comfort zone! | Source

Don't Over Plan

While it's important to make plans for the basics of any trip you take, you have to be careful that you don't plan so much that you leave no time for taking advantage of unexpected experiences that may come your way.

For example, we had planned to make a brief visit to see friends who lived in Montana. While we were there, our hosts got a call telling them that the Elk herd was on the move.

So, instead of leaving, we joined them in a short trip that night to visit the Elk range. What a sight that was to see! There were literally hundreds of Elk working their way across a huge expanse of lush, green terrain.

Had we stuck to our plan and just left, we would have missed this once in a lifetime experience.

Reach Out!

Many people are uncomfortable reaching out to strangers, but learning to do so is very important if you want to enhance your travels.

It helps if you have an outgoing personality, but even if you don't, once you see how much fun it is to meet new people, you'll "get over" yourself!

You'll quickly see that just talking to others along the way will give you interesting stories to remember, may teach you some things and can even lead to long term friendships.

Besides, it is much easier to meet people when you're on the road than it is when you're home because travelers are more open to sharing with one another.

Since you already have a common interest, simply walking up to someone and asking "Hey, nice coach. How old is it?" can lead to hours of pleasant and informative conversation.

Finally, the more you reach out to people, the easier doing so becomes.

Earlier this year my husband and I were staying in a national park campground when we saw a man park a rig that clearly was home made. He looked kind of scruffy, but he had two ponies with him!

Most people shied away from him, but he had perked our interest, so we stopped by to find out more about him.

It turned out that he was totally illiterate, but he loved his ponies. He was working his way across the country and earning bits of money here and there by allowing folks to photograph his rig and ponies or just pet them. He had very little money, but he was a totally content human being. He also was an extremely nice person.

We donated $20 to his cause and were happy to do so. The experience of meeting such a unique individual was worth every penny.

It is the small experiences like this one that give you the best memories! They are there for the taking. All you have to do to have them is to reach out!

When you join in activities you meet new people, have fun and enjoy new experiences.
When you join in activities you meet new people, have fun and enjoy new experiences. | Source


One of the best ways to enrich your travels is to participate in any activities or events that may be going on around you.

Parades, crafts shows, rodeos, sporting events and campground activities all are good ways to do this.

They can be a lot of fun and generally cost almost nothing to do!

Introduce Yourself to Celebrities

What is really fun is to introduce yourself to someone who is famous.

My husband and I met Lily Tomlin this way and had a great visit with her. She even gave us an autographed photo of herself.

We also had a lovely meet up with Ted Hustead, the man who founded Wall Drug, which is a tourist attraction in a small town in South Dakota. He was sitting in his restaurant having a cup of coffee when we approached him and said hello.

We had a terrific conversation, and at the end, he gave us an autographed copy of "Free Icewater. The Story of Wall Drug", which tells about the history of how Wall Drug grew from a small mom and pop pharmacy into the most famous drug store in the world.

It is a one of a kind book that we have kept to this day, read often and share with our friends because the story is so amazing.

It would have been easy to give into our inhibitions and ignore the people mentioned here, but because we didn't, we were able to add a good deal of enjoyment to our travels.

Talk to Locals

Many RVers tend to ignore the locals who live in areas they visit, but these are the very individuals who can turn a boring vacation into a fascinating one.

If you're going to stay in an area for awhile, it can really pay to get to know the people who live there because they are the ones who know the "back stories" about events and venues and can take you to see and do things you would never normally know about.

One example of this is a couple we met in South Dakota who got us invited to a wild animal feed. We ate buffalo, crane, bear and other foods that had been caught and prepared locally by their friends. This is something we would never normally have done because we didn't know people at home who hunted for their own food or held gatherings like this.

Another is a man who owned a rock shop in that same town. He had a life-sized statue in his store of "The Postman" from the movie of the same name. It turned out that Kevin Costner's father gave that statue to the store owner to sell for him because the father was a customer there!

Needless to say, we learned quite a bit about Kevin Costner that day!

Try something really different. such as attending a motorcycle rally!
Try something really different. such as attending a motorcycle rally! | Source

Take Time to Explore

Anybody can visit a big national park, but veering away from the normal tourist routes within the park to find special fishing spots or quiet scenic overlooks can lead to all sorts of excitement.

For example, we ran into a mule team while fishing "off the grid" in Yellowstone! That was a fantastic experience that few other travelers there had because they "stuck to the plan" while we explored!

While others content themselves eating in restaurants, watching shows or driving through scenic areas people who really want to have fun take the time to

  • visit old museums,
  • drive to ghost towns and
  • learn about the history of the areas they visit.

These things are wonderful to do, but you have to leave enough time to do them!

One time, as we were leaving Montana, another RVer advised us to take the time to visit the oldest town in that State.

It was a good distance away, but the drive to it was stunningly beautiful, and the town, Ft. Benton, was really something special because it was full of wonderful old West history.

It was a side trip well worth taking that we would have missed had we not left enough time in our travel plans to be able to go there.

Do something you have never done before, like taking a ride on a train that is pulled by a steam engine!
Do something you have never done before, like taking a ride on a train that is pulled by a steam engine! | Source


To add interest and color to your RV travels, there are other things you should be doing as well.

  • Eat different foods.
  • Take a train ride.
  • Ride a horse.
  • Try a new sport.

Participating in these and similar activities will pull you out of any rut you may be in and will teach you a great deal about yourself, to boot!

Experiment, Explore and Enjoy

In addition to the tips given here, be sure also to take time to enjoy the magnificent scenery you may encounter along the way such as that shown in the attached video.

Stepping away from your comfort zone and walking a little on the wild side will definitely make your RV travels ones to remember.

Have fun!

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© 2017 Sondra Rochelle


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