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I'm Always Unlucky on Carnival Cruises

Sarah has been on six cruises in less than six months and has cruised with Carnival, MSC, and Royal Caribbean.

In the past three months, I've been on four Carnival cruises, and I've had an issue with my stateroom (aka hotel room) almost every time. There's almost always been a problem, and not a simple issue like the sheets being dirty or the toilet being clogged. It's always a big issue that takes time to be resolved.

I usually am not the type of person to make a lot of complaints, but I feel that it's kind of ridiculous to have had an issue on three out of four Carnival cruises that I have been on. I completely understand that the ships are old and there are bound to be issues sometimes and nothing is perfect, but these experiences have made us not want to continue cruising with Carnival in the future. In this article, I will talk about each ship and what problems we encountered on each one.

Carnival Conquest: AC and Shower Problem

We sailed on our first-ever Carnival cruise about a week after New Year and we sailed on the Carnival Conquest ship. We had already sailed on MSC Divina and Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas so we were already familiar with cruising by then. We also had some experience with how the staterooms looked and worked. Unfortunately, on our first-ever Carnival cruise, we experienced some issues with the stateroom. We never reported them though because we didn't want to be those people always complaining at the guest services desk. Therefore, we just dealt with the issues.

In our stateroom, the AC was very cold, and there was no way for us to make our stateroom warmer. In every stateroom, there is a thermostat that controls how hot or cold the room is. However, most of the time it's always just cold in the room and never really warm or hot. We thought that maybe that's just how all the rooms are on that ship so we told our stateroom steward aka housekeeper about the issue. He told us that he would get it fixed but it never got fixed on our cruise. Therefore, we thought we just had to deal with it.

Then on the third day, our shower was no longer hot. Whenever we took a shower, the water would be slightly warm or cold and it was very uncomfortable. I like hot showers and cold showers are just unpleasant but we didn't want to complain too much so we just left it as is. We weren't that happy with these issues but didn't think it was worth making a big deal out of either.

Carnival Liberty: Sewage Leak

On my second Carnival cruise, the water was leaking in my stateroom bathroom. Every time we used the faucet or flushed the toilet, water would start to come up from the drain. There was so much water that it would soak the entire bath towel and the bath towels they give you on a cruise are pretty thick so that shouldn't happen. This was a serious issue because what if we woke up at night to a huge flood in our room? Therefore, this time we went down to the guest services desk to inform them of this issue in our stateroom. However, it took maintenance more than two hours to come and fix the issue.

On the second day of our cruise, our bathroom started to flood again in the same place so we had to go downstairs again to talk to guest services. We were pretty upset because this should've been fixed already but it seems the plumber didn't actually resolve the issue. Again we had to wait for someone to come and fix the issue but since this happened a second time, we didn't have much hope for this being resolved.

On the third day of the cruise, we woke up to a big puddle on the floor of our bathroom again. By this time, we were fed up and frustrated so we went back to the guest services desk and demanded this issue to be fixed. Thankfully, we ended up talking to the supervisor so she helped us resolve the issue by just moving us to another room. On this cruise, we got upgraded to a balcony room for all the trouble that the leaking bathroom caused us but we much would've rather had a normal and functioning interior room and not gone through all this trouble in the first place.

Carnival Sunrise: Another AC Problem

On my third Carnival cruise, we finally had a stateroom that was fully functional and without any problems. Our remote control didn't work but that was very minor so it was a simple fix. We just called our stateroom steward and asked her to replace it and she did very quickly.

However, on our fourth Carnival cruise, we went back to having more problems with our stateroom. The AC in our stateroom was broken on cold again but this time the room was freezing! Everything in our room felt ice cold like a freezer so we asked our stateroom steward to call maintenance for us. Maintenance came about an hour after and checked the temperature in our room and it was much colder than the average stateroom. Then he called central maintenance who then helped us adjust the temperature of our stateroom to a warmer temperature.

However, the next morning our room was back to being freezing cold again. Therefore our problem wasn't resolved so we had to go to the guest services desk to complain. Thankfully this time the employee offered us a new room right away so we were able to get another stateroom without too much trouble. Unfortunately, this new stateroom was located next to the cast and crew door so it was pretty noisy when the waves were choppy. This wasn't ideal but it was better than freezing in the other room.

I feel like we are just unlucky with our Carnival cruises because it seems like almost every cruise we do, there's always an issue we need to get fixed. We can't just enjoy our vacation like everyone else.

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