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IRCTC Waiting Lists and Chances of Ticket Confirmation

Updated on November 30, 2015
Understand the waiting lists and how to predict your chance of getting a confirmed seat.
Understand the waiting lists and how to predict your chance of getting a confirmed seat.

When booking a ticket online with the Indian Railway, you will use the IRCTC website. If you are booking a ticket in advance, and all seats are already booked, you will be given an RAC, or Reservation Against Cancellation. This means you are in a queue for an open seat.

It can be hard, however, to predict whether there will be a cancellation in any of them.

Below are some easy ways to figure out the likelihood that you will get a seat.

Different Types of Waiting Lists

First, here are the main types of waiting lists used by the in IRCTC:

  • WL This is the most common waiting list. It is for tickets booked on the waiting list.
  • LDWL This is the waiting list ticket for tickets in the ladies seats.
  • CKWL This is the waiting list for tatkal, or short-notice travel, tickets. Tickets on this list will advance to confirmed only if someone who else with a booked tatkal ticket cancels, so the chance of getting your ticket confirmed is small if your waiting list position is greater than 10.
  • PQWL This is the waiting list ticket against the pooled quota. The chance for getting this ticket confirmed is very small.

Chances of Getting a Confirmation

In order to predict your chance of getting to travel with your ticket, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the India Rail Information site and create an account or sign in.
  2. Go to the PNR Forum.
  3. Enter your PNR (passenger reservation number) and click on "Post PNR for Prediction/Analysis."

You will see the details of your booking. Post them on the forum. The members of this forum are experienced, so their predictions about whether a ticket will be confirmed or not are generally accurate. When I posted my booking details, I got a response from five different people in 5-10 minutes.

You may also want to try using this site's analytics to predict your chances. Visit ConfirmTkt and enter your booking details. The algorithm calculates your odds based upon past ticketing trends.

What Waiting List Numbers Mean

There is a confusing display on the IRCTC website. If you see something like "WL 24/WL15" while you are trying to book a waiting list ticket, this means that you are 24th on the waiting list, but that there are already 9 cancellations so your current waiting list position is 15th. When more people cancel their confirmed tickets, your first number will remain the same ie WL 24, but the next one will decrease. When you reach RAC status, you can travel on the train.

What Quotas Mean

Indian Railways trains have quotas, which means they set aside seats for specific individuals. These include foreign tourists, ladies, physically handicapped passengers, and defense personnel.

The quotas can take up a large block of seats. However, they don't exist on all trains. If the quotas don't get filled (which is often), the empty seats are released to the general public on a waiting list when the train's chart is prepared about four hours before departure.

After a limit of nearly 90 seats, the IRCTC starts alloting tickets to the waiting lists. There are several different kinds of tickets:

  • Confirmed tickets These tickets are confirmed against a particular seat number. You will get the seat specified on the ticket that is generated after the booking procedure.
  • RAC (Reservation against cancellation) These tickets are given after filling all of the general seats available at the time of booking. They are confirmed if anyone cancels his confirmed ticket. Normally, nearly 90 seats are allotted as RAC tickets. If you get on a train with an unconfirmed RAC ticket, you will have to share a single berth with another person. Usually ticket examiners will check such seats and allot them to the available vacant seats.
  • Waiting list tickets These tickets are allotted after all RAC tickets have been distributed. If you booked online and have a waiting list ticket, you will not be able to travel on the train. If you booked your waiting list ticket directly at a railway station ticket counter, you can travel but in no particular seat if none are vacant. Waiting list ticked booked online are no good if they do not advance to at least RAC status. If you are unable to use your ticket, your money will be credited back to your online banking account, reduced a service charge.


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    • profile image

      Nilutpal 45 minutes ago

      My pnr 2336029468 please confirm very urgent

    • profile image

      ANUP KUMAR DUTTA 26 hours ago

      My pnr no is 8419441754 please confirm one mentally handicapped with me

    • profile image

      Asit biswas 28 hours ago


    • profile image

      Pankaj jha 31 hours ago

      My PNR number is 6306260116 pls confirm this. This PNR is under waiting list

    • profile image

      HULSI KUMARI 2 days ago

      I have tatkal waiting 9 in Howrah mail. Will it get confirmed??

    • profile image

      Varunjot 2 days ago

      train no.12357



      how many chances

    • profile image

      Sunil kumar 3 days ago

      Train no 19410 gorakhpur Ahmedabad exp

      My is.2564861120

      My pqwl/7/wl/3 in 2nd A.c. Con be confirmed or not

    • profile image

      Dev verma 3 days ago

      My pnr no. 6106050349 is WL 57 Pl confirm

    • profile image

      manasa 3 days ago

      villupuram to howrah

      tatkal waiting lis 12

      will it confirm

    • profile image

      SK ASFATULLAH 3 days ago


      D.O.J - 22/09/17

      STATUS - TQWL 11 TQWL 12


    • profile image

      SK ALFAJUDDIN 3 days ago

      12307 HWH JODHPUR EXP.

      D.O.J- 22/09/17

      STATUS - TQWL- 10, TQWL-11



    • profile image

      shivappa 4 days ago

      6404988096 PNR , Can i get confirmed

    • profile image

      sm 4 days ago

      12618 MNGLA LKSDP EXP


      Bhopal to Payyanur 3A

      Passenger 1 RLWL/11/GN RLWL/7

      Passenger 2 RLWL/12/GN RLWL/8

      Passenger 3 RLWL/13/GN RLWL/9

    • profile image

      Preethi 4 days ago

      Wl92 train name Kerala express I'm going to trupati

      Any chance to get a confirmation ticket

    • profile image

      Debabrata Biswas 5 days ago

      IhaveRLWL 10(pnr2715898286)on22-9-2017will it get confirm

    • profile image

      Ghanshyam 5 days ago

      This pnr no is confirm or not 4335789872

    • profile image

      Hanuman 5 days ago

      I have RLWL 13, 14, 15 (PNR 4853909163) from K.R Puram to SAINAGAR - SHIRDI.. for 20-Sep-17. Will it confirm??

    • profile image

      Sanjay agarwal 5 days ago

      I have RQWL 9&10 in Rajdhani express from Kolkata to Kanpur for 26.09.2017. Will it confirm PNR is 6705336680

    • profile image

      Manideepu 6 days ago

      Pls say my bearth conformation on PNR:6405563623

    • profile image

      Vinod 6 days ago

      my journey date is 26th PQWL 8 it is my current status...will i chance to get a birth....its 15672 Chengalpattu Express

    • profile image

      Gourav jain 6 days ago

      Train Number Train Name Boarding Date

      (DD-MM-YYYY) From To Reserved Upto Boarding Point Class

      12864 YPR HOWRAH EXP 26-9-2017 YPR HWH HWH YPR 3A

      S. No. Booking Status (Coach No , Berth No., Quota) *Current Status (Coach No , Berth No.)

      Passenger 1 WL/64/GN WL/26

      Total Fare Charting Status Remarks if any

      Chances of getting confirmation?

    • profile image

      Teegala sai krishna 7 days ago

      Please clarify my doubt there is waiting list of 31 and there are tatkal tickets available 50 will i get confirmation of my berth

    • profile image

      Goutam kumar 8 days ago


    • profile image

      sus 8 days ago

      my train is on 23rd sept. it is still in waiting list 9. will it get confirmed?

      my pnr no is 4647814683

    • profile image

      nageswararao 9 days ago

      Sir my PNR no 6105051695 any chances of confirmation

    • profile image

      RAHUL RANJAN 10 days ago

      My tatkal ticket on 12295 at 15 Sep 17 in 3 rd ac i have 2 person waiting list TQWL 1 ,2 WHAT CONFIRMATION CHANCES ND WHAT TYPE OF SEAT GIVEN BY RAILWAY TO THE PASSENGER LOWER MIDDLE UPPER

    • profile image

      Darshan Patel 10 days ago

      PNR: 8419203295

      12901 : Gujarat Mail

      Journey date: 28-09-17

      booked for 3A from Mumbai central to Ahmedabad for 4 persons.

      it shows booking status as WL/28 to WL/31 and current status WL/11 to WL/14.

      What is the chance of confirmed ticket

    • profile image

      Shaik Sameeulla 11 days ago

      Hi sir

      My PNR is 4335800846

      Date of journey 17/09/2017

      Visakhapatnam express

      From Nadikudi to Visakhapatnam (sleeper class)

      Current status PQWL 19 and 20.

      Is these tickets will confirm or not please let me know....

    • profile image

      pk sharma 11 days ago

      pnr~6405924764 on 20/09/17 will be confirmed or not

    • profile image

      siva 12 days ago


      My PNR NO 4855709118

      Date of travel 27.09.2017

      chengalpet to kuzhithurai

      Train no 16723

      Please confirm these tickets will be confirmed or not.

    • profile image

      leena kadam 13 days ago

      please confirm ticket PNR no 8163036606

      train no 22944

      journey date 11/9/2017

    • profile image

      Anil 13 days ago

      PNR No :4432440505

      Train no : 12601

      journey date : 28-Sep-2017

      Chennai to Calicut

    • profile image

      Punit jain 2 weeks ago


      My PNR NO 2714555757

      Delhi to Howrah Rajdhani

      Train no 12302

      Please confirm these tickets will be confirmed or not.

    • profile image

      Vineeth 2 weeks ago

      This PNR is confirmed or not4855823528

    • profile image

      Rajkumar Nayal 2 weeks ago

      Pnr no is 8762913772

      Please tell what is the situation?

    • profile image

      Vishal Tripathi 2 weeks ago

      PNR no.6604910038 confirmed or not

    • profile image

      shiva 2 weeks ago

      What is the chance of pnr. 8262904485 plz

    • profile image

      Sujit 2 weeks ago

      What is the chances of PNR : 4135772234

    • profile image

      Kavya 2 weeks ago

      PNR no 4648524878 confirmed or not

    • profile image

      Tejas Dave 3 weeks ago

      What are chances of PNR 8660325383 Current status w/l 23,24,25,26.

    • profile image

      Wasim 3 weeks ago

      Hi, Is there any chances of confirmation for 4435709324.

    • profile image

      Ajay 3 weeks ago

      Hello Sir,

      is there any chance of this PNR confirmation

      PNR 6105447535

      Train : 18463


      Wait list – WL/7 & WL/8

      DOJ – 07 Sep

    • profile image

      Ajay 3 weeks ago

      Please suggest if below have any chance of confirmation

      PNR 6105447535


      WL 7 & 8

    • profile image

      MD fakir Ali 3 weeks ago

      Pnr 4435602495 seat confirm yes no

    • profile image

      Rakesh verma 3 weeks ago

      Train no 12394

      New Delhi to Patna

      Date 31/8/17

      2 AC TQW/L 4

      Pl confirm chances of ticket confirmation

    • profile image

      shad 3 weeks ago

      WL7 & 8 in kolkata jammu tawi exp. from Dhanbad to Jammu on 15 Sep 2017.. what are the chances of confirmation?

    • profile image

      siva prasad 3 weeks ago


      My PNR NO:4852737631, Tirumula express, TPTY to BZA, SL, Can I expect confirm this tickets..please suggest

    • profile image

      dharmshila 4 weeks ago

      am old age lady

      please confirm my tickets as i am going alone

    • profile image

      Utkarsh Kumar 4 weeks ago

      Sir i have to take a ticket of WL75 of 28/10/17 in SL is there chance to confirm it ?

    • profile image

      Pramod 4 weeks ago

      Sir my pnr 8418371915 I have cancer patients and other a old lady my no 9224182688

    • profile image

      Aamer 4 weeks ago

      8662487136 WL is 3 is any chances

    • profile image

      suhasini Tripathy 4 weeks ago

      My PNR number 2435535697 is chance to confirm my ticket.. Wl17/4

    • profile image

      Suhasini Tripathy 4 weeks ago

      I am female my PNR number 2435535697 chance to confirm my ticket.. Current status is wl 17/4

    • profile image

      W V V Sreenivas 4 weeks ago

      My PNR no is 6403152159, is chance to confirm my ticket. Current status is RAC 102 to 104

    • profile image

      Ashwini 4 weeks ago

      PNR No-4855243492

      Waiting -73 (general quota)


      is there any chance for confirmation of my general quota ticket

    • profile image

      Pramod kr Rajak 4 weeks ago


    • profile image

      Sathya 4 weeks ago

      PNR No:4644055576.

      PQWL 9 & PQWL 10

      is there any chance for confirmation

    • profile image

      Suvam Nag Das 4 weeks ago

      PNR is 6305033307 WL 41 . Any chance of confirmation

    • profile image

      Dharam Raj 5 weeks ago

      PNR is 8262510745 RAC no. 8. Any chance of confirmation

    • profile image

      Shyam 5 weeks ago

      4754405544 Any confirmation chances is there .........please reply what the chances is possible or not

    • profile image

      Srinivas 5 weeks ago

      My pnr no 4135036733 wl24

      Any conformation posibilites 19/08/17

    • profile image

      navneet 5 weeks ago

      my current status is pqwl8 how many chance to be confirm up to 21/8/17

    • profile image

      Shak 5 weeks ago

      My pnr is 4647391473 will it get confirmed

    • profile image

      Preety 5 weeks ago

      My pnr no is 2563001084 .can it get confirmed pls tell me

    • profile image

      Ranjith 5 weeks ago

      pnr 4754929420.. could u please check the availability

    • profile image

      Ravindra Reddy 5 weeks ago

      I'd like to book train ticket with GNWL119/78. What are the chances of getting seat confirmation in sleeper class. anyone please help.

    • profile image

      Hamid 6 weeks ago

      Could you please confirm if i can get confirmation for tqwl3

      In chennai express.

      Appreciate your help

    • profile image

      Dawar khan 6 weeks ago

      My PNR no. Is 8262275272is there any chances for confirmation

    • profile image

      M Srinivasarao 6 weeks ago

      My PNR number is 4434950608 is this chance to conform sir

    • profile image

      Venkatesh 6 weeks ago

      My PNR number is 6704815911 is the chance to conform sir

    • profile image

      Sumit Kumar 6 weeks ago

      My PNR no. 2435277958,tatakal waiting 4,what is the possibility of ticket confirmation.

    • profile image

      Naveen 6 weeks ago

      My PNR is 4134958076. Will it get confirmed? If not can I travel in that train

    • profile image

      Divya 6 weeks ago

      My pnr is 4854658555 any possibility conformation of ticket on 13th aug

    • profile image

      YUVANESH 6 weeks ago


    • profile image

      Mohnish Namdeo 6 weeks ago

      My tickets is waiting (WL) Please do confirm its a very urgent My PNR No. is 6604696676

    • profile image

      Bagmita 6 weeks ago

      3 AC waiting 12,13 .....there is any chances of confirmation of my tickets on 11th aug.2017.please let me know

    • profile image

      venkat 6 weeks ago

      my pnr no is : 4434105801

      this coming Friday i have to go , please tell me it will confirm or not.

    • profile image

      Krish@24 6 weeks ago

      Our WL is 3,4,5,6,7 in 2ac with online reservation so please confirm we will get the tickets or not

    • profile image

      Upendra vishwakarma 7 weeks ago

      Any chances confirm to , pnr-2335039351

    • profile image

      Sathish 7 weeks ago

      My pnr no. 4134774335 can get confirm

    • profile image

      Santosh Kumar 7 weeks ago


      Please confirm the tickets

    • profile image

      Sudheer reddy 7 weeks ago

      Vishaka train journey on 6-8-2017, waiting list 8,9,10,11,12,13 sleeper it will confirm or not

    • profile image

      Prabhu Sharan Jit Singh 7 weeks ago

      2234917888 is my pnr no confirm my ticket

    • profile image

      Sheetal 7 weeks ago

      4234549907 is my pnr no please share me my ticket get conform

    • profile image

      lavanya 7 weeks ago

      4434056206.this is my PNR number.will it will be confirmed

    • profile image

      G Surender 7 weeks ago

      My PNR is 4546871684. Will it get confirmed?

    • profile image

      KANHAIYA CHHAPARIA 7 weeks ago


    • profile image

      Atul Shrivas 7 weeks ago

      my pnr is 8361185009 can it get confiremed?

    • profile image

      Syamantak 7 weeks ago

      I will board 12322 down Mumbai Howard Kolkata mail on 23rd Sept 2017 from Jabalpur Station. My ticket status is RLWL/3.My pnr no is 8759971102. Please tell whether it will get confirm or not

    • profile image

      harsh 7 weeks ago

      my pnr is 86601517706 can it get confiremed?

    • profile image

      Ruchi 7 weeks ago

      PNR is 4647017676.Please revert will it get confirmed

    • profile image

      Anubhaw pandey 7 weeks ago

      6504171361 is my pnr no. What are the chances of confirmation

    • profile image

      S s mishra 8 weeks ago

      My pnr no. 6102569026 whether it will be confirmed

    • profile image

      Ram achal prajapati 8 weeks ago

      My ticket will be confirm or not pnr no. IS 673094574

    • profile image

      Shirish 8 weeks ago

      My PNR is 4134483817

      Will I get ticket confirmation?

    • profile image

      Shirish 8 weeks ago

      My pnr no is 4134483817

      Will I get ticket

    • profile image

      Ayyappa 2 months ago


      24 hours ago

      My pnr no is 4333935145

      Sure you will get confirmation tickets don't worry

    • profile image

      Suhasini 2 months ago

      My pnr no is 4333935145

      My waiting list status is 9 & 10 . Is there any chance for confirmation....?

    • profile image

      bharmavath sanju 2 months ago

      My pnr no 281_5225057 my ticket is conformed or not

    • profile image

      kishu 2 months ago

      My pnr num is. 2814689944. I get confirm ticket or not?