IRCTC Waiting Lists and Chances of Ticket Confirmation

Updated on November 30, 2015
Understand the waiting lists and how to predict your chance of getting a confirmed seat.
Understand the waiting lists and how to predict your chance of getting a confirmed seat.

When booking a ticket online with the Indian Railway, you will use the IRCTC website. If you are booking a ticket in advance, and all seats are already booked, you will be given an RAC, or Reservation Against Cancellation. This means you are in a queue for an open seat.

It can be hard, however, to predict whether there will be a cancellation in any of them.

Below are some easy ways to figure out the likelihood that you will get a seat.

Different Types of Waiting Lists

First, here are the main types of waiting lists used by the in IRCTC:

  • WL This is the most common waiting list. It is for tickets booked on the waiting list.
  • LDWL This is the waiting list ticket for tickets in the ladies seats.
  • CKWL This is the waiting list for tatkal, or short-notice travel, tickets. Tickets on this list will advance to confirmed only if someone who else with a booked tatkal ticket cancels, so the chance of getting your ticket confirmed is small if your waiting list position is greater than 10.
  • PQWL This is the waiting list ticket against the pooled quota. The chance for getting this ticket confirmed is very small.

Chances of Getting a Confirmation

In order to predict your chance of getting to travel with your ticket, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the India Rail Information site and create an account or sign in.
  2. Go to the PNR Forum.
  3. Enter your PNR (passenger reservation number) and click on "Post PNR for Prediction/Analysis."

You will see the details of your booking. Post them on the forum. The members of this forum are experienced, so their predictions about whether a ticket will be confirmed or not are generally accurate. When I posted my booking details, I got a response from five different people in 5-10 minutes.

You may also want to try using this site's analytics to predict your chances. Visit ConfirmTkt and enter your booking details. The algorithm calculates your odds based upon past ticketing trends.

What Waiting List Numbers Mean

There is a confusing display on the IRCTC website. If you see something like "WL 24/WL15" while you are trying to book a waiting list ticket, this means that you are 24th on the waiting list, but that there are already 9 cancellations so your current waiting list position is 15th. When more people cancel their confirmed tickets, your first number will remain the same ie WL 24, but the next one will decrease. When you reach RAC status, you can travel on the train.

What Quotas Mean

Indian Railways trains have quotas, which means they set aside seats for specific individuals. These include foreign tourists, ladies, physically handicapped passengers, and defense personnel.

The quotas can take up a large block of seats. However, they don't exist on all trains. If the quotas don't get filled (which is often), the empty seats are released to the general public on a waiting list when the train's chart is prepared about four hours before departure.

After a limit of nearly 90 seats, the IRCTC starts alloting tickets to the waiting lists. There are several different kinds of tickets:

  • Confirmed tickets These tickets are confirmed against a particular seat number. You will get the seat specified on the ticket that is generated after the booking procedure.
  • RAC (Reservation against cancellation) These tickets are given after filling all of the general seats available at the time of booking. They are confirmed if anyone cancels his confirmed ticket. Normally, nearly 90 seats are allotted as RAC tickets. If you get on a train with an unconfirmed RAC ticket, you will have to share a single berth with another person. Usually ticket examiners will check such seats and allot them to the available vacant seats.
  • Waiting list tickets These tickets are allotted after all RAC tickets have been distributed. If you booked online and have a waiting list ticket, you will not be able to travel on the train. If you booked your waiting list ticket directly at a railway station ticket counter, you can travel but in no particular seat if none are vacant. Waiting list ticked booked online are no good if they do not advance to at least RAC status. If you are unable to use your ticket, your money will be credited back to your online banking account, reduced a service charge.

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      • profile image

        Dhan 4 hours ago

        Can be confirm pqwl tkt while it is on track

      • profile image

        Jitendra K M 5 hours ago

        My PNR no is 4343744225

        My ticket can be confirmed

        Journey date is 14-06-2018

      • profile image

        Parvin kumar 8 hours ago

        Confirmation sheet

      • profile image

        amol 12 hours ago


      • profile image

        Deepak Reddy.J 14 hours ago

        PNR NO:4555344223

        TRAIN NO : 17652

        Booking status:PQWL 11

        Current status : PQWL 04


        Can I get a confirmation of seat.

        What is the chance of getting seat .

        Please do the needful .

      • profile image

        Mohd sabir 28 hours ago


        Please tell me

        Will it conferm or not

      • profile image

        Jaspander singh 37 hours ago

        I have pqwl of 11 can i get confirmation before this coming 29 april sir

      • profile image

        Daya maurya 39 hours ago

        My PNR No 8300919713 please confirm

      • profile image

        Vikram961007 2 days ago


        PQWL is 1

        Will my ticket be confirmed, my train is from chennai on 27th april 2018 at 12:20pm

        Whether my ticket will confirm???

      • profile image

        ALAGURAJAN 2 days ago

        PNR No : 4862932163 PQWL is 80. Can you pl confirm me whether it will confirm before the boarding date April 27th from Egmore ???

      • profile image

        Harsh Raiththa 2 days ago

        Sir mera PNR no. 8704417029 he , me Baroda se betha gaya hu train me, ticket confirm ho jayega , pls replay immediately.

      • profile image

        Anup singh 3 days ago

        Sir Mera PNR no. 8300679350 hai kya canfram ho jaye GA pqwl 17,18,19 hai

      • profile image

        MUKESH KUMAR 3 days ago



      • profile image

        Mounika 3 days ago

        Pqwl 22,23,24 how many chance to conform

      • profile image

        Shasikan varma 4 days ago

        My ticket is waitllist for 22.4. and

        pnr. No.8200452849.can i got confirm/rac ticket.

      • profile image

        kiran 5 days ago

        my ticket is wait list plese sir confirmation pnr 4762799431

      • profile image

        sanjip 5 days ago

        my ticket is wait list please sir confirmation pnr 4763753795

      • profile image

        Anil Dattatraya Joshi 5 days ago


      • profile image

        Poorntharsini S 5 days ago

        PNR No : 4656619774 WL is 150. Can you pl confirm me whether it will confirm before the boarding date April 27th from Egmore ???

        PNR No : 4243807827 WL is 150. Can you pl confirm me whether it will confirm before the boarding date May 1st from Kovilpatti ???

      • profile image

        MANOHAR LAL 5 days ago

        Hello India rail west

      • profile image

        Sumit 5 days ago

        i have waiting list 1 but first chart got prepared is there any chance of confirmation

      • profile image

        Venkata 6 days ago

        My PNR is 4443862159, will this confirm

      • profile image

        Krison 6 days ago

        My pnr is 2606237610, RQWL 1 . Will it to be confirmed

      • profile image

        Sujit 6 days ago

        My pnr no 2442173909 and journey date is 25-04-18 status showing WL27 please predicte

      • profile image

        Vijayalakshmi 7 days ago

        Thankyou vamshi gaaru for your reply.

      • profile image

        Rajesh 7 days ago

        my PNR no is 4551880473 pls confirm I got tickets before 4 month now it's on W/L on 5 to 10 they have 6 tickets and all r ladies and kids traveling date is 20/04/18 Chennai to Jaipur pls confirm sir

      • profile image

        Chhama Maheshwari 7 days ago

        Hi ,this is my PNR no

        8604584248.In this 11 waiting list is showing, will it be confirmed before May 7?

        It's urgent for me.can anyone will tell me about this.

      • profile image

        Nawl kumar 7 days ago

        Pnr no 67137799763 w/l 244 journey date 04/05/2018 plzz check conform

      • profile image

        Limatula A 7 days ago

        My pnr 4763746319 I got ticket in WL 205 Tambaram to Guwahati please confirm my ticket

      • profile image

        Nilima 7 days ago

        pnr no 8203946274 wl 3 journey date 21/4/18 it will be confirm that day ?

      • profile image

        Rakesh kumar 8 days ago

        My wait list is 3 on dated 18th april in 2nd ac at duranto express from shalimar to patna. What is the chances to get confirmation

      • profile image

        Khalifa 8 days ago

        Sir my wl 123 and train is at 1am can it get confirm raichur to villupuram

      • profile image

        Amjad Ali 9 days ago

        434-3650438 request you to kindly review & update prediction

      • profile image

        k.m.nawaz mail id 9 days ago

        pnr no 4143420890 wl 15 journey date 1/5/18 it will be confirm that day ?

      • profile image

        Kamlesh Kumar Singh 9 days ago

        My PNR No. is 2142122085 presently showing WL 12,13,14.

        please confirm it will be confirmed.

      • profile image

        pravee 9 days ago

        Hi Sir 4556042752 pnr no TQWL IS 1 IS THIS PNR WILL CONFIRMED OR NOT. PLS GUIDE JOURNEY Dated 17/4/2018

      • profile image

        Vamshi kumar 9 days ago

        Dear vijayalaxmi, your journey date is far from now and you have PQWL of 1,2 so don't worry it get confirmed.

      • profile image

        GP Mishra 10 days ago

        My pnr no 2140276347

      • profile image

        deepak 10 days ago

        pnr num2825790113

      • profile image

        Vijayalakshmi 11 days ago

        Pnr:8555281374, train no:12655

        Booking status (PQWL 8,9)

        Current status (PQWL 1,2)

        Journey date -2/5/2018

        Let me know the possibility of confirmation

      • profile image

        Tanmay kumar nayak 11 days ago

        My pnr no is 2242186449

        What is the chances of conformation or RAC

      • profile image

        Gourav 12 days ago


      • profile image

        Druvijay 12 days ago

        Second AC tatkal ticket my tqwl 5and 6 today any chance

      • profile image

        Tuleshwer Prasad Verma 12 days ago

        My PNR no is 6212246798

        Passenger 6

        At present waiting list 234567


        How to chances......

      • profile image

        Tej Kumar Singh Chauhan 2 weeks ago

        waiting 29,30,31,32,33 against PNR No 63130970099 on 12 Apr 18 can these seats be confirmed my Mob No 9412414799

      • profile image

        Joyring Jigdung 2 weeks ago

        Train no 15667

        Date of journey 12-05-18

        WL- 79,80,81

      • profile image

        Amar 2 weeks ago

        my pnr 4859964575 plz conform it...

        travelling from chennai to jodhpur

      • profile image

        payal 2 weeks ago

        train 12955 wl list 12

        3rd ac ticket confirmation chances

      • profile image

        Amarjit das 2 weeks ago

        Hello sir my ticket no 18419 date 19/04/2018 ticket no Q01773668 how much confirm my ticket sir

      • profile image

        ajit kumar rai 2 weeks ago

        hi sir

        My train no 14854 date 03/05/18 this is RLWL/92 ticket how much chance to confirm SIR

      • profile image

        Suraj kumar 2 weeks ago

        My train no 22947 date 10/04/18 this is tatkal ticket how much chance to confirm

      • profile image

        Som prabh 2 weeks ago

        Sir pnr no this -2506400718 showing 14 pqwl is there is any hope to confirm plz let me know.?

        Thanks & regards


      • profile image

        Bindiya Thakkar 2 weeks ago

        Pnr number is 8103904718

        What is the changes of confirm

      • profile image

        styrish debbarma 2 weeks ago

        pnr no.2443322561

      • profile image

        Sikander Chauhan 2 weeks ago

        8422692031 how chances to get confirm

      • profile image

        kiran hegde 3 weeks ago

        my pnr no4762799431 train no16312 Bikaner express Present waiting is

        RQWL 83 84 85 What is the chance of confirmed

        Please mail

      • profile image

        Kush prasad 3 weeks ago

        Sir pnrno 4243331979 PQW/L 86 chance confirms.

      • profile image

        Kush prasad 3 weeks ago

        Sir my pnrno 4243331979 PQW/S 86 chance

        to confirms.

      • profile image

        t venugopal 3 weeks ago

        My wL is 5,6 to chennai to hyd on 3.4.18(chengal pattu xpress from renigunta. 18hrs)

        The status is today 2.4.18 from and same as from last 5days

        Is it confirmed .

        Please mail

      • profile image

        Raju majhi 3 weeks ago

        15017 pnr no. 8553775290 please confirm Tikit

      • profile image

        Ritu 3 weeks ago


        What is the chance of confirmed

      • profile image

        NAROJU SRIKANTH 3 weeks ago

        I had booked a ticket through IRCTC account app when I was booked it's waiting list is 21 & now it is still in waiting list 12, I need to travel tomorrow will it confirm or not.

      • profile image

        Venkateswara Rao Morla 3 weeks ago



        Fare:225,SC:0.0+PG CHGS

        Current status is WL 31. What are the chances of confirmation

      • profile image

        Hemendra sharma 3 weeks ago

        My PRN no is 2342836677 in Jaipur express. Present waiting is WL 2&3 of date 31/03/18.

        What r the chances of confirmation .

      • profile image

        In 3rd ac gnwl/wl10 17.4.18 tr no 16210 3 weeks ago

        Any chances to confirm

      • profile image

        Mathanapriya 3 weeks ago

        Train no 16795

        Date 29.03.2018

        WL 79,80

        Will confirm or not

      • profile image

        Rashmika 4 weeks ago

        Manglore Exp PQWL 1, 2, 3 for 30th Mar

        Will Confirm or not?

        from 4th Dec status is same

      • profile image

        Sanjeev Sahay 4 weeks ago

        Train no.15021 pnr no.6712575899 present status is waiting list 2,3 Will confirm or not

      • profile image

        MADHAV 4 weeks ago

        CONFIRM THE PNR NO 4554002242

      • profile image

        Pravin soni 4 weeks ago

        My per no 8203249863 date of journey 28march any chance to comfirm tikcets

      • profile image

        Sanjeev Sinha 4 weeks ago

        My PNR no 2142447659 date of journey 24 March. Is any chance to confirm tickets

      • profile image

        arjun 4 weeks ago

        my PNR NO; is

        4653612887 date of journey is March 28th 2018. Is rhere any chance to get the ticket confirmed

      • profile image

        Liladhar 4 weeks ago

        My PNR no. 8555675673 gnwl is 40/41 in bandra hissar superfast express on 16 April 2018 wheater it will be confirmed

      • profile image

        NAVARAJAN 5 weeks ago


      • profile image

        Anil bhargav 5 weeks ago

        2724278180 my pnr 3AC

        Current status is PQWL 4 on 20 march ....Is this clear before 6 april ....Please confirm me

      • profile image

        Sarfaraz ali 5 weeks ago

        PNR No.6411633958

        Journey date 24.03.2018

        Any chances conform or not?

      • profile image

        Madhuri Singh 5 weeks ago

        my pnr no is 2605185541 and RLWL 3 and 4 in train no 14056 of 18/3/18 will it be possible to get confirm

      • profile image

        Esakkimuthu 5 weeks ago

        My waiting list 3Ac 2 and 3 .travel date is 18/3/2018 If it is possible for confirm or not.

      • profile image

        Prakashan 6 weeks ago


        I am traveling in 16312 Bikaner Express on 17-3-2018 from Kochuveli. My PNR number is 4241895257 in which one is confirmed

        and the other one is RQWL,1 . Is there any possibility to get it confirmed. This is AC 2 tier ticket for seniors.

      • profile image

        Vishal bhatia 6 weeks ago

        My pnr no is 8702404651. journey date 29/4/2018.if any chance to conform?

      • profile image

        Arogan 6 weeks ago

        I have booked a ticket to mysuru in kaveri express my waiting list is GNWL119/WL62 what shall i do now? is there any chances of confirmation?

      • profile image

        padmavathi 6 weeks ago

        my pnr no- 4441838406 my current status pqwl 4

        journey date - 16.03.2018

        if any chance to conform???

      • profile image

        Akshay 6 weeks ago

        65pqwl waiting will be conform

      • profile image

        Avdesh 6 weeks ago

        PNR No to Be confirm or not 2505514374

      • profile image

        Prasad 6 weeks ago

        My wl list 1,2,3 tatkal quota tomorrow confirmed

      • profile image

        Ben 6 weeks ago

        Gnwl 12 it will be confirm tomorrow

        I booked ticket via online

      • profile image

        Arabind Sinha 7 weeks ago

        PNR 8201416968, possibility to get confirm

      • profile image

        JAYESH 7 weeks ago

        Can my waiting ticket will get conform on Dt:2/05/18.Vidharbha express A.C. 3 tier

      • profile image

        ANBARASU M 7 weeks ago


      • profile image

        jitendra kesur 7 weeks ago

        Please confirm ticket because my child study in mount Abu. Tomorrow is last day

      • profile image

        BHARAT VAIDYA 7 weeks ago

        TRAIN 12480 SURYANAGRI ....PQWL/2..& PQWL/3..PNR 8302823388...PLEASE HELP

      • profile image

        Sudha 8 weeks ago

        My train on Wednesday. My PNR is 4553945359

        Can you please help

      • profile image

        SENTHIL 8 weeks ago

        MY TRAIN ON TODAY 16102 AND PNR NO 4441856814.


      • profile image

        Unnat Patel 8 weeks ago

        TRAIN NO 17057

        PNR NO 8102773964




      • profile image

        Rajnaryan 8 weeks ago

        Waiting list is pqwl37/pqwl37/25on 28/2/2018 in11077 it maybe chance confirm?

      • profile image

        Syed 8 weeks ago

        Train no 16591 HAMPI express

        Bellary to bangalore

        WL 19

        Boarding date 25 feb

      • profile image

        Narayan Pandey 2 months ago

        RAC 10 what is chance of confimation in 12185

      • profile image

        uma 2 months ago

        WL 1 to 5

        palakkad express

        what is the chance to get confirm

      • profile image

        Brijkishor 2 months ago

        train no 12311 W/L 26 CHANCE OF CONFROM %

      • profile image

        Vinay S 2 months ago

        Train No. 16209. Waiting list RLWL/6.

        Chances of confirmation?