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Airline News: Passengers Kicked off Flights

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Airline News: Passengers Kicked Off Flights

Airline News: Passengers Kicked Off Flights

Ever been waiting for a flight that was delayed, or wonder why so many flights are delayed in the first place? While some of these delays are discussed on CNN, Fox, and other news stations, thanks to social media, even more passenger related incidents go viral.

Below, you will find the following stories:

  • Jet Blue Removes Family After 1-Year-Old Kicks Seat
  • Southwest Airlines Kicks Father and Toddler Off Flight
  • Delta Kicks Passenger Off After Using Restroom

*This article will be updated periodically.

Jet Blue Airlines Removes Family After 1-Year-Old Kicks Seat

On June 21st, 2017 JetBlue was in the news for having a family removed from their flight after their 1-year old daughter kicked the seat in front of them as the plane was preparing for departure. This apparently escalated into more serious conversation.

According to the family’s attorney, Mandy Ifrah and Tamir Raanan were on a return flight home (Fort Lauderdale, Fl to New York).

According to the statement, the female passenger and Ifrah had exchanged words prior to the woman moving to an empty seat beside her. Although Ifrah had apologized to said passenger, the flight attendant requested returning to the gate to have the family removed from their flight.

However, there’s always two sides to a story, and JetBlue claims the word exchanged included profanities and physical threats. Ifrah refused to exit the flight, resulting in all passengers being removed and police called in to forcibly remove the passenger.

Reason Kicked:

Customer got upset, exchanged words and allegedly made physical threats to another passenger. Then refused to exit the flight.

Passenger Response:

Stated the flight departed for New York without them, but took their luggage that contained their baby supplies, clothes, and most of their belongings. The following day, was informed they were banned from all JetBlue flights, and took a week to get their luggage back.

Airline Statements:

JetBlue reported they removed the family as a safety precaution after physical threats to another customer was made.

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Personal Opinion:

The family claims they were not informed why they were kicked off the flight, and banned from all JetBlue flights. Even if this is true, what did they think the consequence would be of physically threatening someone on a flight? Had that been it, they may have caught the next JetBlue flight.

However, by refusing to exit the flight, causing all passengers to be taken off so police could board and remove the family. Personally, I think that might be a good reason behind being banned. What do you think?

Southwest Airlines Kicks Father and Toddler Off Flight

In March 2018 a father and his 2-year old daughter was removed from the flight because the toddler initially refused to be calm. The incident was captured on video by co-passenger Alexis Armstrong, which was later published to Facebook.

In the video, you can hear as the flight attendant requests Armstrong to stop filming the event. The video was posted by Armstrong, with the statement “Man kicked off plane with 2-year old because his daughter was scared and not sitting quietly.”

After the toddler was finally sitting calm for several minutes, a man with a two-way radio requests the father to grab their things and exit the flight. However, the father did not understand the request as he had already got his daughter to sit calmly.

Another flight attendant appears in the video, stating “the decision has been made”, using the excuse that the father told her to get out of the little girl’s face. However, Armstrong is heard defending the father, stating he “asked to be given a minute to calm his daughter.”

At this point, the flight attendant redirected her focus on Armstrong, telling her the situation “had nothing to do with her, so stop filming”.

Reason Kicked:

A 2-year old was afraid of flying and was not sitting quietly at first, father asked for a minute to calm his child.

Airline Response:

The flight attendants continued to have the plane returned to the gate to remove the father and his daughter, even though he had gotten her to sit calmly before getting back to the gate.

Personal Opinion:

Even as adults, flying can be a scary situation. When you’re a child, especially a 2-year old you’re going to voice your fears without caring when or where you are. This is where parenting comes in, calming your child. I believe they should have gave the father a couple minutes to see if he could calm the child prior to having them removed from the flight. Worst case scenario, he was unable to clam her and had to catch another flight.

However, it appears he calmed the child and they continued to kick them from the flight. This screams poor customer service. Although, there is the chance of the child acting up mid-flight, these are situations airlines should train their flight attendants to handle more calmly themselves, because anyone could have a panic attack at 35,000 feet – what do they do then?

Delta Kicks Passenger Off for Using the Restroom

On April 18th, 2017, Kima Hamilton was kicked off his Delta flight after having to use the restroom while the plane was taxiing. Mr. Hamilton filed a lawsuit against the airline, stating the color of his skin was a factor in their decision to remove him, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The lawsuit aims to retrieve an unspecified amount in punitive and compensatory damages.

The report stated that Hamilton had requested to use the bathroom after waiting on the tarmac for 15 to 20 minutes. However, the flight attendant said they would lose their position for departure and would need to take his seat.

After more waiting, he was unable to continue holding it and made a quick trip to the restroom and sat back down. Soon after this, an announcement was made by the pilot that they were returning to the gate to remove a passenger. Once back at the gate, two Delta employees walked up to Mr. Hamilton and informed him he had to exit the flight.

A video was captured by another passenger, Krista Rosolino. Hamilton can be heard explaining he tried to wait, but was unable to any longer. At first, he refused to leave his flight, but finally complied, where FBI agents were waiting on him at the gate.

Additionally, all other passengers had to depart from the plane. Delta refused to allow Hamilton to purchase another ticket, forcing him to purchase a ticket from Southwest Airlines at nearly triple the cost.

Reason Kicked:

The man had to pee and couldn’t hold it after 20+ minutes waiting.

Airline Response:

A statement was issued by Delta in regard to both the incident and the lawsuit:

“We provide extensive training to flight crew, ensuring security and safety of all customers. It is important that all passengers follow the FAA regulations and instructions from the crew, including vital times such as takeoff and landing. It was our finding that this customer had not followed these instructions.”

Personal Opinion:

It sounds like the plane had been taxiing and waiting for departure for nearly 30 minutes, and was still taxiing when he returned from the restroom. Personally, if they knew it was going to be another 10-minute wait, they could have easily allowed him to quickly use the restroom.

Furthermore, having all passengers exit the plan and FBI agents at the gate seems a bit excessive for someone who choose to use the restroom over urinating in his seat. But, who knows maybe Delta would have preferred that route? I know everyone else delayed on their flight probably would have.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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