5 Things You Didn't Know About the London Tube

Updated on May 15, 2016

1. The Original Embankment Announcement

The Northern Line platform at Embankment station still plays the original recording for the ‘Mind The Gap’ announcement. This is because the announcer's widow wrote to transport for London, asking if she could have a copy of the recording to hear his voice again. In reply the recording got reinstated at the station she visited most- Embankment!


2. The London Underground Is Really Old

The Metropolitan line is the oldest tube line in the world and it dates back to 1863!


3. The Underground Is Overground

55% of the London underground is overground! False advertising transport for London!


4. The Step Signs Are Inaccurate

The majority of the signs stating the number of steps there are on the tube lines are incorrect. For example, at Belsize Park, the sign says that there are 219 steps, when in fact there are actually 189.


5. Waterloo Is The Busiest!

Out of all the tube stops, the busiest tube station during peak morning hours is Waterloo. Over 57,000 rush through the station presumably to get to work on time. Maybe The Times 1884 description of the tube as ‘a form of mild torture' is not so inaccurate!


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