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Road Trips


Route 66: Americana Road Trip With Mapping and Travel Tips

My husband, two dogs, and I took nearly a month-long road trip generally following the historic Route 66. Read on to hear about our adventures—we coordinated the entire trip without a GPS!


The Ultimate Road Trip: 4 Friends, 14 Days, 10 National Parks, 5860 Miles!

It all started with four friends chatting it up one day. One said, "Let's go on a trip." The other said, "Yes, a road trip!" Another said, "The ultimate road trip!" and the fourth said, "Let it be said, let it be done!".


US Highway 40: From Jersey to Pittsburgh With No Tolls

If the call to adventure is strong, heading to the west from the east coast is just the thing to satisfy your desire for adventure. Taking the no toll route on Highway 40 is how our ancestors traveled, and it's the only way I travel when exploring America.


3 Reasons I Prefer Road Trips Over Travelling by Plane

I prefer traveling by car to flying because you can bond more with your friends, you have more freedom in what you carry and you can see a lot more.


Ridesharing in Canada Travel Tips

In this article, I share some travel advice and tips for ridesharing in Canada, including safety, logistics, cost, and accommodations.


Touring the Scottish Highlands in a Campervan

The Scottish Highlands is one of the best places in the entire world to explore at your leisure in a campervan or motorhome. I did exactly that in July 2021, and in this article I will share my experience with you.


Highlights of Scotland's NC500

The famous 500-mile circuit around the north coast of Scotland (known as the NC500) features some out-of-this-world sights and attractions. Here, I present a list of what I consider to be the key highlights of the route: places that you will not want to miss.


Visiting Royal Deeside and Balmoral Castle, the British Royal Family's Holiday Home, in Scotland

The stunning road route from Aberdeen through Royal Deeside skirts the Cairngorm mountains, passing through picturesque villages and small towns, and Glenn Shee, ending in Perth city. This article takes the reader to some of the particular points of interest along the way.


My Solo Road Trip From Florida to Oregon, 3382 Miles

Passing wind power farms and the Redwood Forest while traveling 3382 miles alone, here is my trip across America—from the Atlantic Ocean in Florida to the Pacific Ocean in Brookings, Oregon.


Visit the World's Largest Working Fire Hydrant in Beaumont, TX

The Beaumont fire hydrant, recognized as the world's largest, was created in honor of Disney's "101 Dalmatians" and is well worth a stop if you're ever traveling through the area.


5 Things to See on a Road Trip Through the Arkansas Ozarks

Northwest Arkansas is an easy road trip for couples or families. Stay near a lake, have a float trip on a river, or hunt for ghosts. This Ozark Mountain region is worth a visit. Dogwoods and redbuds bloom in the spring, while maples and sweet gums flame in the fall. Here are some offbeat sights.


Route 66 Road Trip From Springfield, Missouri, to Williams, Arizona (With Shield Photos)

Springfield, MO, is home for many nationwide entities—Bass Pro Shops, O'Reilly Automotive, Assembly of God Headquarters—and is proudly called the Birthplace of Route 66. Discover the location of the painted shields along this historic highway along with Pops, Cadillac Ranch, and other stops.


A Fall Foliage Tour of Southern Vermont Including Mount Snow

The country roads of southern Vermont are a great way to experience the colorful autumn foliage that transforms the landscape of New England.


How to Plan a European Road Trip

If you have ever considered taking a road trip through Europe, then this article gives some practical tips and strategies for planning out your trip and details how we did it.


Eight Things Kids Need for a Family Road Trip

No one wants to hear "are we there yet?" for ten hours straight. Make sure that doesn't happen with these eight items that will keep your kids busy on long road trips.


10 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Road Trip

This article will provide some tips for eating healthy on a road trip so you can avoid the typical fast food and vending machine fare. Healthy road trip meals may seem impossible, but there are ways you can eat nutritiously so you'll enjoy your next road trip even more.


Grab Your Bag and Go: Tips for Frequent Road Trips

If you travel often by car, a few shortcuts and hacks (like packing efficiently and knowing the right bags for trips) can help get you on the road in no time!


On the Road in America: Three North Carolina Lighthouses in One Day

Visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina? Spend a day on the road visiting three of North Carolina's historical lighthouses.


6 Benefits of Road Trips

The benefits of road trips are numerous. From getting you out of your routine to discovering new places, there's something for everyone in taking a short trip out of town.


Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip on a Budget

Ever wondered what's the cheapest way to drive across the country? This guide will help you plan a thorough, happy, budget-smart U.S. road trip, so you can rest assured every spare nickel you have is spent experiencing your destinations.


Hawai'i Road Trip: Around the Big Island in 3 Days

How do you see the best of Hawai'i in the least amount of time? With a road trip, of course! So put the top down on your rental convertible, grab your sunglasses, and hit the road for 3 days on the Big Island! Belting out your best rendition of “What A Wonderful World” is optional.


Traveling I-40 From California to Alabama

A short compendium of notes from the road; passing thoughts along the way


Family Trip to the Black Hills: Reflections, Reviews and Recommendations

Our family of 10 road-tripped from Iowa to the Badlands to experience Mount Rushmore, Black Hills tours, Crazy Horse National Monument, Jewel Cave and more! See our budget and get recommendations for places to stay and things to do.


The 17 Scariest and Most Dangerous Roads in the World

This article suggests a list of the 17 deadliest and most frightening roads on earth. A short description is provided for each treacherous road, and exciting videos are available as well.


Best Attractions Along Route 40 in Missouri, a National Road Trip

Pleasant and exciting attractions line U.S. Route 40, the national road through Missouri that heads east and west to both ocean coasts. Many of the fun things to see from the '50s and '60s are gone, but new things have sprung up to make any road trip through the Show Me State a great adventure.


How to Survive All-Day Drives: Tips to Make 10+ Hour Drives Easier

Long drives can take you to some pretty amazing destinations and are often more economical than flying. With the right planning, several-hour drives don't have to be uncomfortable. Check out these tips and ideas to make your next road trip much more enjoyable.


Visit Portugal: Road Trip Itinerary for Traveling South of Lisbon

Are you looking to travel in Portuguese cities south of Lisbon? This article suggests an itinerary for a Lisbon road trip to Algarve, including the best cities to visit in Portugal.


Visit Portugal: Road Trip Itinerary for Traveling North of Lisbon

Are you curious about the top places to visit in Portugal? This post suggests five cities to travel to in Central and North Portugal, along with suggested side journeys, such as a Lisbon road trip.


Beautiful Rest Stops in Iowa: Harvest Sculpture Artwork

Who would believe rest stops could be this beautiful? Amazing!


New England Road Trip (Suggested 9-Day Itinerary and Tips)

An epic New England road trip with kids to Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont and Canada filled with fun activities on the East Coast. Map and itinerary included.


Travel in a Rented RV: Road Trip From Los Angeles to Yellowstone (Sequoia, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe)

Using a 26-foot Los Angeles RV rental, four adults went on the adventure of a lifetime to Yellowstone National Park. A fairly frugal holiday, this 10-day road trip revealed to us a beauty we had never imagined.


Lake Erie Cities and Attractions on the Great Lakes Circle Tour

Each of the five Great Lakes can be toured via individual Circle Routes or in one Great Circle. A great summer would be driving around the bays and inlets, stopping at islands, visiting historical sites, and dining on diverse cuisine in the towns along the way!


Travel the Best American Canyonlands: Bryce, Zion, and Grand Canyon (North Rim)

The canyon country of the American Southwest is one of the most spectacular travel destinations in the country. This article will break down the must-see spots as well as special tips for how navigate from Bryce Canyon to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


Best Highway 1 Road Trip: San Francisco to Big Sur With Photos and Map

A city-by-city guide to driving Highway 1 from San Francisco to Big Sur and the Monterey Peninsula, written by a local.


Eerie Ghost Towns of Route 66 Will Leave You Quaking

When Route 66 first opened, it provided a nearly cross-country road for families to travel. Many towns and attractions popped up along the popular vacation route. However, as interstate highways bypassed these towns, they turned into ghost towns.


Scenic Drive From Amelia Island to Jacksonville, FL (With Photos)

A wonderful scenic drive from Amelia Island Florida to Jacksonville. Lots of photos included, including dunes, beaches, marshes, waterways, tidal creeks and much more.


Famous 17-Mile Drive in California (Including Pebble Beach and Seacoast)

See fabulous photos of California's coastline with crashing waves, seabirds, sea lions, and the iconic lone cypress tree. World-famous golf courses are there, amidst other gorgeous scenery on this 17-mile stretch of road.


8 Best Day Trips From St. Louis (A Local's Guide)

From the Great River Road to Pickle Springs Nature Area, here are eight of the best day trips from St. Louis, Missouri (take it from a St. Louis native!).

Map of Wales

My Wales Driving Tour From Conwy to Tenby (With Photos)

My driving tour of Wales included Welsh legends, Edwardian castles, St. David's Cathedral, breathtaking coastlines, and plenty of places to visit near Tenby.


Planning a US Road Trip: The Southern Route

For seasoned road warriors, there aren't many adventurous southern routes better than the legendary California to Florida road trip. This path takes you from coast to coast via the I-10, passing through New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, the Florida panhandle.