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What is the Half-Gallon Challenge?
The correct answer is "A tradition among A.T. thru-hikers where they try to eat a half-gallon of ice cream near the halfway point on the trail"

What is blue-blazing?
The correct answer is "Taking side-trails off of the A.T. marked with blue blazes"

What is a flip-flopper
The correct answer is "Someone who hikes part of the A.T. in one direction, then jumps up to the other terminus and heads the opposite directio"

How many white blazes are there along the Appalachian Trail?
The correct answer is "165,000"

Approximately how many steps does it take to hike the whole A.T.?
The correct answer is "5,000,000"

Which of the following is not a good recommendation for hitchiking A.T. hikers?
The correct answer is "Moon vehicles to encourage them to stop and pick you up."

Which statement is true about trail names?
The correct answer is "The trail name tradition began in the 1970s."

What is the 3-second rule?
The correct answer is "A.T. hikers have three seconds to pick a piece of food up off the ground and eat it."

What is special about June 21st on the Appalachian Trail?
The correct answer is "It's Naked Hiking Day."

Which statement about the A.T. is NOT true?
The correct answer is "The A.T. passes through 16 states."