We've been looking for a review or guide to a road trip from Venice to the Dolomites. Was there a book that you read before your trip? My husband and I have been online comparing travel guides and maps. We would like to purchase one, but thought of asking for recommendations from people who have been there.


We did not really consult with any single book to plan this. We basically did what you are doing, and that is to consult with some blog posts and maps to plan out the day. We got a late start due to trouble getting our rental car, and we really wanted to drive the Sella Ronda, but did not think we would have time. So instead we opted to see Cortina, and we took the Lagazoui cable car, which was spectacular. Plan for a long day, and definitely start as early as possible. Make sure to schedule time for a hike, and take a cable car ride up somewhere; there are a number of them in the area. The scenery is spectacular; you will love it.

Updated on April 11, 2018

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A Day Trip Through the Dolomites from Venice, Italy
By Bill De Giulio