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How to Get a Pre-Travel Covid-19 Test in Maui (With Expedited Results and Walk-Ins)

Maui resident shares easy, quick solution on how to get a pre-travel COVID-19 test in Maui that offers expediting and walk-ins.

"Maui no ka oi" translates to "Maui is the best" in 'Ōlelo (the Native Hawaiian language). Find a quick COVID test so you can relax and find out why Maui is no ka oi!

"Maui no ka oi" translates to "Maui is the best" in 'Ōlelo (the Native Hawaiian language). Find a quick COVID test so you can relax and find out why Maui is no ka oi!

Quick Notes

  • This article is for travelers leaving the island of Maui who need a pre-travel COVID-19 test to get to their next destination
  • Clinical Labs of Hawai’i (CLH) has five locations on Maui that offer pre-travel testing
  • These locations also include different types of COVID testing such as non-exposure testing for businesses, athletics, or schools; they also offer non-COVID routine lab tests
  • A standard COVID test (results within 48-72hrs) is $120; an expedited test (results within 24hrs) is $140
  • Due to the ebb and flow of heavy tourist traffic in Maui, it can be difficult to schedule the right test at the best time

Alternative Locations for Pre-Travel COVID-19 Testing in Maui

My partner booked a flight from Maui to Australia and we assumed that a week in advance was enough time to set up the testing appointment.

It was not. A week before his flight, we spent hours calling all of the major testing places (they were completely booked or didn’t offer pre-travel tests) and online scanning countless websites, blogs, and forums for a quick solution. We ended up getting a non-travel-approved-test by accident (not all of the testing websites have up-to-date or easy-to-understand information). His flight was now the following day and we were panicking.

Types of Tests Needed for Domestic or International Travel

Helpful tip: the test you'll need varies by destination, but the RT-PCR is considered the most accurate/gold standard.

RT-PCR: uses NAAT tests; performed with nose swab; results in approx 1-5 days

Rapid PCR: uses NAAT tests; performed with nose swab; processed on-site/nearby for faster results

Rapid Antigen: uses at-home or non-lab testing; performed with nose swab; results as quickly as 15 minutes

Antibody: uses at home or in-office testing but results must be sent to lab; performed with finger-stick or blood-draw; results in approx 1-2 days

We Discovered Clinical Labs of Hawai'i Offers All COVID Test Types

In the end, we discovered that you can just WALK-IN to one of the many Clinical Labs of Hawai’i (CLH) locations and get your test—without an appointment—and have the options of expedited results within 24hrs! Of course, it’s infinitely better to have an appointment, but when you’re desperate, trying walk-ins will take advantage of cancellations and last-minute openings.

Thanks to their five open locations, CLH had way more options available than the other COVID testing locations we checked (Walgreens, Minit Medical, and Urgent Care West Maui were all booked out or didn’t offer pre-travel tests; I was caller #91 and #25 respectively on hold to speak with Doctors on Call Wailea / Lahaina so assumed they were booked, lol).

Here’s How to Get Your COVID-19 Test at Clinical Labs of Hawai’i

Helpful Tip: Many testing websites look slightly different on mobile phones and are a little harder to navigate. If possible, use a computer when researching, or try calling them directly.


Choose from the following CLH labs.

Kahului: One Hāna Hwy Building, 110 East Ka'ahumanu Ave, Suite 108
Phone: 808.873.0872
Business Hours: M-F 7am-12pm, 1-4pm
Tests Available: Nasal Swab (feeling well); Pre-Travel; Routine Labs

Kahului: Lono Center, 95 Lono Ave, Suite 101
Phone: 808.871.4894
Business Hours: MF 6:30am-2:30pm; Sat 6:30-10:30am
Tests Available: Nasal Swab (feeling well); Pre-Travel; Routine Labs

Kīhei: Kīhei-Wailea Medical Center, 221 Pi'ikea Ave, Suite C
Phone: 808.874.9339
Business Hours: M-F 6:30am-4:30pm; Sat 7:30-11:30am
Tests Available: Nasal Swab (feeling well); Pre-Travel; Routine Labs

Wailuku: Pakana, 80 Pakana St
Phone: 808.244.5567
Business Hours: MF 6:30am-4:30pm
Tests Available: Nasal Swab (feeling well); Pre-Travel; Routine Labs

Lāhainā: Old Lāhainā Center, 845 Waine'e St
Phone: 808.661.8593
Business Hours: MF 6:30am-3:30pm
Tests Available: Nasal Swab (feeling well); Pre-Travel; Routine Labs

Wailuku (Maui Medical Group): CLOSED (MMG patients by appointment only)
Wailuku (Maui Medical Memorial Center): CLOSED (In-patients only)
Kula: CLOSED (Temporarily)
Makawao: CLOSED (Not open yet)
Lāhainā (Prison St.): CLOSED (Temporarily)


Appointments have priority over walk-ins, so it’s wise to try scheduling an appointment first. Call one of the locations above and, if available, schedule a test on your desired date/time. Or visit the CLH website and view the scheduling options available yourself:

  • Click on “COVID-19 Testing”.
  • Click on “Testing for Travel”.
  • Answer “Yes” or “No” as to whether you have a lab order or not.
  • Choose your type of test (domestic or international pre-travel nasal swab; the nasopharyngeal collection is not available on Maui).
  • Select “Maui”, then click on a location.
  • Select a date on the calendar, then scroll through the timeslot options at the bottom of the calendar. Available timeslots will be in BLUE, unavailable timeslots are in GRAY. If there are no timeslots within your travel timeframe, head to step #3.
  • If your timeslot is available, click “Next” and enter in your personal information.
  • You will receive an email with your confirmation number and appointment details. Be sure to arrive at your appointment 5 minutes early.


Choose the location nearest you and get on over during business hours to wait for a walk-in!


A few things helped us get our results in time—without panicking.

  • Once your results are ready, you will receive an email directing you to the CLH website to download your results PDF.
  • If for some reason you are unable to download your results PDF from the CLH website (this happened to us), don’t panic. Try turning off your VPN, try a different browser, or try downloading the results from a different device.
  • You do not need to create a CLH account to download your results, despite it seeming as though the CLH website is suggesting that you do.
  • The CLH staff are incredibly helpful and friendly—call them if you get stuck!
  • Don’t forget: travelers are required to have printed test results on hand when traveling, so print your results at UPS or Fedex!


A few more important things to remember…

  • You have to pay for your test at the time of service with a credit or debit card.
  • If you took a standard test ($120), you should receive your results within 48–72hrs. Results will likely arrive sooner than this, but plan for 48–72hrs to be safe.
  • If you took an expedited test ($140), you should receive your results within 24hrs. Results will likely arrive a little sooner than this (my partner got his in about 6hrs), but plan for 24hrs to be safe.
  • If your results are positive, you will be called with your results (not emailed).
  • Clinical Labs of Hawai’i is a Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawai’i.
Don't forget—you need a printed copy of your results on you while traveling.

Don't forget—you need a printed copy of your results on you while traveling.

Travel Restrictions by Country and Alternate Testing Locations

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