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How to Avoid Wrinkles When Packing Clothes

Three Ways to Keep Clothes Wrinkle Free

Whenever I travel, I get nervous at the thought of opening my bag upon arriving at my destination only to see my nicely folded clothes (and hard work) have been ruined and that my clothes are all wrinkled. Here are a few easy ways to pack your bags that offer solutions to wrinkles and creases.

How to roll your clothes when packing to avoid wrinkles

How to roll your clothes when packing to avoid wrinkles

1. The Rolling Method

The rolling method is when you roll your clothes tightly to avoid wrinkles. The first trick is to fold your clothes out nicely into even rectangles, then roll them evenly lengthwise. Be sure to make the rolls very tight, but very even and free from lumps. You can then place them side-by-side in your suitcase and then row upon row. With this method, you not only reduce (or prevent) wrinkles, but you can actually increase the amount of clothes that will fit within your bag.

2. The Bundle-Wrapping Method

The bundle-wrapping method is very simple: The idea is that you wrap all your garments together to avoid creases. Basically the end result is a bundle; the clothes that are more likely to be wrinkled are on the outside, and the clothing that is less prone to wrinkles goes on the inside. For this method to work, you need to have your entire wardrobe laid out in front of you so that you can organize it according to the type.

The outer layer will contain dress shirts, skirts and dresses, followed by pants and shorts. The inside will mostly be things like underwear and socks. You will use the arms of your shirts as well as the legs of your pants to wrap the bundle together. This reduces wrinkles because instead of folding your clothes they are being wrapped, so you don’t get creases.

How to Wrap Your Clothes in a Bundle

  1. Start by laying your clothes as flat as possible. Put different items of clothing on top of each other. Make sure that all buttons are buttoned up.
  2. Fold in the sleeves.
  3. Start to wrap your bundle and smooth out any lumps that might occur.
  4. Pack the finished bundle in your suitcase!

See photos below for step-by-step visuals.

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3. Dry Cleaning Bags

This method takes up a lot of space and is very time consuming. Basically, you use dry cleaning bags to cushion your clothing and avoid creases. If you have the time, patience and dry cleaning bags, this method is very effective for wrinkle and crease prevention.

Other Tricks

Here are a couple more quick tips to keep your clothes free of wrinkles while traveling.

Pack Less Per Bag

Don’t over-stuff your bag with items and then hope for the best. To avoid wrinkles, pack fewer clothes in your bag. Wrinkles tend to form when there are too many clothes packed into such a confined space. The tighter the space, the more wrinkles.

Lay Your Clothes Flat

Another strategy is to lie your clothes as flat as possible, one upon the other. This works best for fancy clothes, the ones that could be damaged by rolling. It also helps if your bag is rigid, otherwise, the clothes will have a tendency to bunch up at the edges.

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