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Packing & Preparation


Guide on How to Plan a Cheaper Trip

Learn how to spend less money on your next trip with these simple tips and tricks I've used on my own travels.


9 Amazing Notion Packing List Templates

Explore the full range of Notion Packing List templates here, keep organized with the series of list templates so you never forget a thing!


8 Tips to Make Flying Less Miserable

Lengthy flights and busy airports are rarely something anyone looks forward to, but flying doesn't haven't to be a completely miserable experience if you plan and prepare.


Power for the Digital Nomad

Whether you are packing for a backpacking trip, are a digital nomad by trade or preparing for emergency survival, power is one of the new necessities after water, food and shelter. Let's look into some of the changes that came about, and how to handle power as a necessity of life.


10 Downsides of Traveling Abroad

Foreign travel can be very rewarding, as well as great fun. However, this article looks at 10 negatives of journeying abroad.


How to Get a Pre-Travel Covid-19 Test in Maui (With Expedited Results and Walk-Ins)

“How do I get a quick, easy pre-travel COVID-19 test in Maui?” The answer for us was Clinical Labs of Hawai’i. Learn the 5 easy steps on how to get your pre-travel COVID-19 test with the options of both expedited results and walk-in testing.


How to Prepare Your Home When Going on Vacation

When planning a vacation, there are a ton of things to take care of. One of those often neglected items is how to get your home ready beforehand. This article covers what you need to do to take care of your house while on vacation.


Packing Tips to Make Your Next Flight Easier

Packing smart for an upcoming flight can be a pain, especially when it's only for a short trip such as a vacation or a weekend away. But the process doesn’t have to be troublesome. With these simple tips, packing is a breeze.


4-Step Guide on How to Plan the Perfect Trip

Maybe it's your first trip, or maybe you're an experienced traveller but aren't sure where to go next. This is an easy-to-follow breakdown of how I pick where I want to go and plan how my trip will pan out, from sitting at home to sitting on the plane . . .


Seven Packing Tips You Need to Know

Here are some packing tips for organizing your bag efficiently!


Toiletry Bags and Dopp Kits for Men: Top Choices

A great selection of leather hanging toiletry bags to complete your travel experience.


What to Pack When You Rent a Beach House

If you are renting a beach house and not sure what you should pack, check out this list of 50 things you should think about taking with you.


How to Save Money When Planning a Holiday (5 Budget-Friendly Tips)

Enjoy your next vacation for less with these top tips on how to save money planning your next holiday.


7 Smart Travel Tips for Going Out of the Country

Learn what to plan for and how to act when traveling to another country.


How to Plan Your Next Trip: 5 Tips for the Perfect Getaway

Planning your getaway is part of the journey. Consider these tips for how to plan your own unique trip. Read on and get packing!


How to Plan a Vacation With Your Sweetheart, Boyfriend, Spouse, Partner, or Unicorn

Traveling with your sweetheart can be a breeze . . . as long as you have the right guide in place to make sure you get all the important things done effectively.


3 Tips to Follow When Travelling With a Large Family

Travelling in large groups is difficult, especially when you're taking children with you. Prepping for a trip can be very fun and exciting for kids, but it can be tough for adults. Here are three tips to take the stress out of your vacation.


Ten Tips for Smooth International Business Travel

Ease into business trips with these ten travel tips.


8 Tips for Single Parents Travelling Abroad on Vacation/Holiday

Travelling with children can seem extremely daunting for single parents, but I guarantee it can be done. These eight tips will help you make the most out of a vacation abroad with your kids.


Traveling With Your Baby

If you have family that lives out of state and you would like to see them but are afraid to travel with your baby, this article is perfect for you. Read on to find out just what you can do to make your trip as smooth as possible.


Tips for the Would-Be Traveler From a Seasoned Trekker

I wrote this article to encourage those who would like to travel but need some advice and a little push to take the first steps toward achieving that goal.


How to Send and Receive Money While Traveling

While traveling, it can be challenging to send and receive money. This article shares some tips to help you handle banking activities while you are away from home.


6 Simple Tips for Planning a Fun Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. These six tips will help you plan a hassle-free, fun vacation everyone will love.


Pack Like a Pro for Your Next Cruise

From region-specific recommendations to tips that apply to any cruise, this article will have you packing like a pro.


The Best TSA-Approved Luggage Locks

A TSA-approved luggage lock protects your checked bags from thieves. Here are five of the best.


Survival Language for Travel

It's a great idea to learn some key phrases to use when you travel abroad. However, some ways of going about it are better than others. Let me share my experience with you.


Preparing to Move Abroad

Preparing to move abroad can be an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Let me help walk you through some of the basics.


How to Make the Best Use of Space in a Truck Camper

Learn how to make more room for yourself when traveling in a slide-in camper so that you don't become claustrophobic.


How to Write Your Motivation Letter for a German Student Visa

Your motivation letter is very important and can determine if your student visa will be granted or not. In this article, you will find in-depth explanations and examples of the key components that every motivation letter should have.


How to Access Your Snail Mail When Traveling

Dealing with mail while you are away from home is always a problem. Here are several worry-free methods you can use to deal with this issue.


Best Packing Cubes and Organizer Pouches for Travelling

Packing cubes and organizer pouches are designed to organize any piece of luggage or even a camping backpack. I never take a trip without them.


RV Life Hacks: Store Your Foods Smart and Eat Well!

Read on to learn what foods, condiments, and spices are good to store in your RV, camper, or motorhome. You can eat better on the road with a little food storage forethought.


10 Overseas Travel Tips for the Novice Traveler

I made many discoveries on my first trip to Europe that will make my next trip more enjoyable.


How to Pack and Secure the Food in Your RV

Strategies that assure that your food supply will be properly packed, well organized, and safe to eat during your recreational vehicle trips.


100 Best Ever Travel Books

A comprehensive list of 100 plus travel books to satisfy your wanderlust. You'll find Hemingway, Kerouac, Theroux, and many more books, from Sir Richard Burton's 1851 classic to contemporary titles.


What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Maui Vacation

What you need to know to plan your first trip to Maui: Where to stay, what to do about transportation, and other tips and tricks.


Insect Repellent Tips for Thailand

Tips on how to protect yourself from insects even before you leave the U.S. Get recommendations for repellents to buy to ward off mosquitos and how to use them in Thailand or any tropical climate.


How to Pack and Prepare for a Holiday

Happy holidays need planning ahead. Making lists and ticking off items is essential if you want to have a worry-free holiday and make great memories!


How to Avoid Wrinkles When Packing Clothes

Need to learn how to pack your bag efficiently? This tutorial gives tips to avoid those annoying creases in clothes and save space in your luggage, too!


How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh (Travel Tips, Advice, and FAQs)

Planning a Leh Ladakh trip? Find information on road conditions, routes, packing, acclimatization, altitude sickness, permits, and other FAQs to plan a trip to Ladakh by road.


How to Pack for a Trip to Florida

Planning a trip to Florida in the near future? See this packing list of clothing and accessories you need for the season. And check out travel tips for going to the amusement park, beach, and airport.


What to Wear on a Cruise to the Caribbean: Packing Lists

Nothing about your cruise should be stressful, but it certainly can be packing for it. Don't fret—I'm here to help! These detailed packing lists for men and women will make getting ready easy.


10 Easy-to-Plan Adventures for Your Next Staycation

If you dream of an exotic vacation, but a staycation is more of a reality for you, here are 10 easy, free or affordable ideas for things to do on your next staycation.


Common Italian Words and Phrases for Travelers

Want to be able to converse with the locals while traveling in Italy? Learn a few key words and phrases and you'll chatting with the locals in no time at all.


How Much Money Should You Bring on Your Next Vacation?

Think about how much money you'll need to take, especially in cash, before you leave on vacation. Here are tips for estimating your expenses for your next trip.


Traveling With a One-Year-Old: The Best Toys and Travel Tips

Whether you're traveling by car or by plane, it can be hard to keep your one-year-old entertained. Here are some great travel tips and toys that will make it a little easier.


How to Avoid Bed Bugs When You Travel

Bed bugs are unwelcome guests in your hotel room. They may appear in mattresses, sofas, pillows, drawers and other places. Learn how to spot and treat an infestation before you travel.


Eight Countries With Easy Immigration Policies

This article lists countries that you can immigrate to very easily, and that all have a sufficiently high standard of living. Be aware that each country has specific immigration policies and that permanent residency and citizenship are two very different things.

Fresh pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese? All within the privacy of my beautiful hotel room?  Don't mind if I do!

A Guide to Cooking Food in Hotel Rooms - Microwave Meals Optional

Fresh pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese? All within the privacy of my beautiful hotel room? Don't mind if I do! Mmm- fresh salad... and just as I like it! It is great fun to travel, and it is great fun to eat.


Top 10 Tips for Traveling Alone Around the World

In 2004 I took a trip around the world, but only gave myself a few weeks to plan everything, so I learned lot of lessons the hard way! Based on what I learned, here are the best tips I can give to anyone else who has this itch and decides it's time to scratch it!