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Bernhardt Winery Pictures: Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

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Vineyards at Bernhardt Winery

Vineyards at Bernhardt Winery

Bernhardt Winery

As you approach Bernhardt Winery off of country roads and enter their property, you drive past a portion of their vineyard. As you can readily see in the photo above, when we visited the winery, the grape vines were just starting their new season—with bright and tender emerging grape leaves soon to grow and develop grape clusters. Those grapes would mature until the final time of harvest later in the year. Each spring offers a new beginning and hopes for a great new wine vintage in the fall.

Tuscan-Style Tasting Room

The sheer beauty of the inside of Bernhardt Winery was an unexpected pleasure. One can get a slight idea from these pictures that I took the day of our visit, but it must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Never having visited Tuscany, this made me think of what I might encounter in that part of the world were I to vacation there someday. It is indeed a warm and friendly environment inside of Bernhardt Winery!

As participants in the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail, we enjoyed the following food and wine combinations in a portion of that pretty room:

  • Bernhardt Cabernet Sauvignon was paired with prosciutto-rolled mozzarella cheese.
  • Ruby Port came with a piece of herbed goat cheese from Cleveland, Texas, spread on crackers.
  • Canadian cheddar cheese was also available to taste.

The room to the back of the tasting room at Bernhardt Winery (pictured below) would be utilized later that day for the staging point for the wedding reception food and drink being offered to the guests enjoying that very momentous wedding reception occasion. That is also the room for inside musical entertainment, dinners and other special events.

Special Occasions at Bernhardt Winery

Bernhardt Winery hosts all kinds of occasions regularly. They have a "rain or shine" Sunday concert series that features a variety of music ranging from the Beatles to string band, country western, light rock, blues music, and other types to suit just about anyone's particular tastes.

One is invited to bring their lawn chairs and relax among other neighbors and longtime or new found friends while enjoying these various forms of entertainment. Naturally, one can sip the wines from Bernhardt Winery and snack on edibles that are provided, or one can sign up for one of their wine dinners.

This videos below give one an idea of the type of fun entertainment that transpires on the grounds of this winery both inside and outside.

Wedding Reception

On the day we visited, a significant number of cars were parked all along the gravel driveway, spilling over onto the grassy fields. The photo below was our first primary view of Bernhardt Winery buildings with the two glasses of wine perched upon a wine barrel.

We soon discovered that preparations were in the making for a wedding reception that would take place a little later in the day. The outside lawn was being set up with tables and white tablecloths. A band was already on site and wait staff was busy scurrying around making sure that everything would be in perfect order for the arrival of the new bride and groom and their wedding guests.

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Bed and Breakfast at The Winery

Bernhardt Winery was a great discovery, and if we lived a little closer, you would probably find us on their lawn for some of those summer concerts. Also on their property is bed and breakfast accommodations. If the décor is anything like their tasting room, I am sure that it is also beautifully decorated.

We did not ask to see the bed and breakfast accommodations as they were swamped that day with the impending wedding reception, the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail visitors and regular wine tasting guests as well.

You can check their website for more information about upcoming events, see photos of bed and breakfast rooms, read about their wines and more by going here:

Information Regarding the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail

When my husband suggested purchasing these Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail tickets online at the cost of $45.00 for two ($25 for one person) we knew that we would have a good time.

Having visited many wineries in California over the years as well as other locations, we expected to see a variety. That variety comes in the form of the landscape, the physical differences in the winery buildings and their décor as well as the flavor differences in how their wines are produced and marketed.

One thing seems standard at all of these wineries on the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail. That is the Texas-friendly welcome one receives at each of these locations. The other wineries on the trail include the following:

  • Colony Cellars
  • Pleasant Hill Winery
  • Windy Winery
  • Messina Hof Winery
  • Retreat Hill Winery
  • Cork This!

Every one of the wineries is unique and special in its way. And oh those glorious wildflowers! It is reason enough to venture out on this Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail to see the wildflowers every year.


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