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Video of World's First 'Zero Gravity Waterslide' in Poland Makes Us All Sorts of Dizzy

Before the weather gets too cold, many people are trying to get in their last visits to their closest waterpark and brave their favorite waterslides one more time! Do you enjoy riding down massive waterslides? How would you feel about riding a waterslide... in simulated zero G?

That's exactly what visitors to Poland's Aquapark Reda can expect when they brave the Aquaspinner, a massive rotating water slide- the only one of its kind in Europe- that mimics the feeling of zero gravity. The crew of the TikTok account @bestwaterslides got some amazing GoPro footage of what it's like on the inside.

Whoa! We got dizzy trying to watch along! Before today, we had never heard of a rotating water slide and didn't even know something like this was possible. Considering what a mind-bending experience this was just to watch, riding it in person has to be the ultimate trip!

The question, of course, is: who's brave enough to take this thing on? "My mind says yes my claustrophobia says NO," said @aliciaaj91. This ride was absolutely anxiety-inducing for many viewers. "Fully ain't doin' that. I'd be cryin' once it started 😪," stated @essemmeff. "Am I the only one with the fear that I would get stuck in an eternal loop 😳 and never come out again?" worried @mamasiita__. TBH... we may have had similar thoughts watching this, too.

"It’s what I imagine being in an intestine would be like," quipped @tattooedferret. "Anyone else seen the movie NOPE yet?! 😂," asked @frowningway. Hey, at least if someone tells you this ride is "out of this world," you'll know what they really mean.

If the seemingly neverending cycle of the slide spooked you too, don't worry- there are safety measures in place. "There are escape hatches and the slide can be manually operated. 😊," @bestwaterslides explained in the comments. As twisted and mind-melting as this slide is, you're not really stuck.

"Am I the only one that thinks it looks fun?" @imactuallymaria wondered. If you were to judge off the comments section alone, you'd say yes. But maybe that's because the people who liked the looks of the Aquaspinner hopped off TikTok and started buying tickets there... will you be joining them?