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Unique Restaurant in Zanzibar That Sits Right on the Ocean Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Put this one on your bucket list!

When planning a trip, one of the most important things on our list is — what else? — to find out where the good food is. Not only does the menu have to be delicious, but the ambiance is everything — who wants to visit somewhere that looks just like the places they can eat anytime back home? 

If you're hoping to have a truly unique dining experience and love the ocean, you're going to love this recommendation from @lilmsawkward on TikTok. While at Pingwe Beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania, she discovered a restaurant in the middle of the ocean called The Rock, and we seriously can't imagine another eatery that screams "exotic vacation" more than this one does. 

It's hard to imagine a restaurant this beautiful actually exists! 

If you want to eat at The Rock when the tide is low, you can walk there, but when the tide is high, you can take a boat (though you'll likely get wet — on the way there, back, or both). The view while dining must be incredible! 

She also advises getting a reservation, because despite how excited she was to try this restaurant, it was fully booked up when she visited which meant she had to miss out. Oh no! 

The menu for The Rock can be found online, and includes lots of yummy (and upscale) options. Their specialties are seafood like lobster and calamari, and can we talk about those desserts? Yum! 

This is definitely something we'd love to check out. It looks like it would be worth the hype!