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Dog-Friendly Glamping Experience Near Yosemite Is a Pet Parent's Dream

It can be a lot of fun to bring pets along on camping trips, but some campsites offer a lot more amenities than others! AutoCamp Yosemite, near Yosemite National Park, California's most iconic national park, offers the most dog-friendly accommodations around! So, pack your sneakers and your pooch and experience "glamping" together for a trip to remember.

TikTok creator @katiesalcius shows us just how fabulous and doggie-friendly her stay was at AutoCamp with her BFF Cobie.

Isn't it so chic? It really does look like the ideal place to bring your furry friends. People who watched the clip are equally as intrigued. "Oh this looks so cool!! I live in the East Bay and have a Beagle, too!! We’ll have to check this out!," says TikTok user @katiebeeks0. People are grateful for this information, and it surely puts the mind at ease when making travel plans. Another user, @bbabs00 writes, "Thank you! I needed this." And we love this comment from TikTok fan @hometimekitchen, who added, "OMG, I recommend going in the winter, too. The snow around there is just beautiful, but don’t forget snow shoes and a jacket for your pup!" 

Pets are our family members, and we want the best for them whenever we travel. From luxury airstreams and suites to cabins and tents, AutoCamp Yosemite is a fantastic way to vacation. Enjoy all the amenities this resort has to offer all while making memories of a lifetime, with your pooch included, too!