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Video of Tiny Yorkie in First Class Watching Coach Passengers Go By Is Classic

Traveling with pets can be stressful for both you and the pet, especially if you're flying with one, as making sure that they can be safe and comfortable while stowed away in a carrier under the seat is not easy. Unless they're a service animal, they've gotta be tucked away in a tight space until the plane touches down.

However, one little Yorkie got a taste of the bad and bougie lifestyle while flying with his owner, TikTok user @lilyorkiebigcity. They booked a first-class trip together on American Airlines, and Archie (the dog's name) got to enjoy lounging in a first-class seat- much to the chagrin of the passengers walking back to coach!

"He needs the leg room 😏," claimed @lilyorkiebigcity in the description. Suuuuuure he does. How do we know it isn't actually Archie the Yorkie who typed that? More hilarious still are the stares and looks over from the passers-by. They can't believe their eyes! "Them walking sideways-" observed user @lxvley_ariana. Yep- they can't take their eyes off of the furry flyer!

"I am a full believer that if anyone deserves alllll the first class treatment it's dogs," said @manicpixiebri, and we must agree! "Can you imagine failing to get the upgrade then seeing this?! I’m drinking ice cold hateraid with a bendy straw!" quipped user @e_family_reacts.

Of course, many people were simply "Cutie. Do you buy him his own seat or is he considered a personal item?" asked user @magpiejeep. "You don’t need to buy an extra seat, just an extra doggy plane ticket," responded @lilyorkiebigcity. Yes, unfortunately, it's true- Archie doesn't get the seat for the whole flight. "Lol of course he goes under the seat when we take off" replied the video's creator, so once boarding is finished, back into the carrier he goes. It looks like Archie's owner was just lucky enough to have an empty seat next to them and took the opportunity to let Archie enjoy a bit of the first-class experience!

Still, we're glad that Archie got to lounge around and surprise passengers for as long as he did! Normally we'd be jealous of someone getting a free first-class seat on a plane, but we can't stay mad at the little guy. Safe travels, Archie!