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Video Showing Devastating Flooding at Yellowstone National Park Is Unbelievable

Montana’s unprecedented flooding has reached our famous Yellowstone National Park, causing the entire park is totally shut down to visitors. The devastation is so bad, the park has actually closed at all locations, including lodging, campgrounds, food service, trails, etc until further notice.

In a video that was share on TikTok by @yellowstonelodges, we see the sheer magnitude of damage that this flooding has caused. Let’s just say that there won’t be accessible roads for quite some time. This is really something to watch.

OMG. The roads are completely severed by the overflowing river! This raises many people’s concerns about climate change and what the long lasting effects of human impact is on planet earth. The top comment on this video by @thesilentsuicide says “When Mother Earth reclaims what is hers,” and they’re not wrong! The river completely dismantled the man-made road. Mother Nature is taking climate change into her own hands. 

Many of the comments agree that Yellowstone should stop having visitors all together due to the negative effect of human impact on the terrain. User @xhay.rose wrote, “Yellowstone will finally get a much-needed break from all of the people.”

Although, there are some users who are upset by the park closing, like @BeHappy4Life who said, “Imagine planning & saving all year for this family vacation 🥺.” However, most comments are pro-closing. Given how unpredictable flooding can be, this is definitely the right call to keep people safe. On top of that, this break from visitors just might be the change that Yellowstone needs to combat rising sea levels and impending erosions to its land. 

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