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Video Explaining How 'Yellowstone' Got Its Name Makes Us Want to Visit Even More

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States, with millions of visitors checking out the park's beauty every year. From geysers to waterfalls, this park has a lot to show off- but where did its name come from?

Rob, a wildlife photographer who shares footage to his TikTok account @thewildiswaiting, has the answer. However, he isn't content to just tell us- he also demonstrates what he's talking about with some beautiful time-lapse photography of his walk to the park's Lower Lookout Point at sunset.

Now that is some gorgeous footage. Everything is so bright and saturated with color, and watching all that mist roll off of the falls is something else. This also explains where the park's name comes from, as he clarifies in the description: 

"Sunset at Lower Lookout Point at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. If you’ve ever wondered where Yellowstone National Park got its name, it’s from the yellow rocks of this canyon. The north entrances to Yellowstone are currently closed due to flooding this summer, but the rest of the park is open, including this canyon. There are many great waterfalls in Yellowstone in addition to world-class hot springs and abundant wildlife. The park is a supervolcano which will someday erupt again and impact the entire planet." Very intriguing... though we could have done without that chilling last sentence!

The beauty of Yellowstone captured in the footage had some yearning for the great outdoors. "Okay, I need to be back in Wyoming asap," yearned @travelersandhikers. "Beautiful place! Now I wish I’d seen it at sunset 🌅," mused @miranda_rooney.

"Thank you for taking me somewhere I'll probably never get to see in person. 💛," thanked @theladyjayne. That's the magic of incredible photography like this- it can take you anywhere in the world.