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Viral Footage of Incredible Blizzard in Wyoming Is Just Surreal

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We've all heard of heavy snow storms and blizzard fronts passing through different parts of the country each year. But this is one for the record books! The incredible snow blast currently covering Wyoming is simply surreal. You'll need some serious layers of warm clothing to even think about enduring this weather.

Check out this crazy and unbelievable footage TikTok video contributor @keredllerrom307 shares with us this holiday season. Burr, Mother Nature is sure letting it rip on Wyoming. Would you be able to handle this climate? 

Wow, this is a wild situation. Wyoming Highway Patrol is continuing to endure the strong wind gusts and snow packed weather. It has become so dangerous, they literally cannot even see a few feet outside of their windshields. It's below zero in most parts of the state with a slight chance of warmer temperatures forecasted over the next few days. The whole country is praying for your safety, Wyoming.

TikTok viewers are astonished by this rare weather pattern and are glad to be somewhere else right now. User @uponthe1mesa writes, "Hats off to the women and men that are out there still patrolling the streets when the weather gets this bad. Stay safe out there, Troopers." We agree, and are thankful for them while they continue to keep the citizens as safe as possible. Commenter @sheilahudson01 says, "Never in my life have I seen anything like that." Yes, it truly is unbelievable! Another viewer @yungplumbgod states, "'I'm so glad I live in Florida." I'll bet they are all thinking they very same thing, but then again, you have hurricanes in your neck of the woods! One viewer @otis_the_bulldog_ simply declares, "Holy moly."

We hope everyone is safe and sheltered and doing their best to stay warm. Please stay inside as much as possible, it's just too dangerous to venture out. 

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