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Man's Video of the 'Worst Hotel in Europe' Has People Scratching Their Heads

It's OK to be choosy with your hotels when you're booking a stay somewhere. A night at a bad hotel can leave you with a bed bug infestation, sleepless from discomfort and loud noises, or even a victim of a room robbery! However, some people's standards are way higher than others.

British DJ @willmactiktok and his friend stayed in Liverpool's Hotel Adelphi- which has been described by some on Trip Advisor as "the worst hotel in Europe." The reality, however, is not what we expected.

Is it a nice hotel? No- it's obviously a bit worn down, and the room design is pretty atrocious. Why is the TV all the way over there? But surely this can't literally be the worst hotel in Europe. Are European standards really that much higher compared to ours? You've got a pretty nice, if narrow, bathroom, a spacious suite, and tons of closet space. And for £19 a night- $21.75 by current exchange rates- that's a pretty solid stay. Unless you know a great hostel, good luck finding any hotel room in America for that cheap- good, bad, or otherwise!

This hotel actually had a more fancy reputation, once upon a time. "That hotel was the height of sophistication in the 1960s," reflected @cankoyv. "This hotel is full of history and was iconic in its day, Churchill stayed there along with loads of other celebrities," informed @jacqueline_jc. "It's such a shame someone won't invest into this hotel because its a nice building from the outside and in a good location," lamented @19_sarah_87.

So where does this hotel go from merely rundown and outdated to "The worst hotel in Europe" in some people's eyes? Turns out, not all the hotel's guests have been so lucky. "I got robbed there lol, even with CCTV couldn't get my stuff back," shared @stoic_ben. "Last time I stayed there the plaster from the ceiling was on the bed," said @littleluxewreathco. And worst of all- "A young girl lost her life here a couple of months back because the wardrobe fell on her and crushed her to death :( definitely the worst," informed @bethpaigew. That is terrible- and sadly, a true story as well.

Worst hotel in Europe? Perhaps not. But for its condition and lack of safety, it's certainly not the best you can do either. If you need a cheap stay in the UK, try a hostel instead!

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