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Video Showing the 'World's Shortest Flight' Has Us Shaking Our Heads

Have you ever wondered what an under 10-minute flight feels like? Well, what is supposedly the "world's shortest flight" is at most, 2 minutes long. This flight is over so fast, it's even short enough to fit in one TikTok video. Can you even believe it? 

The video of the short flight was shared on TikTok by @noelphilips, and the creator took us along for the ride as he hopped from one island in Scotland to the other. The distance between the two is only about 1.7 miles, which is what makes the flight duration so minuscule. The landing gear even stays down the whole time for this trek. Check it out for yourself!

This is nuts! Something tells us this must be quicker than hopping a ferry between the two islands, but still. Can you imagine booking a plane ticket for something that lasts 120 seconds? Although, given how trying flying can be these days, 2 minutes sounds pretty ideal. Honestly, we would be more than happy to fly that flight anytime. The comments are hilarious, as people are laughing about if the regular flight customs would still apply to this trip. One user, @doneem1, said, "What in-flight meal do you recommend? 😂" LOL, a packet of fruit snacks is the only thing you'll be able to finish within the time frame. 

Even though this flight is extremely short, there is no escaping flight delays. One user, @poketomobey_ commented, "imagine get delay flight for an hour 😂." The creator of this video responded with, "It’s very common with the weather up there!" Oh man, can you imagine waiting an hour for a 2-minute flight? Frustrating wouldn't even begin to cover it, haha! 

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