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Woman's Tips for Traveling The World on a Budget Have Us Feeling Inspired

So many people want to travel the world, but are limited by budgetary concerns. Let's be honest- world travel ain't cheap. However, with the right tips and skills, there are ways to make world traveling much more affordable than you expect, so you can finally realize your dreams of seeing the world!

World traveler @moniceromas is an expert of traveling far and wide on a reasonable budget. She shares her inspiring tips on how she's able to travel the world on the cheap!

These tips are so awesome, and they really work. We know because we've tried a few of these ourselves (seriously, if you've never checked, you would not believe how much money you can save by just flying mid-week instead of the weekend- we're talking hundreds of dollars here). They're practical, sensible, and easy for anyone to do. 

She even mentions work exchanges, which are great. If you don't work from a laptop but want to keep generating income while out on the road, work exchanges can be a total life-saver. Advice like this can help make world travel an achievable goal for so many more people!

"What’s the app or website for the work exchange?" asked n that last point. "Worldpackers! If you want $10 off you can use “monicaroams” to save on the membership," Monica replied.

"These tips are perfect!" @asia_exchange admired. "Dude so many great tips!" agreed @myroadtripreview. We have to admire this advice, too, it really rocks. Monica's advice has us feeling inspired. We've already been doing some of this ourselves, but we plan on implementing more of her advice for future trips to spend less time stressing over our budgets and more time having fun and exploring!

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