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Woman Tries 'Working From Home' at Different 'Disney' Resorts and It's a Genius Idea

Anyone who lives in Orlando should give this a shot.

More people are working from home over the past couple of years than ever before, and there's a lot to be said for skipping the commute and the office politics. You get to sleep later, spend more time with your family, and save on gas... and depending on where you happen to be, it also allows you to work from some pretty cool places when you're not tied to a desk.

One person on TikTok is really making the most of her work from home situation, and she's really making us want to do the same. Orlando resident @mypixiedustedlife is working from "home" at different resorts at Walt Disney World, and talk about making your workday more magical! 

She's sharing a series on what it's like to work from different hotels on property, and this edition focuses on a location that the nature lovers among us are going to love. She worked from the Wilderness Lodge, and managed to find a private area with a desk with outlets and a nice view of the beautiful lobby where she could set up shop for the day.

If you're inspired to do this yourself, keep a few things in mind before heading out. Not every Disney resort will allow you to park there if you aren't a guest, but you can get there by parking somewhere like Disney Springs and using their transportation. And while this poster brought her Starbucks with her, many of the resorts do have coffee shops on site with plenty of fun drinks to spice up your workday.

A change of scenery is sometimes all we need to make life a little more interesting (and work a little more fun). We can't wait to follow along with her series. 

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