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Women's Retreat in Maine That's Focused on Self-Care Sounds Like a Dream

Picture a typical day in your life. It probably goes something like: stressful, hectic, demanding, chaotic, over-scheduled, and/or fast-paced. Do these descriptions sound all too familiar? Well, if so, it's time to hit the 'pause' button and put yourself in 'time out' before that gentle 'tap on your shoulder' becomes a hard kick in the gut. .

We're grateful to TikTok content creator @urfavemillennial for sharing this wonderful women's retreat in Maine where one can rejuvenate, refresh and give yourself some well deserved self-care. Look how amazing this experience is.

Tops'l Farm located in Waldoboro, Maine is the perfect getaway to eat, rest and play. The combination of gorgeous scenery, cozy accommodations, amazing cuisine, rest and relaxation, a bit of activity, and perfect weather is just the vibe you need! 

TikTok fans fell in love with this video and are ready to book their journey! User @anneleisemcevoy writes, "Where do I sign up?" Yup, us too! Don't we all need this place? Commenter @chelsea_roy_ says, "Mainer here! I love this content being shared for all! So lucky to live in a beautiful place and help others find home!" Another comment from @ryanne.cunningham7_ notes, "I would so absolutely love to go to a women’s retreat." And yser @ckarlym asks, "Is there wine included? Honest question. looks lovely!" We love this, I mean we all have our priorities, Ha Ha, kidding! 

And in case you're curious, based on the photos on their website, the answer is, yes, there is wine on the premises.

Sometimes, a fresh perspective, a reset, and just paying attention to our basic needs will keep you on the road to being your best self. Control. Alt, Delete. Re-boot and restart! You've got this!