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Man's Hilarious Account of Woman's Pre-Girls-Trip Nightmare Is Totally Epic

Have you ever accidentally been caught saying the wrong thing to the wrong person? It seriously has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Now, we're not talking about a little accidental text message, but a full-blown extravagant, life-changing, insert-foot-in-mouth lie. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @therichb, he overheard a woman FaceTiming her husband with her friends before they headed off to a girl's vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What happened next is so epic, we don't even know where to begin. Like seriously, you have check out the video to see the unbelievably hilarious yet unfortunate situation that unfolds. It's truly something else! 

OMG. Lots to unpack here, but basically, this man overheard a woman FaceTiming her husband before a girls trip at the airport, and she thought the call had hung up, and she proceeds to tell her friends she's gonna get drunk and make out with pool boys in Cabo, Mexico. Then the husband lets her know he's still on the call and heard everything. We would be living for this drama!! People who watched the clip are giving some words of advice to Kelly. Like user @mama_978 who said, "Kelly, if you're watching this, don't attempt to use the credit or debit cards... they're probably frozen." We wouldn't be surprised!

Kelly certainly has her work cut out for her when she gets back home. She might as well enjoy Mexico while she can before heading back to a very angry Scott. Or, some of the commenters argue that the trip may not be as crazy as they intended. User @..suzon  said, "Well, that quickly turned into a “console your friend during her divorce” trip. Oh boy 😬." We can't lie -- we're totally curious as to how the trip actually went down. We need an update, Kelly! 

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