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Woman Gets Kicked Out of Parking Lot by Airport Security and the Reason Is Priceless

The last thing anybody wants to do at the airport is to get in trouble with security.  Airport security is particularly rigid, and drawing their attention for doing something suspicious usually doesn't end too well. Sometimes, however, it all ends up being a misunderstanding. 

Case in point, this story from TikTok user @deannagiulietti. She was recently kicked out of airport parking by security. Why? Well...

Phew... that was a close call! While she still had to clear off of the premises, at least the security guards were friendly and even complimenting her. But what in the world could she have been filming when they found her? 

We actually looked into it, and she was filming herself trying on a wig to decide if she was gonna dye her hair... while waiting to pick her boyfriend up. Uh-oh! We were worried that that implied that her boyfriend was left without a ride, but don't worry- she ended up picking him up at departures. What a twisted tale just for a TikTok!

"Well…that was an unfortunate turn of events," quipped @west.coast.fresh. "Hahaha the “but they did kick me out..” lol," @kdonaghy1 chuckled at Deanna quippy delivery.  "We love a supportive security hype man! And this colour is you," admired @chan..thomson.

LOL! As funny as this run-in ended up being, we're really relieved that it didn't end up with a more serious conclusion.  It's also best to be on your toes at the airport and be mindful of what's going on- even if you're doing something as innocuous as goofing off while waiting to pick up your boyfriend!

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