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Woman's Account of Traveling With Her Pilot Husband Has People So Entertained

Talk about flying with someone in the know!

Flying with an experienced traveler is one thing, but flying with someone who is so experienced that he even knows how to fly the plane is another. Having a pilot in the family comes with a lot of perks if you're someone who loves to travel, and now, we're getting a peak at what it's like to go on vacation when you're married to one.

On TikTok, @zoeyberghoff shared her experience traveling with her pilot husband, and it's too funny. They were heading out on their honeymoon, and even though he wasn't the one flying the plane that day, he definitely wasn't acting like he was off duty! 

"The trip begins before the flight even takes off," she joked.

Not only was getting Starbucks at the airport a must (can't blame him for that one), but he also got real close with the gate agents, and wouldn't "leave them alone until we get seats next to each other." Hey, that part isn't so bad!

She added that he also "shares a fact about every plane in sight and where it came from" and even took a video of his plane when they passed it on the runway. He's so proud! 

"My personal favorite: has us dress up in case we get first class," she said, adding that he worked hard to get them any seat upgrades he could manage.

Sounds like a high maintenance travel buddy, but definitely a good one. Pilots must make pretty good husbands...