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Woman Flies Across the World With Her 6-Month-Old to Surprise Her Family and Their Reactions Are Incredible

We could watch this 100 times.

There are certain events in life we want to be close to family to enjoy, like all of the special days leading up to a wedding, and especially when a new baby is about to arrive. It's hard to become a parent for the first time while living across the world from the people you love most — and it's not like international flights are cheap, either. There's only so much FaceTime can do! 

One new mom (@rach_true on TikTok) seemed to be missing her family after giving birth, so she decided to take her six month old to meet them for the first time, which meant flying back to America from her current home in Egypt. Flying with a baby definitely is a challenge in and of itself, but it looks like it was definitely worth it to get a reaction like the one this mama got! 

In the video, she shared her family's reactions when she arrived at their house, and they're too good... especially since everyone was asleep when she got there, so they were all confused when she suddenly showed up! Seeing her brother wake up to realize that his sister and his niece were standing in his room was too good, but nothing compares to Grandma and Grandpa waking up to realize their baby granddaughter was right in front of them!

Her sister was the one who picked them up from the airport and helped her keep the visit a secret — going above and beyond the call of duty!

"I’m so bad at keeping secrets so I surprised myself by not spoiling it!," the woman who posted the video admitted in the comments.

It looks like it was well worth keeping the secret this time. This family is too cute! 

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