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Woman Flies to Virginia to Surprise Her Boyfriend and His Reaction Couldn't Be Better

Clearly he had no idea!

If you've been in one before, you already know that long distance relationships are not for the weak. Not only is it hard to be far away from someone you love most of the time, but seeing them usually requires spending money on gas or plane tickets, plus the time it takes to travel. It can be tough on even the strongest of partners. 

But then, there are the moments that make it all worth it, and this video from @darcymcqueenyyy on TikTok is sharing one of those moments. This woman flew from Alabama to Virginia to surprise her boyfriend, and he had the best reaction.

She documented her trip from the time she arrived at her gate in the airport to when she landed and then, finally, when she got to his apartment. She made it there hours before he was supposed to get home, but the manager let her in. She was able to set up the camera to capture his full reaction when he got home and realized she was there, and it's priceless. 

There's no way he could have suspected that she'd be there, which makes the surprise all the sweeter... and yes, he was happy, unlike a few of these videos we've seen on TikTok that don't go quite the way the person doing the surprising had hoped (couch guy, anyone?). 

This is a surprise they'll never forget — and it just goes to show how little distance can mean when you truly love someone. We're rooting for these two! 

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